July 23, 2012

La Maison, Silka Maytower Hotel and Serviced Residences: Savor Kampung Style Ramadhan Buffet in the Heart of the City!

Let’s Balik Kampung with a Spread of Authentic Malay Dishes at La Maison!

Tourists and city folks will be able to enjoy a delightful assortment of authentic Kampung-style food fare right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur at La Maison, Silka Maytower Hotel & Serviced Residences this Ramadan month. With the hotel’s culinary team preparing more than 90 dishes inspired from the traditional and home-cooked “buka puasa” cuisine, everyone can look forward to a pleasing array of distinctive Ramadan Buffet available daily throughout the month.

Dressed in themed with Kampung, the spread of scrumptious curries and kerabu was tempting at sight!

Charging straight for the kerabus, I spied Acar Timun dan Nenas, Beef Salad, Acar Rampai, Kerabu Taugeh and Kerabu Ikan Kembung. Lots of spices and herbs detected, making the kerabus appetizing and refreshing. Flavors are a myriad of sweet, sour, savory and spicy. I am particularly fond of the Beef Salad and Kerabu Ikan Kembung.

Pasembur with Kuah Kacang was another lovely starter. Since I am a big fan of peanut sauce, I really enjoyed the beautiful nutty sauce with the fritters and vegetables.

A must at any Ramadhan Buffet, Kambing Panggang roasted to perfection! Marinated with lots of traditional Malay spices and herbs, the lamb was tender without the gamey scent. One of the popular dishes at La Maison!

Sup Tulang Lembu echoed the infamous Sup Gearbox, where loads of flavors are simmered from the beef bones for hours. Love the spiced up soup with fried shallots, and coriander. Simply soul food, especially for Berbuka Puasa!

Check out the Chef’s Special Curries of Asam Pedas with assorted variations! From seafood to meat and oxtail, the Asam Pedas flavors are tangy and spicy. I kept refilling my rice in order to find an excuse to enjoy the gravy. All the curries, served in claypots kept hot, are loaded with lots of vegetables like long beans, eggplant, tomato, onion and even pineapples. Yum!!

Next, I hit the arrays of assorted Ketupat and Lemang section served with scrumptious Serunding and Rendangs. A plus point was that the Lemang and Ketupat was kept hot and soft under a steamer. I thoroughly enjoyed it with the tasty Serunding and the superb Beef Rendang. Chicken Rendang was also present. The rendangs here are redolent of hours of simmering coconut milk and spices till the gravy was thick and creamy with an aroma of spices. A must have in my books!

Besides the above, there is also Ikan Keli Masak Berlada, fried catfish in chili and pepper.

Daging Salai Masak Lemak Cili Padi was another favourite as this creamy beefy curry was a beautiful masterpiece echoing its popular Rendang siblings. This one is more creamy and mild in flavors.

Ayam Goreng Berempah was a hit as this dish was quickly finished by guests that night. Juicy fried chicken marinated with spices was unbelievably good!

Taking top spot in the popularity stakes is Udang Masak Percik! Not a big fan of crustaceans, I found myself enjoying this repeatedly several times. The prawns were fresh and firm while the flavours were savoury and aromatic. Not too spicy and redolent of spices, I find this highly addictive that night!

Desserts were a simple list of classics with Bubur Nangka and Bubur Cha Cha stealing the limelight. Simple fruits, local kuihs, tarts, cakes and dates provided a decent finish to the meal. In between watching the chefs “live” at the cooking stations, there will also be a tempting spread of local Malay snacks, desserts and kuihs, including Seri Muka, Kuih Talam, Pulut Panggang and Kuih Tepung Pelita, with some of these only available during the Ramadan season. After a hearty meal, sit back and relish the freshly brewed coffee and tea, or savour the air cincau, teh tarik, soya bean and sugar cane beverages.

La Maison Restaurant Ramadhan Buffet

RM75 ++ per person (Adult), and RM30 ++ per person (Child)

50% discount for the first seven (7) days and last seven (7) days of the Ramadan month.
          50% discount for senior citizens (55 years and above)

For tourists and guests eager to experience the true sense of Ramadan - the food, culture and shopping - Silka Maytower Hotel & Serviced Residences is offering a Ramadan Room Promotion from 21 July – 18 August 2012, with standard room rate of RM130.00++ per room night and deluxe room for an additional RM30.00 ++ both inclusive of Sahur meals for 2 persons.

For reservations, kindly contact: +603-2692 9298, or email: reservation.maytower@silkahotel.com.

LA MAISON RESTAURANT (certified halal)
Silka Maytower Hotel & Serviced Residences
7, Jalan Munshi Abdullah,
50100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
T: +603 2693 2690 
F: +603 2693 2725


  1. Oh? Rooms are cheap but I'm not too crazy about the location. Buffet's ok...everything looks like they's pretty much the same but cheaper than many hotels, that's something at least.

  2. I'm a big fan of peanut sauce too - that one looks delicious.