October 24, 2011

Restaurant Mei Six Hin, Prima Sri Gombak: I Am Back for Poon Choi!

Our foodie gang gathered one lovely Sunday to celebrate our passion for Poon Choi at one of our favorite foodie hunt, Restaurant Mei Six Hin at Prima Sri Gombak. Mei Sin Hin is helmed by our favorite Chef Steven Cheng and his wife, Winnie, serving sumptuous Chinese cuisine with a creative flair!

Restaurant Mei Six Hin features a minimal décor ambience but I love some of the little extra touch of the bling that was displayed in the restaurant. Read about my previous visit here.

This time around, Sidney, our fearless foodie, bestowed two bottles of authentic aged Chinese wine for our lovely meal. Fairly new to the Chinese wine, we were all excited to dive back into our roots for a taste of our Chinese heritage.

While waiting for the pot of treasures, we checked out the first Chinese wine, ‘Kuei Hua Chen Chiew’ by Hong Wan Shou, a product of Zhejiang, China containing 14% alchohol.

The wine had a medium amber color and smells really fragrant from the combination of flowers in bud and grapes used to brew the wine. Flavor wise, the wine is mellow, sweet and quite smooth to the mouth. I would say that this is more for ladies as it has a sweet and delicate tone to the overall taste. This wine has a shelf life of 2 years only.

Our delectable pot of the house special Poon Choi arrived in a huge claypot sitting on top of a portable stove. The anticipation of feasting this with great friends on a lovely weekend was priceless! J

As soon as the lid was lifted, everyone went… Wahhhh! The house Poon Choi (RM268 – 10 people) was an impressive sight of precious meat and seafood neatly cuddled by a ring of emerald green broccolis! My sense of smell kicked in and I could smell the aroma of luxurious braised sauce interplay with roasted meats and the essence of seafood. I salivate immediately but as usual, we let our passion kicked in for photography before we dive into this treasure pot!

Let’s do a quick check on what treasure we found in the Poon Choi!

Crispy thick pieces of Roast Pork… this was gone in a blink of an eye! J

Dark caramelized Roast Duck, juicy and tender, was full of flavors with a hint of herbs in its marinade.

Steamed Chicken was flavored with a nice balance of salt and light Chinese wine.

Scallop pieces cooked in a savory and slightly sweet sauce was delicate and delicious. Give me scallop anytime and I am a happy camper!

A row of Sweet and Spicy Prawns made some of our foodie friends really happy! The sweet and savory sauce with a hint of chili was delicious and we thoroughly enjoy sucking every bit of the juices from the prawn shells.

Sea Cucumber was braised till tender in the lovely braising sauce. There were also lots of other goodies beneath the Poon Choi such as fish maw, dried oysters, pork trotters and mushrooms. The sauce from beneath the Poon Choi was so flavorful from all the essence of the meat and seafood and I happily doused my rice with it. The braised pork trotter was simply finger-licking good till I forgot to take a picture of it! J

Abalone slices was decent since we only opted for the regular Poon Choi.

For the luxurious version of the real McCoy abalone, check out the Special Poon Choi priced at RM250 (small) and RM500 (large). Our Poon Choi is certainly plenty for 10 people and we had leftover to take home since we had to save our stomach for other additional dishes.

Bottom’s up from everyone… Yum Seng!!

We switched to our second Chinese wine, an Aged Shao Xing Rice Wine that has a history of over 2400 years old from China! This is one of the oldest Chinese wines according to the label and has won as many as six international awards. The wine is traditionally process using white glutinous rice, quality oats and natural water, therefore has some sediments to the end of the bottle.

With 16.5% alchohol content, the wine has a clear deep yellow with a smooth and aromatic finish. Fragrant and fairly bodied, the wine is said to encourage blood circulation, encourage appetite and rejuvenate the body as its health benefits. Unlike some wines, this one also only has an 18 months shelf life… so make sure to enjoy it once it’s purchased!

Besides the treasure pot, we also indulged in a very heavenly plate of Pork Ribs with Italian Sauce (RM 18/30/45). The pork pieces were tender-li-cious and coated with a sweet and savory sauce perfumed with Italian herbs. The dish is a truly must with rice for me as it is comfort food at its best.

