April 26, 2012

Chef Lim Organic Kitchen, Old Klang Road: Let’s Get Healthy Together!

Modern Healthy Organic Vegetarian Dishes with a Twist!

My family and I often feast on vegetarian at least twice a month for religious purposes and frankly, we do enjoy going meatless at times like this. We are also on the constant look out for new vegetarian places to dine just to be adventurous. A recent invitation led me to Chef Lim Organic Kitchen located in Scott Garden, Old Klang Road. Easily located on the main road of Old Klang Road, the fairly new restaurant stood out nicely with a big bright sign on the building of Scott Garden.

A fairly huge restaurant, the whole place is mostly white to feature a clean and crisp ambience! Simple and spacious, the whole restaurant has a comfortable ambience as soon as one enters. A whole wall of shelves are dedicated to selling organic food products while another wall features a Love Charity Corner where the restaurant donates a percentage of their sales to charities. Mirrors are also everywhere to reflect an even bigger space for diners to enjoy their meal in comfort. The restaurant is big enough to even have private function rooms!

Check out Organic Noodles in various vegetable flavors…

Fresh Coconut is also available to cool off body heat or simply for thirst quenching benefits!

I spied Nyonya Vegetarian Dumplings on sale! J

Here are the Fundamentals of Chef Lim Organic Kitchen!

We started off our meal with a beautiful Fruit Tea. A refreshing and delicious tea base perked up with loads of fruits like apples, orange, and passion fruit and sweetened with honey! Everyone enjoyed this tremendously as the fruit tea was just fruity and sweet with a hint of citrus.

After the lovely fruit tea, we were served the Feel Good Tea during our meals. The tea has a cleansing benefit with ingredients like chrysanthemum, Ting Fa Chou, Yong Sam Chou and Xiong Chi. Its cooling for the body and aids in digestion of our meals.

First up was Crystal Jade Roll, a beancurd sheet rolled up, wrapped with seaweed, deep fried and served with a fruity sauce. Sounds complicated but flavors are quite basic with a good balance of sweetness from the mango fruity sauce. Crispy and light, this was easy to eat and since there were young children, they seem to like it too as it only has a hint of spiciness to it.

Yam Ring Basket was a classic with this version filled with stir-fried vegetables and cashew nuts. Flavors were light and clean with wholesome goodness from the creamy yam contrasting with the crunchy vegetables.

An unusual curry, I do admit to loving the Kapitan Fish very much! The curry was lighten up with yoghurt instead of the usual coconut milk and the tangy gravy is loaded with eggplants, lady fingers and beancurd products. Spicy and creamy, I flooded my rice with the gravy!!

Another worth the order is their Coconut Tom Yam. The tom yam broth is laden with loads of broccoli, cauliflower, baby corn, mushrooms, beancurd puff and fresh coconut flesh. Spicy, sour and savory, the broth whets my appetite for more… J

Basil Leaf Mushroom had everyone commenting how aromatic the dish was due to the basil herb. Baby corn, fresh shimeji mushrooms, black wood ear fungus, carrots and bell peppers were lightly stir-fried with an earthy flavor. I like how the vegetables retained their crunch.

A baked dish covered in cheese arrived and we were told that this is a popular dish mimicking the Hong Kong Chan Char Teng of cheese baked rice. Mushroom Cheese Baked Rice has aromatic mushroom fried rice embedded beneath the crusty creamy cheese. It is fairly simple and flavors are well balanced with everyone heading straight for the melted cheese…including me!

Lo Han Chai shouted homemade from the get go! A medley of broccoli, cauliflower, shitake mushroom, straw mushroom, carrot and fried Tau Kan is light and flavorful. The brown sauce has a slightly sweet taste and proved that a good dish doesn’t necessarily have to be heavy in flavors. Again, kudos to the chef for retaining the crunch in the vegetables!

If you like mushrooms, you would definitely enjoy Shitake Mushroom Herbal Stew. An array of fresh mushrooms takes the cake here with a light herbal stew cooked with goji berry and red kurma dates. A new one for me, I like the herbal flavors in the dish with a refreshing aftertaste.

The last dish was a dark horse! Fruit Pizza was something new since it is hardly ever heard in Chinese or Italian restaurants. I detected green apple slices and strawberries among the ooey gooey cheese and pizza base. Sweet, tangy and savory from the combination of the fruit and cheese, the pizza was fabulous!! Everyone kept raving on how scrumptious the pizza tasted and how well the flavors and textures are in the baked bread. It is also surprisingly light and quite refreshing despite the oodles of cheese. A Must Order at Chef Lim Organic Kitchen!!

Chef Lim Organic Kitchen uses Vegetarian Cheese without animal rennet and is imported from Australia. A taste of this cheese and I found it creamy and nutty with a buttery flavor. Too bad this is not available here as I would have loved to purchase this for my cheese dishes.

Brown Rice is served for a healthier option!

The meal ended with a refreshing chilled Mango Pudding and Coconut Pudding. I prefer the latter for its refreshing taste of coconut which makes a good palate cleanser.

The man responsible for the restaurant is Mr. Koo, General Manager of The Jas Sdn. Bhd. who was also available that night to explain his concept of providing customers with a healthy vegetarian restaurant for a healthier lifestyle!

Since we had a big group that night, we decided to take a Happy Family Photo for memories… J

Plus points for Chef Lim Organic Kitchen showed in their well balance flavors, good crunch factor in their vegetables and creative dishes with a healthier option of using olive oil and fresh organic vegetables rather than processed vegetarian products. The restaurant is suitable for serious vegetarians as it does not contain eggs, garlic, onion, chives, spring onions and leeks. Prices may be slightly higher but then again this is organic ingredients so I personally thought that the price is decent. The restaurant also caters for private and celebration functions for families and business. All that said, this is one restaurant that I will return for vegetarian fare with my family! J

Chef Lim Organic Kitchen
Lot 2-47, 2-48 & 2-49,
The Scott Garden, 4 1/2 Miles,
Jalan Klang Lama,
58100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-7982 3395 / +6017-6534565

Business Hours: 10am - 10pm Daily

*Thanks to the team at Chef Lim for the invite!


  1. no doubt, simple delicious with vege organic food..

    1. I m surprised too at how delicious organic vegetarian tasted at this place!

  2. Love the tom yum & fruit pizza, I didn't get enough of these that night >.<

  3. I would like to try the tomyum!! Look so delicious! Omg

    1. its is.. of course it tasted a bit different from the normal one but this version is very good as well!

  4. Seldom 'Organic' food come across my mind. But all the above looks something interesting to me.

    1. u should try it & u will like it after u eat

    2. yes Melissa but as said, this place a quite a few scrumptious dishes I would return for... do try this when you are around the area! =)

  5. It all looks so tasty. Glad to see brown rice on the menu too.

    1. I also eat brown rice on daily basis... just for a touch of healthier diet.. :)