February 1, 2015

The Shepherdoo Valentine Set Menu

Orange Romance Valentine’s Day Menu

Though everyone is busy with the coming festive CNY, let’s not forget that Valentine’s Day comes first. So make a date to take your loved one out for a romantic dinner this Valentine’s Day and set the mood for some romance in the air before our festive cheer.

This round, I headed back to The Shepherdoo Restaurant and Lounge at One City Mall to catch a taste of their upcoming Valentine Set Menu available on 14 February. The Latin American themed restaurant and lounge has prepared a couple Valentine Set Menu filled with much fruity essence to sweeten the romance of every couple. The Shepherdoo serves up a fun and creative Latin American cuisine in its regular menu. This Valentine, The Shepherdoo is so going a step further by injecting other inspired cuisine into this love menu with an Orange Romance Valentine’s Day Menu.

Our Valentine menu starts with Smoked Duck Breast Salad with Caramelized Citrus Dressing with two servings for each couple. Salty smoked duck slices, cherry tomatoes, melon balls are nestled on classic mix greens and dressed with a lovely fruity and tangy orange dressing all completed with edible flowers. It’s simple and makes a light started for the following courses.

The next course is two sets of soups for the couple, a gorgeous Carrot-Orange Seafood Soup. Contrasting beautifully on the white plate, the bright hue of the orange bisque also has pan seared scallops with cherry tomatoes. It was indeed very flavourful. The orange citrusy notes are well balanced with the carrot and there is a good mix of sweetness with savory and hints of sour notes. The soup is very silky and creamy too. The seared scallops are juicy and savory. Some may find this very orange intense but I really enjoyed the fruity notes of the soup.

For main course, there are three choices so the couple can choose one each out of the three. There is a choice of salmon, chicken or beef for the mains.

The Orange-Lemon Chicken Confit Accompanied with Melon Delight is absolutely gorgeous at sight and in flavours. A whole leg of chook, cooked in its own fat for hours before being seared up just before serving is beautifully prepared. The chicken remains so moist and the skin is tasty and crispy. The sour orange-lemon sauce cuts beautifully with the chicken and made the dish very bright and sublime.

Served with potato gratin and a side salad with melons, the dish is finished off with a sprinkling of citrus peel and caramelized slice of orange for freshness. Highly recommended for those who love chicken and citrus flavours!

Beef lovers may want to opt for the Red Wine-Orange Skin Braised Angus Beef Short Ribs. A large thick cut of beef ribs has been slowly braised till tender and tasty and served with a robust red wine and orange sauce. A side of lemony couscous is served with the beef ribs together with a drizzled of reduced balsamic vinegar. I really like the caramelized and rich sweetness of the balsamic with the beef rib. It enhanced the flavours of the overall dish wondrously. My only gripe is the portion may not satisfy big eaters for some men but it is plentiful for ladies. Other than that, the dish is unique and delicious with the addition of the orange to give the beef a different level of flavours.

The third choice is so pretty, almost too pretty to be eaten. Poached Norwegian Salmon Coupled with Orange Zesty Mashed Tuber is an interesting dish that is paired with fruits and truffles. The thick cut of salmon is nicely poached with chopped truffles and remained moist. A tangy and fruity zesty orange sauce with raspberry provided the taste for the salmon. The salmon on its own is mild and delicate but it is the sauce that really makes the dish delicious and enjoyable.

Our salmon is paired with mashed sweet potato and has pretty edible flowers strewn all over the plate!

In theme with the previous dishes, dessert is a tall glass of Blood Orange Panna Cotta meant to be shared by the couple. After all, it is Valentine’s and sharing is the perfect excuse to spice up the romance level. Our beautifully set panna cotta is executed well with flavours of more oranges.

The Orange Romance Valentine’s Day Menu is priced at RM168 per couple at The Shepherdoo One City Mall only.

Drinks are not included in the Valentine menu and The Shepherdoo is famous for their cocktails so check out their classic Cosmopolitan, Mango Margarita and Lychee Mojito or simply ask the bartender to whip up your favorite cocktail!

Make sure to book your reservation to secure a table that evening…

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One City, Jalan USJ25/1A,
47640 Subang Jaya
Tel: +6018 337 8828 / 6018 656 8828


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