October 19, 2011

Isetan KLCC Foodmarket Launch: I LOVE FOOD!

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite shopping places for grocery had a major make over! I couldn’t be happier and managed to snag an invite for the launching of that fabulous food market on September 15th 2011.

Introducing the All-New KLCC Isetan Foodmarket that offers a plethora of food such as New Delicatessen, Salad Bar, Japanese eat-in-counter, Expanded Fresh Seafood, Japanese Sweets and Confectionary, Organic Vegetables, Expanded Halal & Non-Halal Meat and Caffee Gino.

Welcome greeting by Mr. Akabane, KLCC Store Manager

The new food market coined with the concept ‘I Love Food’ is located at the Concorse Floor, Isetan KLCC, measuring a staggering 4400 square metres of fresh and gourmet food imported from all over the world.  I love how spacious and bright the whole food market was and the décor was modern and sleek from the mixture of steel and wooden throughout the place. The new store has improved visual design and merchandising with a more efficient layout of the sections and bright lights for cleaner fixtures.

I also notice that the food market now features more upscale food items and products to cater to gourmet connoisseurs while retaining certain items and food for the authentic presence of traditionalist! There are many great additions worth checking out and the list seems endless from air-flown in fresh whole tuna to Japanese Sakura chicken to fresh pressed oils and many more.

We were given a tour to see what the new store offers… J

I Love to Eat

Delicatessen is made out of five Japanese and one Korean counter serving authentic cuisine to its customers.

GetsuRin specializes in ‘Donburi’, Japanese Rice Bowl filled with scrumptious rice and dishes such as Chicken Sukiyaki, Teriyaki Chicken, Unagi Egg, Grilled Salmon, Prawn, Scallop & Mushroom Fritters and Japanese Stews.

Aoi-Tei features juicy crispy Chicken, Salmon and Beef Cutlet Sandwiches boost up with house special sauces. Choose from Original Japanese Sauce, Wasabi Tartar Sauce, Homemade Curry Sauce and Creamy White Sauce.

Uohei focuses on quick or take away Bento boxes, a concept highly popular in Japan, featuring mouthwatering grilled and fried seafood such as Grilled Prawns, Scallops and Fish with the additions of Breaded Horse Mackerels & Sole, Prawn & Squid Fritters and even Scallop Fritters! Be warned… this booth is irresistible once you caught the whiff of the grilled seafood and see their booth featuring the delectable Bento boxes.

Tamaruya is another popular counter of the infamous Yakitori style skewered meat and vegetables grilled over coals. Choose from various parts of poultry from thighs to liver, followed by a selection of three special sauces and various toppings to suit your palate!

Fugetsu is a favorite booth of mine showcasing Japanese equivalent savory pancakes, Okonomiyaki filled to the brim with meat, seafood and vegetables. The Okonomiyaki here is super thick and coated in a savory brown and mayonnaise sauce… yum!

Won, a Korean cuisine booth bring forward their interpretation of Korean Beef or Chicken Rolls inspired from Mexican burritos. The version here is filled with lots of vegetables, meat and spicy sauces and wrapped in fresh spring roll skin. I even spied a big pot of Kimchi stew gently boiling omitting the pickled aroma of the Kimchi.

Sen-Ya is categorized as a seafood boutique helmed by Chef Harunobu Inukai, a former executive chef at the award-winning Galileo Restaurant in Sydney! Patrons can savor a multitude of high quality Japanese cuisine ranging from Kaisen don, Donburi, Udon, Sushi rolls and Japanese salads to soak up the experience at the food market!

The Freshest Catch of the Sea

The ever-popular Sushi Bar will please any sushi and sashimi connoisseur with its endless rows of chilled sashimi and sushi all neatly packaged for ready consumption. I notice new fusion of fruits in their sushi rolls which looked absolutely fresh and vibrant!

There is an opening highlight of a live tuna slicing demo of a 4 feet blue fin tuna air flown in from Kyushu that day! Customers were able to purchase the freshly cut tuna after the demo.

Non-Halal Section

When I saw the non-halal section and its offerings from glorious pork knuckle to bacon wrapped sausages and ribs, I think my heart missed a few beats! The selections were amazing and the quality was definitely top grade.

There is even the highly prized gourmet food such as Spanish ham, Jamon, and a very delectable looking Iberico Chorizo!

I Love to Cook

For the discerning cooks, the new KLCC Isetan Foodmarket offers a wide selection of regular and organic vegetables, imported beef, Sakura Chicken, fruits, cheese and more.

Sakura Chicken uses a Japanese farming technology with a system of organic farming processes. A unique strain of Lactobacillus is introduced into the diets of chickens reared in a controlled environment with Mozart and under a strict supervision of a team of selected and qualified professionals. (Chicken is now getting similar treatment to cows in Japan!!)

I Love Sweets

The addition of the dessert section is out-of-this-world. If you have a sweet tooth, it would be hard to leave without getting something from their wide selections of desserts by individual owners there!!

Uncle Miki is famous for their light Fresh Cheese Cake and beautifully decorated cakes!

Petit Sucrè had a glass showcase full of French desserts from macarons, tarts, cup desserts, handmade chocolate to Choux a la Crème! I bought some cup desserts and macarons to sample and they were divine and delicious!!

Bites Quickie has a range of delicate cake slices, puddings and more. There was even an award winning pastry chef there that day to demonstrate the art of pulling sugar to create beautiful roses!

Chez Rècamier offers a range of desserts that highlights fresh cream and strawberries for berry lovers.  

Milkkan features Japanese crepes filled with fruits and fresh cream and also makes a luscious ultra creamy soft ice cream that was just heavenly! I had a taste of the soft cream and was hooked instantly… J

Royce’ was also present to cater to the chocolate addicts!

I Love Drinks

Coffee connoisseurs can now get their daily caffeine fix at Caffe Gino, an exclusinve Japanese café specializing in the art of coffee! The owner, Gino Kiyohisaa Fugino, was also present that day and educate guests on his coffee that is brew each cup by hand drip. The aroma of the rich espresso and cappuccino was addictive and one can enjoy this with the available pastries and desserts offered at Caffe Gino.

Fear not for non-coffee drinkers as there is the Juice Place for healthy smoothies and juices that use only fresh fruits straight without any process syrups. I fell in love with the Green Cooler of cucumber, apple and celery!

Additional Sections

Healthy Salad Bar

Oils and Vinegar straight from the cask featuring special oils and aged vinegars!

Sun Moulin is famous for crusty breads and gorgeous pastries!

Imported Ice Creams for the young at heart… J

Le Creuset’s fame cast iron and stainless cookware range that features its signature design and colors are now available at KLCC Isetan Foodmarket.

Get healthy with eco-friendly cookware with Green Pan!

The new makeover was definitely impressive and showed such effort and well planned food market that is set to cater to everyone’s fantasy of grocery shopping as well as Japanese cuisine. There are just so many jewels in this new food market and one can definitely source for imported ingredients and quality products while enjoying a haven of ready prepared food and drinks. New services such as Japanese food advisor, wine advisor, fish advisor, personalized meat cutting services, crushed ice machine, pure water vending machine and even home delivery adds to the charm of the store. Isetan KLCC Foodmarket is set to impress and I certainly concur that it is such an impressive sensory experience for those who Love Food like me!

By the time of this post, I have actually been back to the Isetan KLCC Foodmarket twice already… that’s how hooked I am to the place… J  

Isetan KLCC Foodmarket is located on the concourse floor of KLCC. Find out more in their website: http://www.isetankl.com.my


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