June 10, 2011

Restaurant Bak Kut Teh Yap Tong, Desa Aman Puri: BKT Heaven!

My makan gang knows I am a huge fan of Bak Kut Teh, hence they brought me to this Yap Tong Klang BKT located at Desa Aman Puri. It’s funny how I have been living here for a bit but I am still finding lovely hidden restaurants around my area although they are not new!

We gathered our group of porcine fans and geared up for some serious porcine fair of BKT.

The décor was simple but nicely lit with traditional marble round tables and wood chairs. Clean white walls were adorned with plants and delicious pictures of its specialty!

A foodie brought alone his stash of high quality Pu Er tea leaves in the engraved silver canister to share with us (so nice of him! Thks to him whose name shall not be mentioned… hehehe). Tea is a must to wash away all the heaviness of BKT or so they say… J

Let’s cut the chase and get down to our serious business…

Big Bone (RM11) was gigantic…you’d think the bone belongs back to the stone age of dinosaurs…hahaha! I like the dark meat of the big bone which I could relate to drumstick. I steered clear of the skin and fats though. Must have resistance when indulging in porcine buffet… wink!

Small Bone (RM11) was quite similar to its big bone brother but has a smaller bone. The big bone meat has a deeper flavor compared to the small bone meat.

Soft Bone (RM11) is one of my favorite parts. The meat is tender and scrumptious with soft chewy bones good for exercising the jaw.

Pork Ribs (RM12) was decent as the ribs look meaty and well portioned. I thought the meat was too lean for my taste but others seem to devour this without any hesitation.

Pork Belly (RM11) was everyone’s favorite. These babies were gone in a jiffy! Needless to say, the meat was yum!

Another crowd favorite was Stuffed Pork Intestines (RM11) to those who love offal. So well stuffed with plenty layers of intestine, the flavors were delicious without the weird offal smell and the texture was super bouncy. We have two bowls of this as one was just not enough and it was the females who were fighting for this dish… muahaha!!

Chu Keok Wan (RM11) was deliciously addictive. I am educated that a pig only has two pieces of this lovely part which has meltingly tender meat layered with a nice balance of fat (Don’t ask me what is the English name for this part as I cannot figure this out as well!). Heavenly good is two words to describe this eh… leg joint?

Pork Stomach (RM11) is a much loved favorite of mine. I like the chewy texture of this and the one here is quite decent. It has a very chewy texture but I thought it could be a bit softer. Nonetheless, I still consume this for its flavor. 

Dry Bak Kut Teh (RM11) tops the list of my favorite BKT. There is just something so addictive in the dark thick sweet sauce coating the tender pork belly meat filled with caramelized aroma. A perfect one would be filled with dried squids, lady fingers and dried chilies. This one here is near perfect except I need more sauce. We had two claypots of this awesome style… drool…

The next dish of Pork Kidney with Yellow Ginger Wine (RM12) had me flabbergasted as it was one magnificent aromatic dish! Full of lingering aroma of the yellow wine, the slices of kidney was thick and perfectly cooked. Fresh, juicy and filled with shredded ginger with a luscious thick sauce, I flooded my rice with this lovely wine sauce. We also had two portions of this but in actual fact; I would love to have this whole pot to myself alone… evil grin!!

Bean Curd Puffs (RM3) was moderate. The bean curd puff texture was nicely cooked without being too soft.

We also had Steamed Red Mullet with Lime and Onions (RM4.50 per 100gm). The dish had a sweet and sour flavor; hence it helps to lighten up the whole meal of the BKT. This is quite a nice option for those who don’t eat a lot of meat.

Bean Curd with Oyster Sauce (RM5) was basic and decent.

Blanched Yau Mak (RM5) was also passable but I was too busy with my porcine indulgence to bother with this… hehehe.

The most important thing in every BKT is the soup. The soup here is decently luscious but not super thick till it sticks on your lips. It’s not super robust as the herbal taste is not strong but there are enough flavors to satisfy me. The soup is very drinkable as it’s not heavily dosed with salt and I didn’t get the ‘jelak’ after taste although I drank quite a bit of the soup. I rate this slightly above average for its flavor and thickness of the soup. When I put the Fried Cruellers into the soup, the taste was really lovely!

In summary, the portions and quality of the meat justifies the price. Price is per portion as listed. Overall flavors are averagely light but rich enough for me. I highly recommend the Pork Intestines, Dry BKT and Pork Kidney. Despite reorders, the consistency of the dishes was nicely done and service was fast and efficient. The owner definitely portrays his love for BKT!

Ten satisfied tummies of ten piglets (oops… I meant foodies, wink!) were filled with sumptuous Yap Tong BKT that night! Life is good… J

Restaurant Bak Kut Teh Yap Tong Klang
15-A, Jalan Desa 2/8,
Desa Aman Puri
52100 Kepong, KL
Contact May: 016 627 5777 / 016 651 5777

Business hours:
Mon – Fri
Lunch        10am – 2.30pm
Dinner       6pm – 9.30pm

Sat, Sun & Public Holidays
Lunch        9am – 2.30pm
Dinner       6pm – 9.30pm

*Close once every two weeks during weekday. Owner has several outlets in Puchong and Klang too.


  1. oh so this was what i missed.. haha..
    i like BKT.. but not a fan of "spare" parts :P

  2. I always come here for the dry BKT :)

  3. Ken: Next time we meet again for BKT! Plenty of other non spare part for you here...

    CY: Yeah.. love the dry BKT.. shiok!!

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