April 16, 2012

Restaurant Mei Six Hin, Prima Sri Gombak: Back Again for More New Dishes!

Chef Steven’s New Dishes at Mei Six Hin!

I am back again…this time for another round of new creations from the creative Chef Steven! The excitement to dine at with another master chef and other foodies is always something to look forward to at Mei Six Hin. As the eight of us gathered at the restaurant, there is guaranteed endless conversation and enjoyment of borderless gastronomic cuisine.

With this round, the generous master chef kindly brought Grant’s Deluxe Scotch Whisky to accompany the dishes that night. A blend of single malt and grain whiskies, this one is aged in sherry barrels for 15 years! I was also told that this particular one is discontinued already. It’s actually quite decent and smooth on the taste bud.

We started our new gastro excursion with Salty Duck or ‘Ham Sui Ngap’. The duck may look pale in color but flavors were totally the opposite. Marinated with salt, rose wine and spices the duck takes two days to be prepared. Do call to reserve this special dish for an experience.

Salty but aromatic and superbly juicy, the duck meat was definitely a winner to be savored with alchohol or beer.

Chef Steven also concocted a Special Spicy Sauce to go with the duck for an extra flavor. I loved the sauce for its tangy and sweet flavors. Quite pungent with fresh shallots, lemongrass and ginger torch, it went really well with the duck as it changed to a new robust flavor totally.

The next dish of Honey Glazed Oysters and Mussels or ‘Mat Chap Seong Hoe’ was presented beautifully in oyster shells. I noted two types of mollusks in oyster and mussel, both being fried with a light crispy batter and dressed with sauce. I preferred the oyster as it had a juicy interior with the briny flavors while the sauce sweetens up the mollusk. The amber sauce has a good dose of honey as I detected the aroma and taste of it. Sweet and sticky, many of us enjoyed this with our fingers.

Next dish of Crispy Ginger Frog or ‘So Keong Tin Gai’ had everyone licking their fingers! I was amazed at the size of the frog legs and how meaty it was. Deep fried to a crisp with a light coating, the succulent frog was accompanied by crispy sliced ginger. Extremely addictive and we polished this off effortlessly.

Another dish of Shanghai Style Dried Chili Chicken is always a must at Mei Six Hin. We can’t seem to get enough of this dish perfected by Chef Steven. I have lost count of how many times we savored this scrumptious chook. J

For carbohydrates, we have Baby Abalone Fried Rice with Crab Meat or ‘Pau Yue Chai Chau Fan’. Good hints of wok heat coupled with fresh crab meat and luxurious baby abalone, this fried rice is definitely one pumped up rice. Shredded lettuce and crispy baby anchovies added some texture to the fried rice.

Normally in each Chinese meal, soup is always served early in the meal. For this particular meal, our soup was Black Bean Vinegar with Dumpling or ‘San Xi Gau Chi’. Chef Steven advised that this vinegar base soup should be served at last to aid digestion and also lightens up the meal. Warm and comforting with a nice balance of sweet and sour, I drank the whole bowl heartily. Dumplings added some bite in the soup but flavor was only mediocre.

We also enjoyed a refreshing glass of Passion Fruit Juice with Plums. Sour with salty flavors of the plum, the juice also had the passion fruit seeds which I happily crunch on.

The meal concluded with some homemade Ang Ku from Mrs. Cheng, Chef Steven’s wife. Soft and filled with creamy yellow beans, this dessert was indeed a lovely ending!

With Chef Steven’s talent, I never know what to expect but the outcome is truly a fascinating one! The man has no boundaries in his creations and is always seeking new ingredients and concoctions for foodies like us. I would describe his food at Mei Six Hin as bold and unique as he tends to think out-of-the-box when it comes to food. Make sure to call for reservations for the new dishes!

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Restaurant Mei Six Hin
NO.G-62, Jalan Prima SG 3/1,
Prima Sri Gombak,
68100 Selangor.
Tel No012-359 3109 (Steven) / 017-279 9927 (Winnie)

*Thanks to Chef Steven & Winnie for the invite!
**Please excuse me if I have butchered the Chinese name of the dishes… J


  1. I still prefer steamed frog for the tenderness of the meat :P

    1. I m not a fan of frogs but this fried one is my prefered over steam.. hehehe :P

  2. wow!!! I tot it was some hotel by looking at the pics! nice presentation! Yummm~

  3. Honey glazed oysters and mussels! Sounds tasty.

    1. truly unique... maybe a little sweet for some but I like it!

  4. Never let go of that obsession! Your post is always great! :)

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    1. Thank you Kimi! Really appreciate your support.. =)

  5. Waahhh....great looking dishes! I miss Ang Ku Kuih!!!

    1. faster Melissa... go buy some to fulfill your cravings... ;)

    2. It was such a coincidence...The following day, my colleague gave me a piece of ang ku kuih!! *Hepi =)

  6. the sauce is really unusual when i read that it is for the duck. :) yummy all the way!

    Latest: World Best Sandwich 2012

    1. it looks unusual but taste fabulous... I keep dipping the duck in the sauce and also I tried to get the recipe from the chef.. hehehe!

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