July 26, 2014

Taste Enclave, Avenue K : Xi Qing Seafood and Grandeur Teppanyaki

Round Two with Mini Restaurants!

Back here again, this time for a taste of their mini restaurants at Taste Enclave, located at Avenue K. The last time I was here, I only managed to try one dish. Now that we have round up more foodies, this round we feast on more dishes at their mini restaurants.

Since I have discovered Taste Enclave, I have been back several times with my family. I really enjoyed the Heun Kee Claypot Rice and Roti Prata from Jalan Kayu Prata a lot. The ambience is pretty comfortable for a food atrium and the ventilation is good. So whenever I am in the city, I tend to favor a trip to Taste Enclave for a bite.

A little bird told us about the Asam Curry Steamed Fish at Xi Qing Seafood! So the few of us gathered our empty stomach and had a yummy dinner there one evening. As usual, our eyes are bigger than our stomach, a lot of the dishes sounded really yum on the menu. Since we were going to go for rice, we also order some dishes from Grandeur Teppanyaki as well.

First up steamy and fiery looking Asam Curry Steamed Fish looked so inviting. As we were taking photo, we all commented how good this smells…

A whole tilapia is smothered in a pool of liquid rich and creamy curry. Though pale and yellow, the curry is so flavorful and robust. The strong flavors of sourness balanced with the spicy creaminess beautifully. Thick and luscious, I drenched my rice and also happily drank the curry sauce spoonful after spoonful.

The curry is also studded with loads of vegetables like lady fingers, eggplant, long beans, tomato and onions. I tasted lots of spices and herbs like lemongrass, ginger torch and curry leaves besides the usual spice paste. Though the curry is bold in flavors, it doesn’t overwhelm the sweet firm flesh of the tilapia. This is indeed a winner… I would be happy just devouring this Asam Curry Steamed Fish with white rice!

Who doesn’t love a good braised porcine? This one is loaded with layers of plump tender dark meat with layers of gelatinous skin. Stewed Pork Trotter is braised in a solid robust brown sauce. Plus points for this dish goes to the fact that the sauce is not overly thicken as sometimes most tend to be and it is loaded up with lot of vegetables and mushrooms to lighten up the heavy meat. The sauce is a wee bit too sweet for me but no one else shared the same point of view with me so maybe it’s just me.

I had the Chicken with Salted Egg in my first round and loved it. This round equally satisfied my taste bud. Look at the golden salted egg sauce coating the crisp fried chicken and tell me this dish doesn’t do it for you… hehehe.

It is a very rich dish but hey, its dishes like this that gives me pure satisfaction. The crispy chicken still has a good crispiness and the sauce, the delectable salty creamy sauce is such an indulgence. It is spiked up with lots of curry leaves and chili to aromatized and add more depth of flavors to the dish. Word of advice, eat this while hot for the best flavor. Love it!

On a personal note, I like bean curd, in any form for that matter. The soy bean cake can really take on any flavors of savory, sweet, sour and spicy. Our Golden Mushroom Beancurd is comfort food. Housemade beancurd is soft inside and crisp outside. A standard savory egg sauce with lots of chopped up vegetables with prawns provided the comfort flavors while the crispy golden fried mushrooms crown the beancurd.

We also had Three Various Eggs with Vegetables, another hearty and simply comfort dish that never fails to please many. Spinach is cooked in a light stock filled with eggs, three types to be exact. You get the regular soft egg, the fabulous salted egg and the wobbly century egg. Flavors are pretty delicate but I don’t mind as I have always enjoyed soft cooked spinach is a soothing broth.

Our last dish from Xi Qing Seafood was Mushroom Omelette. This one is pretty interesting.  I can’t seemed to pinpoint exact flavors of the dish but it’s a fluffy omelette filled with a mushroom filling before being dressed with a creamy golden sauce and topped with lots of bonito flakes.

Once the bonito flakes touch the heat of the dish, it started doing its dancing trick, making one think it’s almost alive. The bonito added a deep salty rich flavor to the egg. The egg is fluffy and creamy together with the sauce while the mushrooms and beansprout lent a lovely texture and flavor. Pretty unique!

Now one can also sit at the Grandeur Teppanyaki mini restaurant to enjoy the live kitchen action when the chefs do all the flipping cutlery actions. We had the dishes to our table near to the other restaurant.

We had their bestsellers – Honey Glazed Chicken Chop, Beef Steak, Salmon and John Dory Fillet Teppanyaki. There seemed to be two sauces of black pepper and brown sweet sauce.

The Beef Steak Teppanyaki is juicy and scrumptious. I tasted lots of garlicky notes with succulent beefy flavors and hits of black pepper.

The Salmon Fillet Teppanyaki fared better that the John Dory Fillet Teppanyaki in my books. The salmon is gorgeous soft and moist. The sautéed garlic and onion bits are super yum and aromatic. The brown sweet sauce reminded me of teriyaki sauce and is also lovely. I am glad the put the black pepper on the side because it would have overpowered that beautiful salmon. Nothing to fault the John Dory Fillet Teppanyaki as it was nicely cooked but I just happened to prefer salmon most of the time.

Honey Glazed Chicken Chop is very delicious. The honey coated chicken is so succulent and cooked to perfection. You can see how the lovely caramelized and crispy edges on the chicken are. The light sweetness is also perfect and the side of crushed sesame seed provided much more flavor and texture. Must-order!

Dinner was really satisfying at Taste Enclave. What I enjoy was all the food minus the regular restaurant price. If you are looking for choice, this would also be another plus factor since Taste Enclave offers so many choices under one roof!

Good food, great price and a very cool ambience…

Lot L2-6B, L2-8, L2-9 & L2-10, Level 2
Avenue Shopping Centre,
No. 156, Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours:
Sundays to Thursday & Public Holidays        10am to 10pm
Fridays, Saturdays & eve of Public Holidays  10am to 11pm

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