February 8, 2015

Restaurant Extra Super Tanker CNY Feast

Going the Extra Mile for Deliciousness!

More Chinese New Year continues and this time, I headed over to a reknown Chinese restaurant in Damansara Kim for a super extra scrumptious festive feast at Restaurant Extra Super Tanker. The restaurant has garnered quite a name in the community for serving up sumptuous and creative dishes besides their authentic menu.

Restaurant Extra Super Tanker is constantly packed at any time of the week. The restaurant has been dishing up affordable and lavish dishes to many of its customers. Hidden in a discreet neighborhood, many of its customers continue to patronize the restaurant for its hearty menu filled with a wide range of humble classic Chinese cuisine to premium dishes set to impress the most discerning palate.

We met up with Chef Ah Wah and team recently for a taste of his new dishes set to ring in the auspicious New Year of the Goat. The humble chef continues to hone in his culinary skills to take Chinese cuisine to new heights. This year, Chef Ah Wah has set three auspicious CNY set menu ranging from RM1138 net to RM2328 nett for a table of ten. Besides the set menu, there will also be quite a few lavish dishes created by Chef Ah Wah for a la carte order as well. Expect only the best of premium ingredients from Restaurant Extra Super Tanker as the festive season beckons as an excuse to dine and wine lavishly to usher in the New Year.

Taking on a Western approach, Restaurant Extra Super Tanker has their own wine cellar stocked up with a good range of imported wines. It is common now to enjoy Chinese cuisine with wines and Chef Ah Wah is also making sure that his dishes are well paired with the wines they served. Our Stone Bay Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2013 was lovely with a smooth floral note while the Marques de Riscal Rioja Reserve 2009 was bold with fruity dark rich notes.

We took off with an all-time-favorite appetizer dish made famous in the streets. Prosperity Fatt Choy Dumpling epitomizes bundles of auspicious joy this season. The house made crispy dumplings looked deceivingly simple and yet tasted boisterously delicious. Using premium live Tiger prawns as its main ingredient, the crispy dumpling has a majestic sweetness of prawns coupled with crunchy bits of water chestnuts. I enjoyed the whole piece of prawn together with other seafood filling in the dumpling very much and can easily take on quite a few of these if not for other dishes to come. These come with a price tag of RM8 per piece due to the premium live Tiger prawn.

Tis the season to indulge and lobster is definitely a favorite premium ingredient in the Chinese community. Our Braised Boston Lobster in Ginger Wine definitely epitomizes much auspiciousness to come. The majestic presence of the king of crustaceans cleverly cooked in a traditional Chinese ingredient of ginger wine is a testament to the skills of Chef Ah Wah. The wine surprisingly did not overpower the sweetness of the lobster but rather enhanced the succulent notes of it. Using the famous Stone’s Ginger Wine, the sauce is a mélange of crustacean essence with an undeniably addictive sweet and gingery note. The pieces of lobsters are gorgeously coated with the sauce and are deliciously mesmerizing in flavours. Coupled with the heady ginger wine aroma, this dish is literally da bomb of the night!


Our next course took us to Korea with Steamed Red Snapper with Kimchi. Inspired from the famous national dish of Korea, Chef Ah Wah has fusion a Chinese classic of steamed fish with the spicy fermented vegetable. Red snapper is a favorite fish of mine as I like the firm sweet flesh the fish is famous for. The dish has a good kick of heat level with lots of sourish and umami flavours from the kimchi. I can also taste the earthy notes of bean paste in the sauce.

Both kimchi and fish paired very well and really whet the appetite. A bowl of steamed rice would go so well with this moreish dish. I kept savoring the spicy and sour soup happily since I love kimchi. Never knew kimchi would go so well with fish but it did. The fresh red snapper goes for RM10 per 100g.

Our next dish features the famous Spanish Iberico black pig. Taking on the western ingredient, Chef Ah Wah whipped up a luscious Baked Iberico Pork Shoulder with Black Pepper Sauce. The highly prized Iberico is famous for its rich tender meat which has a higher fat ratio than our regular swine. Chef Ah Wah uses a method called ‘Kuk Suk’ or literally translated as wok baked to cook the meat. A clever way to introduce the Iberico as the fillet of the pork shoulder is superbly tender and well-seasoned. Paired with a robust black pepper sauce, garlic chips and sautéed vegetables, the Iberico pork is quite an unorthodox stellar in this Chinese dining experience. This premium Iberico comes with a hefty price tag of RM200 per order.

Festive dish of Claypot Rice with Waxed Meat also made its appearance here at Restaurant Extra Super Tanker. To Chef Ah Wah, there is no short cut in making this dish. In order to achieve its ultimate flavours and textures, the rice must be boiled in the claypot with extra care. The claypot unleashed a fragrant aroma in the rice and also created the crusty bits of rice crust that the dish is famous for.

Using premium imported waxed meat of Chinese Sausage, Wine-infused Liver Sausage, Preserved Duck and Bacon, the dish literally glows in the flavour department. Aromatic oils from the waxed meat are cleverly infused into the rice and sauce, lending a wondrous satiation of flavours in my senses. Every fluffy rice grains and bits of crusty rice together with the preserved meats are seductive and sinful. Cuts of crunchy fresh cucumber make a great palate cleanser to lighten up this heavy dish.

Dessert ended on a high note with Double-Boiled Almond Milk with Hasma. Another premium ingredient in the Chinese community, hasma or often known as toad oil, is said to have many medical benefits. Here, the hasma, which has a light fishy aroma, is cleverly masked by the double-boiled almond milk and papaya. This Cantonese dessert works well for those who love the distinctive flavours of Chinese almonds. There is also another option of Double-Boiled Hasma with Red Dates if almonds are not to your liking.

I heard that Restaurant Extra Super Tanker is already fully booked for the festive Reunion eve of CNY. All dishes above also requires pre-order and may not be available on main festive days of Reunion eve, first and second day of the CNY. They are available otherwise with advance orders on other days. Restaurant Extra Super Tanker will be having 2 sessions of dinner during the 15-day Chinese New Year at 5.30pm or 8pm respectively. Reservations are highly recommended for the festive season.

No.48 Jalan SS20/10
Damansara Kim
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7726-7768/69 & 03-7726-9969


  1. Never been there but the food looks so good, heard so many good things as well. On the other hand I went to Lou Fu Zhou right opposite and really enjoyed the red wine meesuah :D

  2. Really tempting to try the kimchi steamed fish, so unique!

  3. Finally tried this restaurant down the street from my house because every time I walk by it is packed! Food at Boston restaurants was awesome, prices weren't insane and the staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Must try this place.