January 13, 2012

Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant, ParkRoyal Kuala Lumpur: A Bountiful Chinese New Year Feast to Usher in the Dragon Year!

Still looking for a Chinese New Year feast to celebrate with families and friends?

Call me lucky already? My sixth Lou Sang as we usher into a new cycle year of the Water Dragon and this round had me visiting Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant at Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur!

I had raved for my cravings of Szechuan Cuisine since the initial post of my blog hence one would know how much I absolutely love Szechuan dishes. My first time at Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant and I can certainly admit that I am hooked already. Find out why as you read on… J

The restaurant was dressed in an elegant ambience with quite a few antique ornaments to portray its authentic and traditional vision. What I do find fascinating is the collection of long sprout tea pots in copper displayed around the restaurant! If you had seen how the art of the long sprout tea pot is performed, you would be amazed just like me. There is a tea master at Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant that performs this tea art but to my luck, he was not available that day. One requires a lot of skill to manipulate the tea pot and there are even several styles of this art!

At Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant, Chef Chew Chee Kuong has created lavish feasts of auspicious set menus with significant symbolic meanings to bring in good fortune and luck for the New Year. Armed with a list of eight variations of Yee Sang, one can only imagine how luscious and extravagant the feast can be!

To mark the beginning of a fulfilling and prosperous New Year feast, we started our feast with a stunning platter of Tropical Fruit Yee Sang. After savoring quite a few Yee Sang this year, I must admit that this version had me giving several thumbs up to Chef Chew in his ingenious thoughts of keeping Yee Sang as healthy and refreshing as can be without the usual raw seafood.

Strawberries, kiwis, dragon fruit, honeydew, mango and water apples are just a few to name the delectable ingredients in the tropical dish. The kaleidoscope of colors is just amazing to set your eyes on right before savoring it!

Coupled with the usual ‘Pok Chui’, sesame seed and fruity sauce, everyone had a great time tossing the Yee Sang while shouting ‘Lou Hei, Lou Hei’! This is always such a thrilling moment as some ask for health and wealth while others (like me) ask for food!! He he he… J

Flavors? One word summarized this Yee Sang for me… Outstanding! Fresh and vibrant, the taste was extremely light, sweet and redolent from the combination of the fruits. A slight hint of red onions also perfected the Yee Sang in a lovely way. I certainly wouldn’t mind enjoying this Yee Sang over and over again!!

The next course was a Braised Mini Shark’s Fin with Sea Treasure in Butter Cream Superior Stock. A mouthful of title and ingredients, everyone (except for those who do not take Shark’s Fin) simply adored this tremendously!

The broth was indeed luxurious and had great depth while cubes of seafood like sea cucumber, crab meat and scallop filled in the component for textures. Silky smooth, the thickness was also nice as I gently mixed the swirl of butter cream to the superior broth. An ardent fan of black vinegar, I am proud to say that I didn’t need it that night for this soup… that’s how good the soup is! J

This is no ordinary chicken but rather a small spring chicken being featured in Steamed Fried Spring Chicken with Chinese Herbs and Sea Moss. Aged from two to ten months old, spring chicken may be smaller in size but it yields a very tender and delicate meat. Fried and steamed with a brown gravy of Chinese herbs, the flavors are comforting and simply begged for a bowl of white rice. I may not be a spring chicken anymore but this one is fabulous!!

Wok Baked Sea Grouper Fish with ‘Lao Gan Ma’ and Sichuan Chili Bean Paste sounds intriguing as I wonder what ‘Lao Gan Ma’ was. With the ever trusted Google, I found out that its actually my favorite Sichuan chili sauce, Lao Gan Ma Spicy Chili Crisp bottled sauce! Chef Chew has cleverly blended a subtle dollop of this sauce against black beans with cubes of onions and peppers to contrast against the soft flaky grouper. Yum yum…

The quintessential ‘Ha’ in our feast was a charming Butter Prawns with Fragile Oatmeal. Fresh and bouncy prawn balls were crisp and coated with a creamy spicy and sweet sauce while flakes of oatmeal crowned the crustacean. As the prawns were de-shelled, the level of enjoyment was definitely upped as one does not have to deal with the messy action before enjoying this crustacean.

For the entrée of Fried Rice with Seafood and Pumpkin, a platter of fragrant rice is embedded with cubes of golden pumpkins nestled between prawns and crab meat. Pumpkin is another must as the Chinese name signifies gold hence the addition of the gold nuggets are simply a beautiful sight while sweet flavors are another plus point. Simple and delightful!

Besides the luscious array of Chinese New Year dishes, we also savored the following dishes and desserts that are available at Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant in their regular menu.

