August 6, 2014

Bulgogi Brothers : Taking on the Korean Burger Revolution!

The Most Dramatic Korean Burgers

Talk about drama! Korea takes the cake in the entertainment industry for their famous dramas and music. Korean cuisine is also rising, taking the world on a spicy ride with their national Kimchi and Korean BBQ. And it’s about to get even more dramatic with Bulgogi Brothers introducing their latest Korean Burger Revolution in Malaysia. Popular Seoul-based Bulgogi Brothers is taking burgers into a whole new level that is set to revolutionize the famous classic into 4 Korean barbeque burger masterpieces.

Bulgogi Brothers have always been synonymous for their bulgogi and other bbq meats. The Korean restaurant chain offers premium cuts of meat among other Korean dishes. In June, Bulgogi Brothers take on the challenge of the burger craze and created the most dramatic Korean inspired burgers from their own recipes of premium Australian marinated sliced beef or patty.

Every meal at Bulgogi Brothers starts with a bowl of Steamed Corn, Sweet Potato and Edamame. The vegetables are supposed to make great snacks to kick off the appetites. It’s simple and sweet. Order the mains at Bulgogi Brothers and you also get unlimited servings of Banchan. For those who don’t know, Banchan is small servings of dishes usually served in Korean meals to accompany the main dishes. We had six Banchans of Kimchi, Eggplant, Radish, Lotus Root, Spinach and Pumpkin. I was particularly fond of the Kimchi, Lotus Root and Pumpkin.

When the first burger called Bibimbap Burger (RM25.90) arrived, the phrase dramatic sums up the burger nicely. My first thought was how to sink my teeth into the glorious gargantuan burger!

Looked at the height! Two charcoal fluffy burger buns sandwiched a thick premium beef patty with a crisp lettuce bed with pickled radish while sautéed julienned carrot, zucchini, bean sprout together with spicy gochujang sauce topped the patty. The piece de resistance was a sunny side up egg with soft oozy egg yolk crowned the delectable monstrosity.

I couldn’t help it. Call me OCD but I have to cut up this up to check out the gorgeous layers of ingredients that go into the makings of the Bibimbap Burger!

Though I had to squish the burger to take a bite, it was worth the big bite to take in all the layers for a full effect. The patty has a sumptuous beef flavor and a good firm meaty bite. The vegetables are sweet and sour, utterly moist. The spicy gochujang chili sauce evoked the Bibimbap flavors with a sweet and spicy hit. Egg yolk porn completed the full effect of a Bibimbap experience. It’s definitely a messy one but I adored all the juice and messiness. The wow factor here is pretty awesome…

Kimchi Burger (RM22.90) is up next. Though it cannot compare its height to the previous burger, the flavors of this one equally rocks!

The charcoal buns are made in-house and it holds up the thick layers of burger patty and filling very well. Here we have the classic spicy kimchi sautéed with onions and mushrooms topping the beefy thick patty. The usual lettuce with pickled radish is also present.

The flavors are just bold and massive. The juicy beef flavors are taken up to another new height of flavor with the robust tangy and spicy kimchi flavors. If you love kimchi, this burger is going to be your favorite. I like how there is lots of textures and juiciness in this burger. The kimchi still has a good crunch bite and its worked gorgeously with the beef, condiments and buns.

We were warned that Spicy Gwangyang Burger (RM25.90) is meant only for the brave. This is the spiciest burger of the four and let me tell you, it will knock your socks off your feet in heat level.

Instead of the usual patty, one gets a pile of sumptuous bulgogi beef brisket covered in a blanket of cheddar cheese over the bed of lettuce and pickled radish. The beef is so juicy and tender, oozing with a smoky fiery heat that may make you sweat a little if you are up to the heat level. That said, this one is pretty much a tough and bold burger made for the brave. It’s hearty, spicy, juicy and cheesy. Looking for some excitement of flavors? Order this one…

Unyang Burger (RM28.90) is made for carnivores like me. This one is dramatized by a thick homemade beef patty, a pile of smoky and sweet bulgogi beef brisket, cheese, lettuce, pickled radish and a mountain of golden crispy potato straws. It is here again that I had to take another huge bite to enjoy all the ingredients. I felt this one has got a slight more crispy texture than the other three from the potato straws and beef brisket. The flavors are sweet and savory here. I heard this one’s a popular choice of the four.

All four burgers come with a side of awesome crispy Sweet Potato Chips! Fried to golden and crispy, the sweet potato chips are so addictive. I like the crispy sweetness of the sweet potato chips as they go so well with all the bold flavors of the burgers.

If you asked me to pick, I’d go for the Bibimbap Burger, Kimchi Burger and Gwangyang Burger. I like excitement and these three has spicy heat flavors that I enjoy tremendously. I never quite had burgers with such bold and spicy flavors. The portion is large and one alone is guarantee to fill you up. For the quality and portion, I find the prices fair enough.

Love these tremendously… I’ll be back for more!

Get these Korean burgers at any of the four Bulgogi Brothers outlets at Pavilion KL, Mid Valley, E-Curve and Paradigm Mall. For more information, check out their Facebook: or Website:

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