July 31, 2014

Let’s Have A NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Marrakech Tea Party!

Infusing Creative Flavours with my Marrakech Tea!

I love parties. The older I get, the more I adore the excuse of throwing parties. The reason is simple. A party is the perfect excuse to round up family and friends to get together for a good time!

With any parties, food and drinks usually takes center stage. Usually in my parties, I always focus on the food. This time, I thought why not focus on creating some delicious thirst quenching drinks and served up simple food like snacks or canapés. After all, parties are made for mingling. And with the recent Hari Raya festive holidays, it’s perfect for me to put on my thinking cap for some fun drinks for parties.

Now previously, I was given the task to enjoy my NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Marrakech Tea here. I find the tea really delicious and easy to be paired with many dishes and snacks. Whipping up a cup of hot or cold Marrakech Tea is easy with the NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Mini Me. It is perfect for anytime of the day as I find it soothing throughout the day. Let’s not forget that it can aid digestion and provide comfort, especially when everyone is either indulging in holiday feasts or running around.

Of course, the best way to enjoy a cup of Marrakech Tea is in its original recipe.

With all the late nights of working and blogging, I always enjoy a cup of tea to lend some comfort. After the introduction of the NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Marrakech Tea, I have been sipping hot Marrakech Tea during my late nights. I find the soothing green tea very drinkable and the minty note utterly refreshing. This helps me stay awake at night. In the early mornings after my late nights, the Marrakech Tea works more wonder by perking up my senses. Soothing and smooth, the tea calms my tiredness.

My first recipe is the Marrakech Tea Smoothie. Simply perfect for mornings, I used my favorite fruit to partner the tea and threw in some greens for a healthy touch. I love this smoothie. It is very refreshing and minty, perfect for a morning wake up call. The second recipe is also a smoothie featuring Marrakech Tea with Kiwi Smoothie. This one is very tangy and refreshing. I love tangy flavours so this smoothie is another great drink to kick off my mornings. If you are having a breakfast or brunch party, smoothies are sure to charm your guests…

I brewed the Marrakech Tea with less water than the standard recommended for a stronger flavour since I am jazzing it up.


100gm Fresh Pineapple
50gm Fresh Baby Spinach Leaves
Marrakech Tea (cold brew)
Ice Cubes
Fresh Mint Leaves (optional)

Blend them all together till it reaches a smooth consistency. Enjoy!


1 Kiwi (green or yellow is fine)
Marrakech Tea (cold brew)
Juice of half Lime
1tbsp Honey
Ice Cubes

Peel and chopped the kiwi. Add into blender with Marrakech Tea, lime juice from the half lime, honey and some ice cubes. Blend till smooth and enjoy.

I was inspired by a famous Indian drink called Lassi made from yoghurt as a base. And so I whipped up a simple Marrakech Tea Lassi. My Lassi uses Greek yoghurt for a stronger and thicker beverage. If you are a fan of Lassi, this one is simple and delicious!


100gm Greek Yoghurt
Marrakech Tea (cold brew)
10 Fresh Mint Leaves (adjust to your taste)
1tbsp Honey
Ice Cubes

Blend every ingredient together and enjoy this creamy tangy concoction.

If you are having lunch parties, these recipes of lighter and refreshing notes will be very enjoyable to lighten up the day. My Marrakech Tea with Apple Mocktail, Marrakech Tea with Blackberry and Marrakech Tea with Cucumber and Calamansi are some recipes of easy-to-drink mocktails. Adults and kids will enjoy them.

The Marrakech Tea with Apple Mocktail has apple, tea and mint working in harmony. It has a soothing sweetness with a fruity apple note. The small cubes of green apples make great textures and flavours in the mocktail. The Marrakech Tea with Blackberry came up simply because I love berries and I happen to have it in my fridge that day. This one has a sour note and is an excellent source of anti-oxidant. Marrakech Tea with Cucumber and Calamansi was also concocted from another favorite drink of mine. I didn’t juice any cucumber for this recipe but I added the chopped cucumber as a textural component. This way, the tea and mint shines while light notes of cucumber with calamansi lend a background note.


