January 13, 2011

Jarrod & Rawlins Sri Hartamas

I woke up late on the 1st day of the new year as I as taking meds. Since I skipped breakfast, I decided to have a nice lunch with my family. I have been reading so much about Jarrod & Rawlins from other blogs that I decided it time to go there and experience their much talked about breakfast.

We were there after lunch hours at the Sri Hartamas branch, hence it was really quiet with only one table occupied. I took a glance at the menu and changed my mind about breakfast.. hehehe.

I said to myself, I could cook up the breakfast, so I should pick something more adventurous. :)

The place also serves as a deli where one can actually buy deli meats, cheese and other delicatessen products. I took some picture of its ambience and some of its products for sale.

Check out that huge blocks of ham. I could use one as a pillow! There were plenty of sausages with various flavours and bacons of various cuts..

I could also see some marinated vegetables such as olives, pearl onions, peppers and eggplants and a good variety of cheeses.

They also have a limited shelf with some imported sauces, jams, pasta, pancake mix, olive oil and spices.

J&R carries a great variety of imported fine wines on their shelves and beers in their coolers.

We put in our order of their popular Pork Burger with bacon and a speciality of Toad in a Hole. Service was really excellent and our waiter was very smiley. Its so nice to be serviced with a smile! Wish this is more often found in other restaurants. When one receives good service, food somehow taste better.

Toad is a Hole is actually an English dish which is very popular in UK pubs. It is actually a simple fair of sausages baked in a savory Yorkshire pudding batter and served with gravy. Yorkshire pudding is a simple batter of eggs and flour. When made right, it is really puffy and crispy on the outside and soft pudding like in the inside. The recipe is quite easy as a pan is placed in the oven with some kind of fats or oil and heated till it is really hot. The batter is then poured into the pan and baked till puffy and golden with the sausages.

I could tell the sausages were cooked separately instead of baking it together with the pudding. I am ok with this as the pork sausages was perfectly grilled, moist and crusty.

First bite of the sausages was honest to goodness De-Li-Cious. A bit salty but I think most sausages are anyway for better flavour and storage.Yorkshire pudding was a bit on the thin side , hence it was really crispy overall and no soft pudding on the inside. I was so looking forward to this but I still think it is delightful on its own way. Crispy and savoury, I like the sausages and pudding (RM25) doused with the gravy. Overall, I do find it a bit salty but my family seemed to love it!

J&R Pork Burger (RM 24) was next. Ah... the long awaited and much blogged about pork burger. I added bacon (RM3) to the burger to get the full overloaded experience of porky goodness!

The burger was served with a load of shoestring fries, a cornichon (gherkin or small pickled cucumber), coleslaw and a salad with mayo and ketchup on the side. I do love and appreciate this as one can actually build their own burger to their taste. Check out the bacon.. isn't this the most beautiful sight to behold?  :P

Burger was moist and salty again. Bacon also added to the saltiness. It's really a heart attack waiting to happen but then again, its the 1st day of the year! They do provide salad and coleslaw to counter this.. wink wink! kekeke... I do think the chef should go a bit easy on the salt but tastewise was what Mary Poppins would say.. "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious".. :0) (Try saying this backwards!)

We only shared two dishes as we had a full set dinner coming up in a few hours. I have to say, the verdict was a hit because of the service and quality of the food. I am gamed to come back and try other dishes that looked really good as well. Pricey from normal standard but thats what you pay for quality and ambience.

They have three outles currently with the one in Sri Hartamas, Damansara Heights and Ampwalk. Check out their website for more details.

website:    http://www.jarrod-rawlins.com/home/

Jarrods & Rawlins ~ Purveyors of Fine Food & Wine
Desa Sri HartamasNo. 36 (Grd Flr), Jalan 27/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2300 0708, Fax: 03-2300 0706
*Credit Card accepted

Disclaimer: The opinions and experiences articulated on this blog is entirely based on my personal tastebuds and may be at odds for other foodies.

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