June 4, 2011

Restaurant Ocean Point, Kota Kemuning: Soul Food!

I had a busy weekend hanging out at my sister’s place in Kota Kemuning recently. She was craving for some pastries and guess who got appointed to make some for her…hahaha J

After a whole day of baking chicken pies and sardine rolls, she took me to one of my favorite restaurant around her neighborhood. I only dined at Ocean Point once but it was so memorable that I was dreaming about going back ever since. I was surprise! The restaurant had expanded to three shop lots since my first visit there last year so business must be booming!

Restaurant Ocean Point features a very minimal décor and brightly lighted ambience ala al fresco. The restaurant serves up mostly comfort food and these are all homemade. It also highlights fresh seafood in its dishes.

Basic Chinese tea for all…

What I adore about this restaurant is the condiments for our dishes. There is crispy Fried ‘Tong Choi’, Fried Shallots and chopped Cilantro. I just love these and will pile them on like nobody’s business! Owner is quite nice to refill the condiments upon request. 

One of the main reasons why I like Ocean Point is their Housemade Fish Balls (RM2 each). I have never tasted anything quite like their fishballs and although it’s quite pricey, I still would order this. The fishball doesn’t have the smooth texture but has a rough and almost meaty and QQ texture. The taste is real and there is none of those doughy floury taste but fish paste all the way. I am guessing that they have some pork and squid in it as well. Steamed, the scrumptious fishballs are doused with a simple soy sauce to finish off. Superbly fresh and QQ, I declare this as my awesome favorite fishball for future benchmark! Do try this and let me know what you think…

The next second favorite of mine is their Teochew Porridge with Garoupa (RM36). Talk about comfort food for the soul, this one takes the cake! I prefer Teochew rice porridge over the Cantonese one. Teochew rice porridge has a soft grainy rice texture over the other smooth thick potage.

The version here is done extremely well with a lovely broth well seasoned with tender and fresh slices of fish. The rice is soft but still grainy and when topped with the fried ‘Tong Choi’, shallots and coriander, the porridge was extremely soothing and warming. The porridge was just as perfect as the first time I had it. My sister commented that this restaurant has good consistency as their food always remains the same quality whenever she dines here. I had 2 bowls of this with plenty of broth, condiments, sesame oil and lots of white pepper. Lots of happy smiles… J

They also served a pretty mean Hokkien Mee (RM20) here. The noodles were braised pretty well with the dark sauce and have the most essential ingredient in any version, crispy pork lard! The fragrant noodles also had lots of cabbage, pork, and some bits of seafood. I would rate this a bit above average for taste and texture.

Our Fish Head Noodles (RM28) came piping hot in a claypot. This is not the typical fish head noodles as the fish was not deep fried till crispy. Instead, it was lightly fried only, hence sweetened the broth nicely with sublime fish flavors. The noodles were filled with red chunks of tomatoes, lots of scallion and ginger.

We had the thicker rice noodles and the broth again was really delicious. Full bodied, the broth was cloudy with a creamy hint. The huge cylindrical yam piece was responsible for the powdery broth which I thought was a great idea to flavor the broth. The yam was powdery and melt-in-the mouth. I topped my noodles with the condiments again… wink wink! So shiok…

Steamed Lala (RM35) was next on the list. Another lovely seafood dish steamed nicely and clams was fresh. This was a bit pricey in my opinion but the size was decent and plenty of clam meat detected. Freshness seems to be the key here as we could actually taste the seafood in its natural juices.

Nam Yue Char Yuk’ or Fermented Bean Curd Pork (RM27) was a tad too salty for me. Maybe it was because I didn’t have rice with it as it would have balance out the saltiness. Lightly battered, the pork had a crisp exterior and a soft interior. Juicy and robust, I like it on its own without that mayo sauce on the side.

I like our vegetable dish of Stir Fried ‘Yin Yang Choi’ (RM15). I had this before in Moon Sing and this is actually a cross between ‘Choy Sum’ and ‘Kai Lan’. Simply fried with garlic, the veggie was tantalizing and crunchy. My family preferred the other veggie dish we ordered over this one so I personally ‘sapu’ this veggie.

Stir Fried French Beans with Garlic (RM15) was simple and crunchy. I could taste the natural flavor of the French beans lightly boosted with garlic. Full of ‘wok hei’, Ocean Point even perfected their simple vegetables with a nice balance of taste without the oil.

Overall, Restaurant Ocean Point has great comfort food, quality and consistency. I have been there only twice but both occasions was satisfying and heart warming. My sister also vouched for their quality and consistency as she has been here more often than me. Do try their unique fish balls and Teochew porridge. Price here is a bit on the higher end but you pay for what you get in quality and portion. Total bill for eight gluttons for eight dishes amounted to RM219.50.

I left there extremely satiated and vouched to be back soon as I saw most tables has a pot of Fish Head Curry! My only gripe is I live too far away from this restaurant. Sigh… J

Restoran Ocean Point
48-G Jalan Anggerik Vanilla 31M
Kota Kemuning, Sect. 31
40460 Shah Alam, Selangor
Tel: 03 5121 0553 / 012 359 7432 / 012 708 5739

*P/s: I had sweet dreams that night after the soul warming meal… wink!


  1. I prefer the Cantonese porridge & the Hokkien Mee is too wet for my liking,I like dry dry one :P

  2. I like this type porridge.. kindly miss out my home food.. haha

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  4. Try the steamed chicken. You will want to go back just for this dish.