February 6, 2015

Tao Cuisine, Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur CNY Feast

A Traditional Chinese New Year with the Finest Ingredients

Whenever I think of Tao Chinese Cuisine at Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur, lavish deliciousness comes to mind. This Chinese New Year, Tao Chinese Cuisine is bringing everyone together with new auspicious Chinese New Year menus that is available from now till 8 March 2015. Leading the kitchen is award winning Executive Chinese Chef Wong Lian You.

Chef Wong and his team are going all out by emphasizing on the authentic tastes of Chinese New Year seasonal flavours. The exquisite fine-dining Tao will be showcasing luxurious Chinese New Year seven-course set lunches and eight-course set dinners with premium ingredients. Gourmands can expect nothing but fine-dining Chinese cuisine that is infused with a modern presentation.

No stranger to Tao, I have always enjoyed walking into the restaurant that is gorgeously design with lots of modern contemporary design mingling with Chinese inspirations, all elegantly glittering with contemporary designer lights. There are also plenty of private rooms that make entertainment perfect with privacy.

This year, Tao goes lux with the king of crustacean by presenting a majestic South African Lobster Tempura Yee Sang available a la carte or in their Full of Joy Chinese New Year Set. The lobster is cooked tempura style in chunks and served with an assortment of yee sang ingredients. Besides the usual suspects, this yee sang also has crispy salmon skin and jelly fish for added textures.

Every bite of the yee sang has us enjoying the burst of sweet, sour, savory and even hints of pomelo bitter sweet flavours. The loads of crushed peanuts and sesame seeds also boosted the flavours of the yee sang very well. This yee sang is indeed a prosperous one!

Other offerings of Yee Sang include Australian Abalone and Soft Shell Crab with Yee Sang (鲍魚軟壳蚧撈生), Hokkaido Scallops and Baby Octopus with Wasabi Sauce Yee Sang (华沙比北海道玉帶,八爪魚仔撈生), Atlantic Salmon Yee Sang (鸿運三文魚撈生) and vegetarian option of Tempura Mushrooms with Snow Pear Yee Sang (雪梨鮮菇天妇罗撈生) priced from RM68++ for half set and RM128++ for full set.

Our next course of the set menu was a lavish Doubled Boiled Baby Abalone Dumplings with Caviar and Superior Stock. I love a good soup. This doubled boiled soup is full of flavours from long hours of gentle boiling of chicken, dried scallop chicken ham and dried longans. A large dumpling carefully encasing four different caviars also has a hidden baby abalone stuffed in the seafood filling. A graceful and imperial soup for extra pampering…

Fortune Pot or Poon Choi is now a steady favorite in Malaysia, especially during this festive season. It creates a warm togetherness in gathering everyone to share this large pot of land and sea treasures. Chef Wong has gathered premium ingredients of sea cucumber, dried oyster sea moss rolls, roasted duck, chicken, dried scallops, fish maws, prawns, pomfret fillet, Hokkaido scallops, assorted mushrooms, vegetables and yam all covered in a crabmeat pumpkin sauce.

The Fortune Pot is a lovely change from the usual brown gravy. The crabmeat pumpkin sauce is not overly sweet and has a delicate balance of savory as well as sweetness. Diving into this pot, every treasure of land and sea is beautifully scrumptious. One may even want to order a bowl of steamed rice to go with this Poon Choi.

From the start to the end, lavishness echoed throughout each course. Dessert followed pursuit in the form of Chilled Bird’s Nest with Hawthorn, Snow Fungus, Peach and Aloe Vera and Deep Fried Golden Mini Ninko Bun.

The pretty dessert of Chilled Bird’s Nest with Hawthorn, Snow Fungus, Peach and Aloe Vera made a refreshing palate cleanser after the big luxurious Fortune Pot. Various textures from the ingredients created levels of sensation in the mouth. The added hawthorne flavours really stood out and made the dessert unique while bringing back memories of childhood flavours.

The Deep Fried Golden Mini Ninko Bun was a big hit at our table that evening. Hidden inside the perfectly round golden buns are a filling of Nian Gao or Ninko with desiccated coconut. From hot crispy shells to fluffy bun inside together with the oozy caramelized filling, the buns are a force to be reckoned with as an ending to an opulent meal!

The above Full of Joy Chinese New Year set is priced at RM2288++ per table of 10 person. Tao Chinese Cuisine is also featuring     new dim sum inventions for Chinese New Year enjoyment includes steamed abalone with lobster “Har Kaw” kings (當紅龍蝦鲍鱼蝦餃皇), steamed shrimps mini pumpkin dumplings (咸香小金果), poached sea treasure dumplings in garlic dressing (蚝士海味蒜汁餃) and deep-fried golden mini “ninko” bun (黄金年糕包) priced at RM10++ per portion onwards.

For reservation or more information, please call +6 03 2782 6000 or email foodandbeverage@intercontinental-kl.com.my . Visit us at www.kualalumpurdining.com  for the latest happenings and offerings.

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