January 29, 2011

Restaurant Yong Tau Foo Chan Chan

After my various seafood binges for the coming festival, I was craving for something simple and comforting. One of my favorite comfort food is a simple dish of Yong Tau Foo (YTF) or stuffed beancurd and veggies. My family loves this dish and we have tried many places that sell this speciality.

One of our all time favorite YTF place is located in Menjalara, Kepong called Chan Chan YTF. This is a family run business that serves a no frill but genuine homemade goodness YTF. We have been to Chan Chan many times and one thing is for sure, their quality is very well maintained each time. We can count on Chan Chan to serve piping hot and fresh fish paste stuffed into big cuts of taufoo and veggies.

Chan Chan is always packed but customers do not linger after dinner. The restaurant environment is al fresco but it is always cool in the evenings as there are plenty of fans. Service is brisk and customers fill in a order slip while waiters whizzes by to pick the order slip. As all YTF are freshly cook to order, there will be some waiting time but its worth it! J

Besides serving YTF, they also serve some of their specialty dishes like Vinegared Pork Trotter, Grape Wine Ginger Chicken, Asam Fish, Sour Asam Vegetables, Hakka Braised Pork with Black Fungus and a few more items.

First up was the YTF in soup with smooth white bean curd, bittergourd, lady fingers, fish paste and chilies. That innocent chili really packed a punch. One bite and the mouth went numb with spiciness! I love their beancurd, smooth and soft, I feel very content with just having this alone. The owner also added plenty of "shui chai" vegetables in the soup which tasted of anchovies.

My favorite bittergourd.

Check out the huge piece of fish paste.

We also ordered some fried "fu chuk", fried dumplings and eggplant. Super crispy and hot, one bite will get you hooked!

Yummilicious fried dumpling or "sui kow" filled with bouncy fish paste, carrots, black fungus and green onions. Make sure to order at least 2 -3 piece person! J

Grape Wine Chicken was next. I am not a fan of this dish as some places makes it too sweet. This one had me gulping down the soup continuously till I was blushing due to the strong alcohol...hehehe.

Full of herbal essence and a well balanced grape wine, the broth is just simply beautiful and luscious. Chicken was average but it was the soup, shredded black fungus and ginger that got me drugged!

Asam Vegetables or "Suen Choy" is another must have here. Braised salted vegetable with asam pieces and chilies, this dish is another favorite of ours. The vegetable has been braised till soft and the sourness with spiciness is just perfect for my family's taste buds.

Vinegared Pork Trotters is another indulgence! Braised till the meat is tender but still with a bite, the balance of black vinegar was faultless. Sour and sweet, we just cannot stop drinking up the soup although it was a bit oily.

YTF priced at RM1 each piece. Verdict is that this place is really value for $$ as the pieces of YTF is big and well stuffed with bouncy fish paste. Other dishes are really good as well. Quality is well maintained over the many visits to this place. If you are looking for comfort and homemade goodness, Chan Chan YTF is definitely highly recommended. Be prepared to wait as YTF is made to order.

Restaurant Yong Tau Foo Chan Chan
69, Jalan 11/6A
Bandar Menjalara, Kepong
52200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 6275 9113

Disclaimer: The opinions and experiences articulated on this blog is entirely based on my personal taste buds and may be at odds for other foodies.


  1. The vinegar pork trotters make me wanna get pregnant and go thru confinement again and again! LoL! :P

  2. I have no qualms about the taste of the food here. However, the business ethic of the owner is lousy. When about making payment i realised that the fried foo chuk i ordered was not served and i told the lady boss about it. To my surprise i was told off rudely by her that i should have inform the server earlier and she refused to deduct it from my bill. Not wanting to argue i left dissappointed and never went back since. I am not upset about slow or poor service of the staff coz i know it is not easy to get good helpers these days. But i am dissappointed that the business owner have no respect for her clients. Why should we spend our hard earn money on someone not sincery in doing business with us.