January 14, 2012

Ee Chinese Cuisine, Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya: Toss for the Glorious Advent of the Dragon year with a Gastronomic Menu!

A Soup Worthy of the Dragon Year!

I have been indulging in a series of unforgettable Chinese New Year feast and I can vouch that no dishes or even Yee Sang is identical along my journey. Every chef has their signature dishes and my latest one is at Ee Chinese Cuisine at Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya!

In celebration of the Dragon year that promises success and fortune to all, let’s usher into the year with an abundance delectable menu from Chef Yong Kam Wah at Ee Chinese Cuisine. Serving authentic Cantonese cuisine and Dim Sum, it is my first time at Ee Chinese Cuisine and I was warmly greeted into the oriental theme restaurant upon arrival.

Dressed in traditional colors of red and gold, a series of dark and light wood furniture contrasted against white table clothes and an oriental rug of red and gold swirls reflected the ambience at the restaurant.  

The restaurant has quite a few private rooms and the one that we dined were large enough to accommodate 14 people. As we waited for others to arrive, I glazed at the pair of long chopsticks sitting parallel against the regular one and can’t help but to wonder what the Yee Sang here taste like!

There were some condiments on the table as per norm but what caught my eyes was the plate of Crispy Salmon Skin. How can I resist? J

Upon everyone’s arrival, we were quickly served the Prosperous Salmon Yee Sang! Be in for a surprise as Chef Yong offers six delicious combinations of Yee Sang ranging from luxurious Sliced Abalone Yee Sang, Japanese Scallops & Rice Crackers Yee Sang to White Tuna or Salmon & Rice Cracker Yee Sang. What a treat!

Thick slices of omega-rich salmon looked as glorious as can be!

Chef Yong featured his Yee Sang with a special Strawberry Sauce to add another dimension of a fruity sensation to the dish!

If you looked closely, the Yee Sang also has a special ‘Mai Chang’ or Rice Crackers to give the dish an extra crunch factor… J

And here we go again… J. Happy smiley faces all around hoping for plenty of wishes to come through for the year!!

I like the fact that the salmon slices were thick and fresh while the combination of the ingredients is fairly light and sweet in taste.

If there is one dish to rave about from Chef Yong’s menu is the Doubled-Boiled Shark’s Bone with Deluxe Shark’s Fin and Fish Maw. Chef Yong has managed to extract all the flavors of the shark bones with long hours of simmering, so much so that the broth has a luscious, creamy and gelatinous consistency. The essence of seafood is highly notable in the broth thus making this collagen rich, which is the secret to a youthful complexion. The presence of the lip-smacking fish maw and shark’s fin intensify the opulence of this course. A few strands of bean sprouts added some textures to the broth. I made extra care to polish off every drop of the broth… J

The precious broth truly shines and I really don’t mind enjoying the broth alone without other ingredients… a masterpiece!

Stir-Fried Prawns with Seasonal Green and Scallop Roll was a lovely interpretation of a fancy presentation. Large prawn balls were lightly stir-fried with asparagus, carrots and macadamia nuts that showcased its natural sweetness. I adored the scallop roll as scallop chunk and paste were wrapped with finely shredded phyllo pastry and fried to a crunch. The scallop was sweet while the crispy wrapping provided a lovely contrast among the dollop of flying fish roes. One scallop roll is not enough… hehehe!

I was told that the restaurant only uses free range chickens fed on cereal and corn as the meat is firm while the skin exudes a nice tinge of color from the food. Steamed ‘Qing Yuan’ Village Chicken was soaked in a light herbal broth to add more flavors to the chook. I had a nice piece of breast and the meat was certainly tender but firm with a bite. Moist and juicy, the chicken had great flavors and I would have certainly enjoyed the broth with white rice!

For the fish course, we savored an extremely lavish fish of Steamed Century Garoupa Traditional Style. The cost of the whole fish sometimes lead to a five figure number and as the size of the fish is huge; it is customary to only serve a portion of the fish only. Infamous for having a thick and almost gelatinous skin, a few of us were fighting for extra pieces of the skin. Sauced with a traditional soy sauce and topped with white shredded spring onions and coriander, the meat of the fish was firm but the flavors were well balanced.

The next dish of Braised Dried Seafood Bag with Broccoli got mixed reviews. My neighbor loved it while I thought the inari or bean curd skin was a bit too sweet for the braised seafood. The thick sea cucumber and dried oyster were superb though as they were infused with the flavors of the savory sauce and heighten with crisp shredded dried scallops and black moss.

It’s the time of the year where waxed meat is featured on most tables. In our case, we had a very delectable looking plate of Assorted Waxed Meat that consists of Chinese sausages, waxed duck, waxed pork belly and Chinese liver sausages!

I think the abundance of the waxed meat outnumbered the amount of rice in the Claypot Rice with Waxed Meat!

Rice was well flavored and of the grainy kind. My dear Esther kindly donated more Chinese liver sausages to me which I gladly accepted with glee… J

At last, our meal had to end but it ended with two desserts that oozed a warm feeling of home desserts. Sweetened Red Bean Soup and Sesame Ball reminded me of traditional desserts that one enjoy within the comfort of one’s family homes. The red bean was fairly thick with a combination of smooth and chunky textures from the tender beans. Not too sweet but just nice for a warm ending! I like the crispy and chewy sesame balls that were filled chunky peanut paste! An ardent fan of peanut, this was perfect for me… J

Another evening to be remembered, do head out to Ee Chinese Cuisine at Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya to savor this gastronomic menu during these festive months! The Reunion set menu starts from RM 1388++ and RM1788++ for a table of 10 persons. As for the price of RM 2288++ for a table of 10, guests will be in for a treat as Ee Chinese Cuisine will present diners of this set menu with a special gift, to make a night to be remembered. Ee also have set menu options for smaller group; Rm 518++ per table of 4 persons and RM 818++ per table of 6 persons. 

For more enquiries, please call 603 - 7628 7338.

Ee Chinese Cuisine
Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya
13, Jalan 16/11, Pusat Dagang Seksyen 16,
46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel: +603 7665 1111; Fax: +603 7665 9999

*Thanks to the team of Eastin for the fabulous preview!


  1. It's a memorable night indeed! Good food, great people!

  2. The only thing that I fascinate is .......the tong sui...>.< *blush* heheehhe!

  3. Seriously craving for the soup now...

  4. Ooo, the crispy salmon skin dish is rather unique for me.. nom nom!