January 5, 2015

Manhattan FISH MARKET New Menu

43 New Dishes Swimming To All Manhattan FISH MARKET

It’s the annual menu update for The Manhattan FISH Market and this year, they are giving you 43 reasons to make a visit! This time, get excited over a seafood feast of new and bolder flavours swimming to all the outlet shores of The Manhattan FISH MARKET.

Some of us paid a visit to The Manhattan FISH MARKET at their Mid Valley outlet recently and we were treated to a lovely array of some of the new dishes. The new menu showcases lots of new beverages and new seafood dishes. The Manhattan FISH MARKET takes its inspiration from the Fulton Fish Market in New York, showcasing a large menu of American-style seafood dishes served in a casual dining ambience. We quickly settled in and ordered our drinks.

We ordered Passionate Peach (RM9.90), Melon Breeze (RM9.50), Happiness Infusion (RM9.90) and Citrus Mint (RM9.50). I had the Citrus Mint, a refreshing cooler with lots of minty notes and tangy flavours. My drink goes perfectly well with seafood as it cuts the richness of the seafood.

At The Manhattan FISH MARKET, there are quite a few starters that great for sharing. Besides sharing, there is also a fun element injected in one of their latest new starter called Oyster Roulette (RM14.90). Diners get to play Russian roulette where an order of Oyster Roulette has four poached oyster shooters in shot glass served on ice. One of the four oysters has a higher spiked of spiciness than the other three. Go ahead and dare your other diners to play this food roulette to see if you get the spicier one. I did and frankly I liked it because I love spicy food!

There are also six options of soup and chowder alone in the new menu. We tried their new Farmer Soup (RM5.50/RM6.50) and Cream of Beetroot (RM5.50/RM6.50). The Farmer soup is light cream bisque with lots of vegetables while the Cream of Beetroot is silky smooth with an earthy and lightly tangy note. I happen to prefer the Cream of Beetroot.

A lot of us happen to like this dish a lot and with a name of Fishy Chicky Bang Bang (RM20.90), it’s utterly cute as well. The name of the dish already gave you a hint of its pairing of surf and turf of fish and chicken. Basically, it’s a sandwich of a slice of fish and a slice of chicken with a cheese filling in the middle. Coated with a batter, the Fishy Chicky Bang Bang is deep fried till golden brown and drizzled with more cheese sauce. The dish also comes with a fried egg in a pasta basket and golden French fries. The combo of fish and chicken with cheese works well. You get crispy and softness with a luscious cheesy note in each bite.

Coastal Baked Seafood (RM21.50) is a healthier option as it comes baked in a foil packet. As soon as you open the foil, a delicious creamy aroma escaped from the packet. The package is filled with fish, calamari and scallops all cooked in a savory cream sauce. It comes with the restaurant’s signature Garlic Herb rice and steamed veggies. Make sure to savor this while it’s hot for better flavours since it’s a cream based sauce.

We also tried the Flaming Cheesy Baked Rice (RM20.90), a large piece of flame-grilled dory fillet on a bed of the herb rice and served with a side of steamed veggies. The fish is flame-grilled at your table side. It’s not a surprising factor but it has always been a signature of The Manhattan Fish Market on their famous flame-grilled dishes. This is another healthy full meal that comes with protein, carb and vitamins. There are plenty of other seafood choices for their flamed-grilled section too from various pairings of land and sea. Check out their Da Bomb (RM30.90) featuring prawns, fish and scallops!

From flame-grilled, we moved on and took on the new Sharing Platters of the menu with Volcano Island with Choice of Slipper Lobster (RM57.90) and Fried Giant (RM57.90). There are four choices and these large platters are brimming with seafood ecstasy.

Our Volcano Island has the option of Prawns or Slipper Lobster. Though listed as spicy, it wasn’t as spicy as I would have like it to be. Still, the platter is delicious as there is a good choice of seafood with some battered and fried and some cooked with sauces. Since we opted for the Slipper Lobster, ours came with the Slipper Lobster in Murray curry sauce with some mussels.

The Murray curry name was inspired from Murray Hills in New York where curry is seen on many of the streets. The curry has a lighter note and lacks the robust spices I would have enjoyed. It’s more like a curry broth with a mild note of heat. The slipper lobster was cooked well and is not too bad. I enjoyed the fried scallops very much as they were nicely light and crispy with a tender juiciness. There were also poached fish nuggets coated with a light sweet and spicy sauce and some mussels in tomato sauce which fared well with the rice, veggies and baguette.

The Fried Giant, though all fried, was a better platter for me. Ok, so I am guilty as charge as I love deep fried food but of course it has to be prepared well even if it is deep-fried. The Manhattan FISH MARKET has obviously gotten their fried recipe well as all the seafood were nicely battered with a light coating and deep-fried till golden brown without any oiliness.

This platter is loaded with seafood jewels such as crispy battered prawns, fish fingers, cherry snapper fillets, crispy calamari coated with crushed peanuts, spiced battered onion pieces and served with four sauces of Cajun Honey Mustard, Tartar, Smoky Chipotle and Onion Glory Dip. I had a great moment diving into the sea of deliciousness. There were also steamed veggies and French fries or rice as accompaniments. It’s hard to pick a favorite here as I really enjoyed all the different seafood and sauces together though I was particularly fond of the calamari and onion pieces. This trawler of seafood is value-for-money in my books.

For those who have kids, The Manhattan FISH MARKET also has a kiddie menu. Some of our kids had their Octo-Ghetti Attack (RM9.90) and Chicky Mac and Cheese (RM9.90) there and these also come with drinks. Both served in cute boat plates and the kids polished them off happily.

You might want to save some room for desserts at The Manhanttan FISH MARKET too because they are are also flamin-up their desserts! With quite a few choices, there are desserts for singles and for sharing. We tried three that evening, one flaming-fruity, one sizzling and one crumble.

The Strawberry Flamin-Go (RM8.90) is a fruity sensation of mango pudding, fresh strawberry, chocolate and marshmallow. The dessert is then flame-grilled tableside to melt the marshmallow. There is a lovely fruity sweetness and tangy flavours from both mango and strawberry while the marshmallow and chocolate added richness.

Sizzling Banana Fritters with Ice Cream (RM12.90) was a crowd pleaser, even for a non-banana eater like me. The bananas looked baked with a nice outer layer of caramelized flavours. Once the sizzling platter is served, a side jug of coconut cream sauce is poured over to create a sizzling effect. The dessert is really sinful and delicious as the combo of cold chocolate ice cream and caramelized banana and sweet silky coconut cream is so good!

Our last dessert of the evening was Super Fruit Crumble (RM8.90), featuring vanilla ice cream with apple sauce, layered with crunchy crumble and crowned with dried cranberries. This one was decent but it was a tad too sweet for my palate.

For more details of the The Manhattan FISH MARKET’s latest promotions and all their outlets, contact then at 03 7957 1118 or visit their website and Facebook.



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