January 17, 2011

Sweet Fluffy Soft Buns

What a weekend! During such time, I do go over board and cramp up my weekends with lots of baking. Somehow, the coming CNY holidays just makes me go nuts in the kitchen with lots of baking and cooking.

I just L.O.V.E fresh baked bread and the wonderful fragrance of freshly baked fluffy bread in my kitchen. The aroma is addictive and although I am still learning to bake, I just cannot resist baking them recently despite my cookie bake out for the holidays. Today, I nearly burn out my mixer because I left the mixer too long as I was side tracked on another matter! Note to thy-self, never leave any electrical item on unless I can see them.. :)

I saw this wonderful recipe from Wendy's blog, click here, and I just couldn't resist baking them. Check her out as Wendy is very creative and I love her recipes as they are very precised and detailed.

The recipe is really simple and ingredients are very easy to get. The result is what Wendy said, wonderfully soft and very fluffy bread. Taste sweet and light, I baked some with hotdogs, otak otak and left some plain.

Here is the outcome of my baking today.

I doubled up the recipe and got 6 hotdog buns, 6 otak otak buns and 9 plain sweet buns. Although they look ordinary, I am very please with the outcome as this is my first time getting fluffy and light buns!

See how fluffy they are?

Plain golden sweet buns waiting to be devour or stuff with yummlicious fillings.

Hotdog or... my family called them "Alien Dog" buns because I can never shape them perfectly like those sold outside!  hehehe

My otak otak buns.. some bursted as they were not wrapped properly. Guess I have to keep baking to practice my skill at filling up a bun! For those who are wondering what otak otak is, it is a spicy concoction of fish and herb batter that has a texture like a quiche.

Sigh.. as I am writing this post, I can still smell the freshness of the bread! Just cannot resist.. I think I ll go and stuff myself with one more bun before I hit the sack! (wink wink!)

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