Garoupa Rolls in Supreme Broth (RM18/30) was sliced garoupa wrapped with snow peas, steamed and dressed with a golden supreme sauce. Gentle flavors shone in this dish with the fresh sweet slices of the fish. The dish is suitable for kids and elderly who prefer healthy and delicate food.

I had the Stir Fried Asparagus with Lily Bulb, Pine Nuts and Macadamia (RM12/18/25) before and this round was just as good as the previous. Full of refreshing textures and the nuts provide a good aroma and flavoring to the vegetables.

We also sampled Chef Steven’s special concoction of Lotus Leaf Steamed Chicken and Ham (RM18) which he uses lotus leaf to wrapped marinated chicken, mushroom and bits of ham before steaming it.

The dish was reminisce of the paper wrapped chicken but had a better aroma and flavor from the lotus leaf and bits of ham. Juicy and moist, the chicken was quite delightful as a snack!

By now, we were all stuffed but when the aromatic Shanghai Style Dried Chili Chicken (RM 15/20/30) arrived, we all happily chomped on this with delight. Bite size chicken pieces was so fragrant from its marinade and crispy on the outside but moist on the inside. The dish had a very delicious wok scent coupled with the dried chili and onions which lends the addictive aroma to the overall. A Must order from Mei Six Hin!!

Our final dish was a signature dish from Chef Steven in the form of Salt-Baked Tilapia Fish (RM25 & above). The dish was named ‘Suet San Fei Wu’ after a famous legend as the fish was covered purely in salt and baked resembling a white snow mountain. My friends had savored this before and insisted that we have to try this dish.

Chef Steven was kind enough to show us how we eat this dish by removing the salt crust gently from the fish.

The flesh of the fish was so delicate and yet, it had a good flavoring of the salt among other hidden flavors in the fish. The hint of sweetness from the fish portrayed its freshness and we found the fish to be stuffed with a mixture of chili, ginger and garlic to enhance this further. Do order this in advance else there is a waiting time for this special dish as it requires gentle heat to slowly baked the fish!

Chef Steven has done it again with an array of scrumptious dishes and his mouth-watering Poon Choi. The flavors were nicely controlled and most of his dishes are enjoyable with rice on a daily basis. Price is decent considering the portion and quality served.

Looking for comfort food with a modern touch? Check out Mei Six Hin Restaurant for an enjoyable meal with Chef Steven’s appealing dishes!

Another truly Priceless day with great food and awesome friends!

Restaurant Mei Six Hin
NO.G-62, Jalan Prima SG 3/1,
Prima Sri Gombak,
68100 Selangor.
Tel No012-359 3109 (Steven) / 017-279 9927 (Winnie)

*Thanks to Chef Steven & Sidney for the awesome lunch!


  1. sigh.. feeling so hungry now. I've never tried Poon Choi before.. looks great the food!

  2. Wanna try poon choy again after my 1st attempt, this seem like not bad at all wor~~

  3. Just an awesome way to eat with pleasure, Chinese cuisine with Chinese wine

  4. You all had a nice array of great dishes there~ Kinda missed the salt baked tilapia now... haha~ By the way, the "abalone" slices as shown were not real abalone but something called "gui fa pao yu". The real one won't be so evenly rectangular and white in color. They are actually "processed" calamari to make them as al dente as the real ones. No wonder you can have that at such pricing especially in a restaurant over there in Selangor~ :P

    Anyway, you have a nice food blog here. Keep it up! :)


  5. Its a brilliant place to have food with loved ones and pals. And I am glad I had it that Sunday with you guys.

    The poon choi is really awesome! And so much for having extra rice coz the gravy was supper yummeh.

    I am also missing the Stir Fried Asparagus with Lily Bulb, Pine Nuts and Macadamia . Fresh crisp asparagus with the nutty nuts. Awesomus:D

  6. Merryn: You must.. next time we call you ya!!

    Choi Yen: Ya.. its pretty awesome...

    BBO: Thks for the Chinese wines!!

    Criz: Thks for the info!

    Missyblurkit: Sigh.. that was a priceless Sunday! :0)

    Nikel: not only look good, the taste was superb!