January 8, 2012

Zuan Yuan, One World Hotel: A Feast of Chinese New Year Menus and Festive Lunar Dim Sum!

Usher in the Water Dragon year with a list of auspicious Yee Sangs, Set Menus & Dim Sum in the month of January and February at Zuan Yuan, One World Hotel!

One can expect nothing but the best at Zuan Yuan, a restaurant that showcases brilliant offerings with innovative themes each month. The restaurant has a great aura of simplicity and elegant with gorgeous chandeliers, classic ambience and private rooms to cater to all functions.

Here’s a sneak peak of Zuan Yuan’s Dragon Feast Set Menus priced from RM988++ per table of 8 – 10 persons.  Feast on auspiciously named dishes that will herald in prosperity, wealth, health and all good things in life.  

The obligatory Yee Sang has Zuan Yuan’s chef Michael featuring Yee Sang with Polo Clam, Shredded Sweet Turnip in Truffle Oil. A dish of east meets west, the mélange of shredded fresh and pickled vegetables, crispy pastry combined with polo clams or surf clams are fusion with the luxurious truffle oil.

I cannot help but stared at the stunning polo clams jazzed up with lime to bring out the flavors!

Chef Michael gets everything ready for our toss!

Isn’t it amazing when some people can toss the Yee Sang and take photos at the same time? J

Time to play with our food… of course the higher, the better! A significant sign of more health, wealth, prosperity and great things to come… Lou Hei, Lou HeiJ

I am going to have to be biased on this dish because I simply love polo clams! A nice touch as the Yee Sang has all the essential crispy and bouncy textures against the finely julienned vegetables. Sweet and sour flavors are nicely balanced with the addition of perfumed truffle oil! Yum…

This dish of Poached Village Chicken with Pickled Radish and Chili make looked simple but taste very warm and comforting. The pieces of chicken are very tender and smooth. I am not a fan of the skin but I enjoyed it a lot in this dish. The sprinkling of pickled radish and the supreme soy sauce perked up the simple poached chicken tremendously. I had to order a bowl of white rice for this dish simply because the sauce was just too irresistible.

‘Nien Nien You Yue’ defines the must for fish during this festive season, therefore, one will see an order fish on every table to represent the meaning of abundance in everything in life! Steamed Red Grouper with ‘Medan’ Sauce was our dish that night and the whole dish was auspiciously red in color. I was expecting a heavy sauce but surprisingly it was not. Light in consistency with a nice balance of spicy, sweet and sour, the sauce also begged for rice!

Here comes the laughter in 2012 with Wok Fried Butter Tiger Prawns with Papaya and Milk! Sunshine of prettily arranged tiger prawns coated in a creamy and luscious butter sauce fused with papaya and milk. This explained the gorgeous colors of the sauce and the lightness of the sauce with the usage of papaya for the added fruity touch. I saw XiangCool smiling a lot at this dish!! See how effective it is?

Stewed Mixed Vegetable in Bean Curd Parcel with Dried Oyster and Sea Moss represents a mountain of hidden treasures of beneath the bean curd skin sounded by a sea of green broccolis.

A dish filled with the precious array of dried oysters, fatt choy, carrots, corn and lotus seed, the flavors were gentle and light. I like the mixed of vegetables as I always felt that most set menus did not include enough vegetables.

Yee Sang Menu

Yee Sang with Seaweed & Assorted Fresh Fruits RM55++ (half portion) RM110++ (full portion)
Yee Sang with Salmon & Shredded Sweet Turnip RM70++ (half portion) RM140++ (full portion)
Yee Sang with Salmon & Shredded Sweet Turnip In Truffle Oil RM85++ (half portion) RM170++ (full portion)
Yee Sang with Sliced Abalone & Snow Pear RM90++ (half portion) RM180++ (full portion)

Do check out other set menus available at the restaurant as the above was only a small selection. Chef Michael’s dishes are definitely noteworthy and all his dishes have a good balance of lightness in flavors. Check out some of his other features from previous promotions here and here!

There is even a Festive Lunar Dim Sum available from 23rd Jan to 12th Feb to those who wish to enjoy a ‘Yum Cha’ session with family and friend! Festive Lunar Dim Sum is only available once a year from 23 January till 12 February. 

Revel in savory and sweet creations such as Steamed Seafood Dumpling with Herbal Ginseng Soup and Shark’s Fin, Steamed Shanghai Siew Loong Pau with Crab Roe and Meat, Steamed Glutinous Rice with Chicken, Pacific Clam, Mushroom and Abalone Sauce in Lotus Leaf, Steamed Beijing ‘Sui Gao’ with “Loong Cheng” Tea, Steamed “Fen Guo’ with Assorted Vegetable, Deep-Fried Prawn Spring Roll with Australian Scallop, Oven-Baked Puff Pastry with Lotus Paste and Salted Egg Yolk and Double-Boiled Almond Juice with Bird’s Nest. Available for lunch only and priced at RM 13++ per portion.

Zuan Yuan remains open on the eve of Lunar New Year and throughout the fifteen days of the Lunar New Year.

For reservations at Zuan Yuan, please call 603-7681 1159.

Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant
Lobby Floor, One World Hotel
First Avenue
Bandar Utama City Centre
47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7681-1159

Business hours:
Monday to Friday:
Lunch 12.00 noon to 2.30 pm
Dinner 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday:
Lunch 11.00 am to 2.30 pm
Dinner 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm

*Thanks to May and Sid for the invite!


  1. loved the Stewed Mixed Vegetable in Bean Curd Parcel with Dried Oyster and Sea Moss. The gravy is simply awesome and calls for a bowl of rice:D

  2. lol.. macam mana tu Lou Sang with camera in hand?? not compact camera but DSLR lagi tu! Caya lah!

    Love the chandelier! beautiful... the food looks so good too. One World is very near my place so this sounds like a plan for this coming CNY :D

  3. Yummy polo clams...n beautiful pictures too.

  4. using polo clams instead of salmon for the yee sang is definitely better there :) hmm, but how come i didnt see any braised soup / shark fins there

    Latest: From buffet to bubble milk tea; Creative JOGOYA!

  5. Missyblurkit: you always love vegetable dishes.. I notice! :)

    Merryn: canggih hor! I also salute them... :0)

    Edmund Teh: tq tq

    Fish: we didnt had any shark fin that night.. hehe

    Nikel: yep.. I sucked the prawns dry... :P