July 16, 2012

Rewards2Go: First Free Consolidated Credit Card Privileges Directory App in Malaysia!

Rewards2Go is FREE! Yes, you heard it right… Free!!

In today’s world, we all need credit cards. Credit cards are for conveniences and also for safety. In fact, I admitted to having a few credit cards myself! The reason is simple and clear; I am ‘Kiasu’ in trying to get the best out of these credit card rewards and offers. J

The only thing that I faced at times is not knowing which credit card has better offers or rewards. So in the end, I end up signing up for a few of them just to reap in the best offers around town, whether is for dining, shopping, gasoline, movies and more. Even when I sign up for the few credit cards, I am still at lost with what they offer at times. So are you in the same dilemma as me?

At times, I would visit a store and left only to realize I missed out on an offer or discount. Another situation is always playing Dory about forgetting which restaurants discount offers my credit card has. In the end, I am always pretty bum about it since I tend to miss out the rewards they offer despite having so many credit cards!

Then I learned from a friend about Rewards2Go! It is Malaysia’s first consolidated credit card directory app, launched on 7th July, that allows everyone to access and reap in rewards exclusive to your credit cards to give us the best offers and discounts at any time at one’s conveniences. Admitted to being guilty of always accessing WWW through phone and electronic devices, one can now put another plus point of using WWW to access Rewards2Go app at anytime and anywhere!

Its endless possibilities with Rewards2Go! I can search Shopping, Dining, Entertainment, Hotels and more with a few clicks.

Rewards2Go allows one to search by Bank and Credit Card, Merchant or Category. I can deep dive into details, make comparison, check out trends and ensure I use the best suitable credit card for the best rewards. It’s Not Rocket Science!

No manual calculation, memory or effort required as the app does everything for me. J

Even when I am not shopping or dining, and I happen to see a special discount or offer, I can also bookmark the offer or discount for quick and easy or future references… pretty cool! To me, it’s a big advantage as shopping, dining or traveling should be a relaxing activity. One should not be stressed up about always trying to get the best deal with the many offers around. With the brilliant app of Rewards2Go, it certainly makes my life more simple, fun and relaxing!

In a nutshell, Rewards2Go app is here to make life simple, fun and getting the best rewards for everyone’s favorite activities! All you need to do is download the app and access the user friendly app for the best offers from your list of credit cards.

Don’t forget, the app is FREE and is currently available in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Be one of the first few to check out this app and maximize it towards your advantage!

Can’t Find Your Credit Card in Rewards2Go?

Rewards2Go will constantly be updated according to the latest offers. Additional Banks and Credit Cards privileges will be added to the list soon.
Fast, Easy and Convenient, one can even say Rewards2Go is Your Ideal Companion!!

Where can you get Rewards2Go App?

Rewards2go can be downloaded from app store by searching “Rewards2go” or http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/rewards2go/id529431458?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D2

For information on Rewards2Go at http://ai.my/rewards2go.php


  1. Hehe...I've downloaded this App...and getting ready to use it whenever I needed a guide!

  2. I can't get it from my Android >.<

  3. I love spending credit card points.

  4. thumbs up!!! :) thanks for this info!!