October 3, 2011

La Teh Café: Nurturing Nanyang Legacy with Authentic Southeast Asia Cuisines!

Recently, I spotted a new café just down the road in my neighborhood with a catchy name called La Teh Café. Since I was looking for a place to chow down some grub, I headed there a taste with some friends last weekend!

The whole place had an urban and contemporary ambience with its dark wood interior, beige walls, green hints of plants and traditional sketches and motifs on the wall. I felt it reflected a sense of Malaysian culture in the whole ambience in a modern way.

There also a sense of natural elements in the theme in the whole café that makes me want to hang out there for a nice cuppa with friends! La Teh café is based on the concept of Asian cultures in food and also shares the Nanyang culture of great coffees and teas.

There are lots of pictures of its signature dishes everywhere and since the photos are so gorgeous, it makes me want to order a bit of everything. J

See the traditional posters of our Asian heritage imprinted artistically? I simply adore such art adornment which has a strong meaning to it rather that just looking beautiful.

I found out the even the logo of La Teh was designed to reflect a boat carrying herbs to its destination.

We started off with some interesting looking drinks like the Mojito (RM10.95). A drink full of citrus and mint flavors, it was just refreshing and fulfilling!

This drink caught our attention immensely with the red chili in it! Ginger Branch (RM9.95) had an interesting twist in it and I could taste the citrus, ginger and definitely the chili in it. I love this and have to order this the next time I come. Thumbs up for their drinks as I m so looking forward to also trying many others like Legend of Lemongrass, Legend of Mint Lemon, Lychee with Watermelon and more… J

We spearheaded into our orders of food and were surprise that the portions were big! Lovely and perfect, especially for gluttons like me… as I dislike those small portion food places that simply do not justify the price you pay for in regular cafés. I don’t mind paying if the portion and quality for food is decent for its price! J

Lemongrass Drumstick (RM8.95) is a replica of the infamous Vietnamese sugarcane prawns except this one is perfumed with lemongrass. Juicy and savory with hints of sweetness from the minced stuffing, I adored this on its own even without the chili. Something beautiful to snack on and is simply addictive.

Our order of Vietnamese Cha Gio (RM6.95) or simply spring roll was exceptionally crispy with its lacy netting wrap. One of my fried kept raving about this and also devoured this happily to himself…hehehe.

Gosh, I think it has been almost 4 years since I had a Vietnamese Bánh Mì (RM9.95) since I was not able to find one in KL. So when I saw this on the menu, I was so happy and put in the order with any hesitation at all. Basically, it’s a local Vietnam subs that had the influence of French in the form of the bread and pate. French crispy baguette sandwiched with meat, jalapeno, carrots, cucumber and herbs was pretty decent. It had all the good elements of savory, sour, spicy and sweet from the essence of the Vietnam influence and we love the chips that came with it! I do wish that they have the pickled radish and carrot to make this even more delicious. All the Vietnamese breads come with a glass of icy lemon tea.

A friend of ours orders this delectable looking sandwich, Sandwich with Chicken Ham & Egg (RM7.95). See how stuffed this sandwich is? I didn’t taste this but that fella was satisfied with his sandwich… enough said… J

We couldn’t help ourselves when we spied Sambal Petai Prawns (RM10.95) on our neighbor’s table, so we had one too! Redolent of the quintessential spices, the sambal was spot on as it had strong flavors without being over spicy. Prawns were fresh too.

I personally think there are two fabulous stars among the meal we had and Thai Pad Thai (RM11.95) was one of them. The fried thin kway teow noodles were absolutely fabulous!! The strong present of the four elements of distinctive Vietnamese flavors of spicy, sour, sweet and salty was really amazing. The gorgeous noodles had great wok aroma and was dressed up with amazing textures from raw crunchy beansprouts, minced meat, fresh garlic chives, tofu, peanut, chili powder, sugar and lime. The balance of flavors was amazing and it was pungent in a good way. We had to battle for this dish!!!

We also sampled the Cold Noodle with Chicken Fillet (RM10.95) which also came in an impressive presentation. If you like herbs and salad, you would definitely enjoy this dish. The dish represents the healthier version of noodle salad topped with lots of raw vegetables and herbs and has the Thai sweet, sour and spicy dressing to coat it. Chicken fillets were marinated and grilled to lend the smoky aroma to the salad. You can also have this with beef or vegetables instead of the chicken.