100gm Apple Juice
Marrakech Tea (cold brew)
Green Apple (chopped in small cubes)
Ice Cubes

Put apple juice and Marrakech Tea into a shaker with ice cubes. Shake them well and pour into a tall glass. Top with chopped green apple and enjoy.


3-5 Blackberries
Marrakech Tea (cold brew)
Ice Cubes
Honey (optional)

Crush the blackberries with a spoon in a serving glass and pour in the Marrakech Tea. Add in ice cubes and honey of the blackberry is too sour.
*Blackberries can be replace with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and other berries. Adjust the honey according to taste.


Marrakech Tea (cold brew)
Juice of half Calamansi
Japanese Kyuri Cucumber (skin removed and chopped to small cubes)
Ice Cubes

Top the Marrakech Tea with juice from half a calamansi lime. Add ice cubes and topped with chopped cucumbers. Enjoy!

For evening parties, I whipped up a virgin cocktail version of Marrakech Tea Mojito. I love this recipe. In fact, my family loves this one a lot too. The flavours are vibrant, sour, minty and invigorating. It’s a perfect thirst-quencher for the evening. Guests can make their own Marrakech Tea Mojitos too! Simply provide the ingredients on a table and tell the guests to mix their own. The tea makes a nice addition to the Mojito while the mint is simply a must.


Marrakech Tea (cold brew)
100ml Sprite or 7-up
5-7 sprigs Fresh Mint Leaves
1stalk Fresh Lemongrass (bruised to release its flavour and aroma)
Juice of half Lime
Ice Cubes

Put mint leaves into a glass and muddled it with a muddler or a spoon. Add in Marrakech Tea, Sprite, lemongrass, juice from half a lime and ice cubes. Stir the drink with the lemongrass well for flavour to combine and enjoy.

*Go ahead and spike this up with rum if you must…

Besides all the cold beverages, here’s another two ways to jazz up the Marrakech Tea. Simply add in spice or citrus to add another flavour note to the minty tea.

I added a stick of cinnamon and some lemon slices to my hot Marrakech Tea. The Marrackech Tea with Cinnamon brings up more Moroccan flavours as Moroccans do often paired cinnamon or other spices with mint. The heat from the hot tea will gently infused the cinnamon and mint tea beautifully.

Lemon goes well with tea and mint. So when you’re calling it a night but have some trouble sleeping, Marrakech Tea with Lemon might just work out your tiredness and calm down your senses. This one is also good to cure dryness in throat. After a party with food, Marrakech Tea with Lemon will definitely end the evening well. The light floral and citrus note mingles well with the mint tea.

And there you have it… Ten ways to enjoy NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Marrakech Tea!

Make these on daily basis or in any parties. All my recipes use easy readily available ingredients in our fridge and with minimal ingredients. So there’s really no excuse to make these fast and simple for ourselves or guests. If you didn’t notice, no sugar is needed as the Marrakech Tea is sweetened already. Honey is used to add a mellow balance to citrus fruits.

I enjoyed the smooth and cool NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Marrakech Tea very much. My Marrakech Tea is Best Drank in its original recipe and also when it’s jazzed up with fruits, vegetables, spices and more.

This has certainly been a fun filled journey with NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto! Like all good things, I am glad I am able to share my experience of the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Marrakech Tea. I am already looking forward to other coffee and tea capsules. Easy to whip up in the comfort of any place, simply rejuvenating to drink and definitely more affordable than buying a drink outside, it’s no wonder I am hooked.

It’s a perfect cup every time with the Nescafe Dolce Gusto!

For more information about NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Marrakech Tea please visit, NESCAFE Dolce Gusto Malaysia at their website: www.dolce-gusto.com.my or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DolceGustoMalaysia


  1. all look super yummy!! i wanna try some of that mojito (got alcohol version ah? =p).

  2. Woot you have put so much efforts in pairing Marrakech drink with other fruits. Nice on Jennifer! Love this =D