June 20, 2011

Restaurant Mei Six Hin, Prima Sri Gombak: For the Love of Food!

We have known Chef Steven Cheng for quite a bit. He is quite a reserve chef who prefers to pour his creativity and passion into producing up a gastronomical fare for his customers rather than talk about it. A very humble chef who whips up magnificent cuisine without so much a drop of sweat! J

His dishes were so excellent, even famous Hong Kong star like Eric Tsang had quietly made a reservation and dine privately there with some other famous stars. With his vast experience in the culinary world in various top restaurants, no wonder Chef Steven is a chef to look out for…

I was thrilled to find out that Chef Steven is going to be opening his own restaurant this coming June 24th at Prima Sri Gombak. This means I am able to experience more lovely dishes to come… yay! Our makan kaki had the opportunity to sample a preview of what’s to come soon next week from the chef himself!!

Coupled with superior craftsmanship in carving, we were treated to a glorious presentation of Chef Steven’s glamorous dishes one lovely weekend lunch for a prelude in honor of his new restaurant Mei Six Hin.

A dish fit for royalty, Salt and Pepper Pei Pa Prawns or ‘Chiu Yim Pei Pa Har’ was presented with old school charm of an eagle carved from carrots. I suspected that the ‘Pei Pa’ prawns belong to the crayfish family as there is some similarity to this crustacean. Not commonly found here, these lovely crustaceans were deep fried and coated with a bountiful of spice salt and pepper which really compliment the sweetness of the prawns. Juicy and succulent, these crustaceans were finger licking awesome as I thoroughly clean out the tasty shells!

Yellow Ginger Wine Steamed Clams was fragrant! I caught a whiff of the heady wine smell and was sold on this dish right away. Apparently, the chef’s sister made the ginger wine from their mom’s recipe. The wine was full bodied and had a really good balance of sweetness with a creamy finish which really enhances the clams so well. This is highly recommended for those who love ginger wine.

A lovely symphony of vegetables and nut was truly unique in Stir Fried Asparagus with Lily Bulb, Pine Nuts and Macadamia. A good combination of crunch and crisp was very refreshing. The dish was easy to enjoy in my opinion.

Coconut Curry Prawns was another hit of mine. The curry had a good spiciness level with lots of spices and the prawns were firm and juicy. The only thing I thought that could complete this dish was the lack of coconut fragrance. I still doused the creamy gravy with my rice though!

Braised Sand Shark Lips with Scallop was a first for me. I didn’t know what to expect from this dish as it is my first time tasting Sand Shark lips. The gelatinous texture was only so so for me but the scallops and Nai Pak was good with the thick brown gravy. Others may like shark lips but I just didn’t know how to appreciate the jelly like texture. I do feel happy though to be able to at least try this delicacy… J

Steamed Garoupa Rolls was another hit with many of us. The fish was thick and firm and when bathed in the supreme soy sauce, I enjoyed this a lot. The chef uses snow peas for the extra crunch to compliment the thick firmness of the Garoupa. Yum…

Homemade Beancurd with Enoki Mushroom had a comfort food feel to it. House made beancurd was eggy and delicious when partnered with the smoothness of the gravy with assorted mushrooms. I am quite a fan of beancurd, hence this is something I would order on a normal basis when dining out.

Smiling Ribs or ‘Siu Hao Kuat’ was pretty interesting and complex. The thick rich gravy was savory and had a pretty unique flavor which I couldn’t quite pin point what it came from. Another sumptuous meat dish that I really enjoyed as it was tender and richly braised. This is one of the chef’s specialties enjoyed by many of his customers.

Chicken may be a popular meat but it still takes great skills to prepare a good dish. Two Flavors Roast Chicken was perfectly roasted with a gorgeous amber brown glazed. I like the roast chicken as the meat was tender and juicy. Chef Steven dressed up the other roast chicken in a Thai Style Salad with shredded onions, cucumber, chili and lime juice. I thought the salad could use more sourness for a more kick up flavors but then again, I like my flavors strong… J

Chef Steven prepared a special Western Style Dark Brown Sauce for the roast chicken which was really lovely. The thick sauce had a fusion of fruity flavors and herbs which I thought was quite creative. Although the roast chicken tasted good on its own, I really thought the fusion sauce kick it up another notch for the chicken!

I personally feel that Salted Egg Yolk Crab was one of the greatest creations among the crab dishes! Seriously, I have yet to find someone who doesn’t like this crab dish. The crab here has a dried style with the crabs coated with pure salted egg sauce. I love the fact that the crabs were not coated with heavy flour coating as some places do. Here you can just enjoy the crustacean’s sweetness with the salted egg yolk and lick the shells clean… evil grin!

By this time, I was already stuffed from all the above ten dishes. However, Thai Style Pork Knuckle came and my resistance went down the drain again! How can one resist crispy porcine skin with moist and tender meat? Lovely bits of fats added the lusciousness to the pork. Served with a Thai salad of crunch, sweet and sour, the pork was even more addictive and refreshing. Simply irresistible!!

Let me show you a closer up picture of how temptation looks like… J

Chef Steven brought out his pièce de résistance in the form of King of Shark Fin or ‘Hai Wong Chi’. Gorgeous in color and thickness with bold flavors of supreme soup base, the soup was soothing and luscious. Gentle heat below the bowl kept the soup warm and every mouthful was a sinful pleasure of sea crustaceans. I like mine with some black vinegar, how about you?

If all the above dishes were just a preview of what Chef Steven can whipped up, imagine that there is so much more under his belt! Mei Sin Hin is set to open officially on June 24th, this coming Friday. If you are craving for a taste of the above, do check out Chef Steven’s new restaurant soon… who knows, you might even bummed into some famous stars there! Wink wink!

Restaurant Mei Six Hin
NO.G-62, Jalan Prima SG 3/1,
Prima Sri Gombak,
68100 Selangor.
Tel No012-359 3109 (Steven) / 017-279 9927 (Winnie)


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