The other star of the menu that stole my ‘stomach’ (wink!) is the Nasi Ketuk with Chicken Rendang (RM16.95). Apparently this is an Indonesian dish and I love the authentic presentation and sight of the gorgeous platter of mouthwatering dishes on it. The blue tinted rice had a very nice fluffy texture topped with bits of shredded meat floss and it well superbly well with the thick spicy gravy of the big piece of chicken rendang. The side shallot oil and belachan chilli is addictive and I would ask for more to go with the fried kangkung leaves, egg, pickled papaya and crispy crackers! The whole combination was just a kaleidoscope of flavors. I must return to order this soon… double thumbs up to the chef!

Here is another version of Nasi Ketuk with Fried Kampong Fish (RM14.95). Equally good but I would suggest asking for some gravy with this. The fried fish was so aromatic when it arrived on our table so you can tell it’s freshly fried. Yum…

The Tomyam Rice Noodle with Giant Prawns (RM18.95) looked good but I didn’t try this as I was too busy walloping Nasi Ketuk & Pad Thai. The giant prawn certainly live up to its moniker as I could see it filled with the prawn roes.

Someone ordered the Thai Olio Olio (RM10.95) that looked quite interesting. I also didn’t taste this one but I heard it was spicy!

Thai Pineapple Fried Rice (RM9.95) was decent. Filled with lots of pineapple cubes, cashews and raisin, the rice was fluffy and had a decent flavor of light hint of spices with tangy sweet pineapples. I like the pickled papaya served with this.

Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup (RM10.95) was a huge portion. The broth was fairly light so I felt it needed a bit more kick. That said… it can be remedied with addition of lime, chili and herbs! Beef was thin and pink so it was quite lovely.

We tried two desserts and found the Mango Jelly with Coconut Cream (RM9.95) to be more creamy and luscious while the Mixed Fruit Jelly with Nata De Coco (RM8.95) to be more refreshing! I also spied Snowflake Fruit Ice and Slurpees for my next adventure with La Teh Café!

Overall, the food here is really valued for money because the portion is fairly big and quality is very good. Small eaters would definitely be able to share a meal here. Service faired good while ambience was spacious and comfortable .There are some amazing dishes there that I would definitely go back for. I also saw their signature Curry Laksa, Satay, Nasi Ketuk with Tandoori, Nasi Lemak Sambal Petai, Crispy Noodle with Giant Prawns and more to try on my next planned visit… Yes! I am already planning my next visit!!

Oct 4th, 2011

Just found out there is a fabulous deal with Everyday.com for La Teh Cafe!

55% Off Cash Voucher To Enjoy Traditional Southeast Asian Cuisine @ La Teh

Coupon Terms
·         Multiple coupons per bill allowed
·         Walk in available (depends on seats availability)
·         Applicable to all items in the menu
·         Coupons valid from 12th Oct - 12th Dec 2011
·         See Universal Terms that apply to all Everyday Coupons.

·         Non-Halal but pork free
·         La Teh is the reminiscent of Nanyang experience

Fabulous Asian food with affordable price! Check out the link here to purchase:

La Teh Café
30, Block A Plaza Sinar, Jalan 8/38D,
Taman Sri Sinar Segambut,
51200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Phone: 603 6262 1626
Fax: 603 6262 1626
Email: info@lateh.com.my

Business Hours: Mon - Sun 11.00am - 11.00pm


  1. I will definitely visit this restaurant when i go back home. Their food looks delicious especially the Nasi Ketuk.

  2. I just look at the address and has no clue where is that. I can't even think where is Segambut. No clue at all :)

  3. The Ginger Branch drink certainly is an eye catcher! And I will have to try that.

  4. The food, drinks n dessert looks great!

  5. ICook4Fun: Segambut is in Kepong. The place is near my house! I will bring you there when you are back... and the Nasi Ketuk is fabulous... you definately have to try this!

    Missyblurkit: Yeah.. a hint of spiciness to kick it up!

    Merryn: Near my house.. jom makan!!