January 28, 2015

Mad Hatter’s Champagne Brunch @ Shook! Starhill Gallery

A Whimsical and Lavish Champagne Brunch in Feast Village

The famous Shook! Champagne Sunday Brunch is back and this time, the Mad Hatter and his team are joining in the fun. Shook! at Starhill Gallery remains as the host of the longest running brunch in town with its Masquerade Champagne Brunch last year and is making a comeback this year with a big bang!

Shook! is famous for its open-kitchen concept featuring four epicurean chefs with four distinct cuisines all congregated in one stylish establishment. Helmed by Executive Chef Mathew Ona, Shook! showcases seasonal trends of sumptuousness from all the four Chinese, Japanese, Western Grill and Italian kitchens. Located at the lower level of Starhill Gallery in Feast Village, Shook! is all about extravagant open-kitchen actions for an interactive sensory dining experience.

Taking on a brand new and exciting theme of Alice in Wonderland-inspired Mad Hatter’s Champagne Brunch, gourmands can now enjoy the whimsical and quirky Champagne Sunday Brunch every Sunday from 12 noon to 4pm.

The entire Shook! has been transformed into a capricious and quirky land of Mad Hatter’s land injected with an air of elegance. Catch the Mad Hatter himself there together with Alice and the gang the moment one walks pass the gorgeous green scrub time clock and steps through the giant clock archway into the restaurant. Lots of whimsical teapots, stacked cakes and books, a water fountain garden area with a giant storybook set lets everyone enjoying the fun and peculiar elements of the famous English novel.

We loved the extravagant sensation at the Mad Hatter’s Champagne Brunch for its luxurious option of Moet & Chandon Champagne! With this option, guests can enjoy a superb free-flowing Moet & Chandon Champagne to make your sunday brunch even more pampering.

Catch more entertainment at the brunch with a 7-piece live band or be entertained by Mad Hatter magician and balloon artist. Everyone’s a child at the Mad Hatter’s Sunday Brunch!

Though I normally am an orderly eater, I can’t help but to go out of the extraordinary to kick off the brunch with the Mad Hatter’s dream dessert table. What a delicious sight to behold as soon as one enters Shook! A huge selection of every possible whimsical and scrumptious desserts and sweets are gorgeously placed at the dessert bar completed with a Pink Chocolate Fountain.

If there is a sensory word to describe this dessert bar, it would have to be Va Va Voom…

The Mad Hatter’s Dessert Bar is majestic, is magnificent, is gorgeously beautiful and is utterly dreamy and delicious! The bar is laden with every possible dessert and sweets that is guaranteed to lure your sweet tooth into a delirious frenzy.

From Red Velvet Pillows to Rainbow Cake to Mousse, Chocolate, Gateau and Carrot Cake, there is plenty of cakes to keep everyone satisfied. Let’s not forget miniature Trifles, Mousse, Eclairs, Cup Cakes, Meringues, Tartlets, Jellies, Pot Au Chocolate, Crème Brulee, stained glass Cookies and more temptations. I spied super adorable Mushroom Meringues and mini Fruit Pavlova together with marshmallow and lots of candies and even Cake Pops.

Even the Italian Baba Au Rum and French Macaron made a debut here!
Go ahead… Life is Short, Eat Desserts First … just like me! Wink wink…

Other scrumptious line ups for the buffet from the four Chinese, Japanese, Western Grill and Italian kitchen will also have you in amazement of its selections.

A Whole Marinated Darling Lamb Carcass will tempt your senses as it slowly turns on the hot flames of the pit, gently roasting with lots of sizzle into a rich amber golden roast of lamb. Enjoy these with all the various sauces available from East to West sauces. There is also a beautiful Beef Brisket and Cumberland Sausage Rope at the carvery.

The Seafood on Ice Bar sat opulent with its tower of Prawn Cocktail, Mussels, Clams and Tiger Prawns. Salmon lovers are enticed at the choices of house smoked and cured salmons such as Smoked Salmon, House Cured Salmon, Beetroot Cured Salmon and Herb Cured Salmon.

If that seafood is not majestic enough, a huge whole Tuna sat gloriously at the Japanese Bar. It will be the temptation of all Sashimi lovers. The sashimi of Tuna, Salmon and White Tuna is part of the highlights together with all the other Japanese dishes of appetizers, Soba and Udon, Seafood Tempura and more.

The Chinese kitchen serves up one of my favorite dishes of the day, pots full of Hot and Sour Soup together with other Chinese dishes served with Corn Rice. An appetizer selection of Nam Yue Chicken Wings, Crab Balls, Five Spice Rolls, Dumplings and Fish Cakes together with Roasted Duck is perfect for snacking. Next to this station is also a classic Chinese favorite street food of Roasted Chicken Rice with all the condiments.

The Italian kitchen also vie for equal attention with its offerings of fresh baked Pizzas, Antipasti, Pasta, Cured Cold Cuts and Cheese. My family really enjoyed the Pizzas and Antipasti with the large selections of mind-boggling Cheese with Crackers, Grapes and Nuts!

We even got freshly baked servings of fluffy warm Cinnamon Buns served at our table…

Since it was the launch of the Shook! Mad Hatter’s Champagne Brunch, we were hosted by Linora Low from Mix FM. The bubbly emcee was clad in a fashionable black and white dress completed with her gorgeous locks of red and pretty black hair piece!

It was certainly an unforgettable Mad Hatter’s Champagne Brunch at Shook! Catch it every Sunday from 12pm to 4pm at Feast Village, Starhill Gallery together with family and friends for a scrumptious pampering Sunday feast.

The Mad Hatter’s Sunday Brunch is priced at RM168++ per person for food and RM268++ per person with free-flow of Moet & Chandon Champagne with food.

Feast Village at Starhill Gallery
181 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: +603 2782 3875

Website: www.feastvillage.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/feastvillage

Business Hours:
Open Daily 6.00am - 11.00pm


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