April 1, 2012

Dondang Sayang Coffee House, Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur: A Different Hi-Tea Theme Every Week!

Another Buffet Escapade with A Taste of Malacca’s Best!

Dondang Sayang Coffee House at Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur has recently launched its newly revamped weekend buffet and is proud to present a different Hi-Tea theme each week featuring local and international fare.

Mademoiselle moi is happy to be invited for a treat during one lovely weekend for a glimpse of the Hi-Tea buffet spread! That weekend, the theme was ‘The Taste of Malacca’s Best’ while I was told that the previous was Penang. Happy to say, I was glad of the historical city theme since I had just visited the city not too long ago and was still craving for the Nyonya cuisine well-known in Malacca.

The local-themed hi-tea selection, created exclusively by the hotel’s talented resident head chef Nathan and his culinary team, offers a cosmopolitan brunch cum hi-tea menu that incorporates Malacca’s favorites and International Cuisine from around the globe. As soon as I step into the coffee house, there is a comfortable sense of space throughout the fairly large coffee house that can seat up to 220 diners at a go!

A person that goes by the books, I start off my meal by visiting the appetizer and salad bar first. Row of delicate salads and kerabus graced the counter while appetizing snacks like Pie Tee, Tauhu Sumbat, Chicken Lobak and Four Colored Rolls provided a lovely start. Sambal Belachan and Budu were also present to be savored with an array of Ulams.

There are two soups featured each week and I was glad of the Asparagus soup that day. Fairly light but creamy enough, I enjoyed the soup very much so that I had two bowls of it!

Going from the cold station to the hot stations, I dived into live stations of Beef and Chicken Satay, Malacca’s signature Satay Celup, Grilled Fish in Banana Leaf and Nyonya Laksa!

Satay was delicious with its usual juicy skewers of meat accompanying a thick and creamy peanut sauce with ketupat, cucumber and onion. Since I like peanut sauce, I also indulged in a few skewers of Malacca’s Satay Celup. Satay celup is skewers of meat or processed items boiled in satay sauce.

The Ikan Bakar or Grilled Fish in Banana Leaf was quite delectable as the pieces of stingray was delicately season with spices and perfumed with the banana leaf. The pungent sambal and onion sauce kick this up another notch!

Nyonya Laksa faired decent as it tasted good but not memorable enough. I prefer a stronger taste in my laksas but the side chili did help to boost this up a bit.

Strangely enough, I find myself enjoying the Teochew Porridge tremendously with its loads of side dishes! My essential condiments for the porridge are salted egg, black bean fish and peanuts. I also like the spicy pickled vegetable served!! Yum…

Yam Cake was delicious too. My other half enjoyed this a lot and keeps going back for more… J

The hot station also features lovely arrays of curries and stews. Ayam Pongteh, Hainanese Lamb Stew, Debal Chicken Curry, Daging Masak Merah, Assam Fish were among its dishes. For those who wish to skip rice during this time, there is also Fried Beehoon for a lighter touch. My favorites are the Hainanese Lamb Stew with its spices and tender lamb chunks and carrots. A fan of curries, Debal Chicken Curry was a nice combination of sour and spice while the Daging Masak Merah was a creamy and spicy concoction of tender beef slices in a sweet and spicy curry.

A rarely seen soup in hotels, I was very happy to see Salted Vegetable Duck Soup! Yum… the sour pickled vegetable soup is one of my favorite since my mom whipped up this soup fairly often in my younger days. The recipe here is quite authentic with sufficient sourness to bring this soup alive!

After our rounds of savory fare, it’s time to hit the dessert section! Consisting of international and local fare, dessert bar features local Kuihs like Angku Kuih, Kuih Talam, Seri Muka, Kuih Koci and more while international Cakes, Puddings and Pastries summed up the offerings. Fresh Fruits, Ice Kacang, Ice Cream, Rojak, Bubur Cha Cha and Hot Longan added great finishing to the whole affair.

It’s been a while since I see Swan shaped Cream Puffs and I happily savored the puffs as they remind me of my childhood memories where there was a cake house in Penang that use to make these really delectable swan cream puffs filled with custard. J

The makings of Ice Kacang is always a favorite bar since the icy concoction is where you get to load up on your favorite condiments for the shaved ice before drizzling on the thick rose syrup and dark brown sugar syrup and evaporated milk.

Not a big fan of coconut milk, I find the Bubur Cha Cha nicely sweetened and studded with cubes of yam, sweet potato, and colored sago. The only thing missing here was the chewy potato starch pieces added for extra chewy properties. Maybe I am thinking of the Penang version too much… J

Sago Gula Melaka was a welcome sight and I believe everyone at our table had one that day!

One deserving mentioned is that Dondang Sayang Coffee House has a Kids’ Corner where kids can enjoyed a small selection of kiddie bites and indulged in some children activities like Sand Art of some play time there! The small section has some decent bites of Chicken Nuggets, Curry Puff, Samosa and even Buttered Carrots. Besides the small selections, the regular hi-tea spread is also available for the child. My child had loads of fun that day at this corner with Merryn’s son, Ethan! Kudos to the hotel for this plus point!!

The themed hi-tea buffet changes every weekend with different thmese starting with the best food from Penang, followed by Malacca, Ipoh, Western and more. Each week is a lovely surprise and a complete mix of Malaysian’s favorites at Dondang Sayang Coffee House. Choices are not as big as some but dishes offered are well prepared and tasted scrumptious for me that day. A selection of drinks is included and for the price one pays, it’s decently priced for the menu offered. Food quality fared good and flavored are spot on for my tastebuds!

Priced at RM39++ for adult and RM25++ for children, the themed hi-tea is available on every Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays at Dondang Sayang Coffee House from 12.00pm to 4.00pm.

For enquiries or reservations, kindly contact direct line 603 2160 5923 or visit their website at www.corushotelkl.com

Dondang Sayang Coffee House
Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: 603 2160 5923


  1. ok, i must say that the price is good for the food I saw!
    My Xmas experience here wasnt too stellar so I didn't bother to go for this.
    Seems that there's been improvement...

    1. yes, the selection was that big but the food taste great as feedback from everyone present that day! =)

  2. The kids corner definitely a plus point for us mommy :)

    1. oh yes, D had a great time at the corner while I indulge in my lovely hi-tea!! ;)

  3. The price seems quite ok...Moreover all the food looks so tempting!

    1. it is for a hotel and the food taste lovely when I was there... make sure to try the grilled fish, satay and hainanese lamb stew!

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