I fell head-over-heels with Boiled Sliced Beef in Sichuan Pepper Sauce!! In fact, I wanted to hog this whole dish to myself that night. Whenever I go to a Sezchuan restaurant, this is a must-order dish for me and I enjoyed it with fish, pork or beef! The dish reeks of cholesterol with its amount of oil but the version here is surprisingly well- controlled as there is less oil than the norm.

Ask other foodies present that night as they watch me flooded my rice bowl with the savory spicy sauce in delight. Truly spicy with the expected numbness on my lips from the Sichuan peppercorns, the version here is divine! Certainly a dish not for the faint hearted but would anyone care to join me for this indulgence? J

Featured are some snacks that we had before our feast started as some of the foodies were early that night. I didn’t had any but I was told by Xiang that the Pang Pang Chicken was to-die-for!

Desserts are a must and there is quite a long list of desserts on regular basis at Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant.

Ranking my top favorite on the list is their signature Home-Made Fine Bean Curd with Wolfberry (RM8). The ‘Tau Fu Fa’ is made in-house and is exquisite with an ultra soft and smooth texture. Healthy wolfberry sugar syrup is poured to jazzed up the bean curd! Others savored Sweetened Ginseng with Gingko Nut and Red Date (RM12), Sweetened Water Chestnut with White Fungus (RM10), Chilled Honey Dew Melon with Sago (RM10) and Chilled Sea Coconut with Ginseng and Dried Longan (RM10). A fairly light Pancake with Red Bean Paste (RM15) completed our dessert!

Si Chuan Dou Hua serves a subtle Eight Treasure Tea to wash away the impurities of the meal!

Now you know why I am hooked! A menu filled with an array of Szechuan dishes that exuded a surprising delicate flavors in some dishes really showcased how well control each dish is. Flavors are well balanced and spiciness of certain dishes can be toned down by informing the staff. Quality is another plus point that showed how refine the dishes are at Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant. I am also told that there is another Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant in Singapore at the Parkroyal Hotel there!

Enjoy bountiful feast with Si Chuan Dou Hua specially prepared set meals. There is the 'Chinese New Year' set priced at RM688++ for 4 people and RM888++ for 6 people. For a group of 10 people, the restaurant offers the 'Prosperity', 'Fortune' and 'Wealth' sets priced from RM998++ onwards. For the health conscious diners, there is also a Vegetarian set menu at RM898++ per table of 10 people. 


Prosperity Set Menu
RM 998++ per table of 10 people

长寿顺利生        吞拿鱼捞生
Prosperity Tuna Yee Sang with Condiments

龍皇迎新禧        蟹黄花胶海参鱼唇
Braised Shark’s Fin Soup with Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber and Fish Lips

富貴顯鳳凰     贵童子鸡
Steamed Fried Spring Chicken with Chinese Herbs and Sea Moss

年年大有余        豆瓣酱蒸巴丁
Steamed Live Patin Fish with Green Chilli and Sichuan Spicy Sauce

龙年慶团圆           奶油麦片蝦
Butter Prawn with Oatmeal

好市就发财      绿 双菇 蚝士发菜
Braised Black, White Mushroom, Dried Oyster with Green Vegetables

财源滚滚来         酸辣银鱼仔炒飯
Hot and Sour Fried Rice with Silver Anchovies

合家大团圆           姜茶滑汤丸
Glutinous Rice Dumpling Filled with Candied Ginger


Fortune Set Menu
RM 1198++ per table of 10 People

魚躍龍門         软壳蟹珍珠翅撈生
Pearl Shark’s Fin, Soft Shell Crab Yee Sang with Condiments

大展鴻圖翅        奶油海宝迷你翅
Braised Mini Shark’s Fin with Sea Treasure
in Butter Cream Superior Stock

富貴顯鳳凰          麻辣蒸白

Steamed Chicken with Sichuan Pepper and Chilli

魚樂報春暉      泡椒豆瓣筍殼魚

Steamed Bamboo Fish with Garlic and Preserved Chilli Sauce

金玉满堂红          漁香焗鮮蝦
Wok-fried Crispy Prawns with Spicy Bean Sauce

心想万事成         花胶海參鲍片
Braised Fish Maw, Sliced Abalone, Sea Cucumber with Black Moss

吉祥又如意          鸡肠仔炒飯
Fried Rice with Chicken Sausage

金銀夜明珠       杏仁露湯丸
Hot Sweetened Almond with Glutinous Rice Dumpling

步步又高昇         芝麻炸年糕
Deep-fried Sweetened Glutinous Rice Cake with Sesame Seeds


Wealth Set Menu
RM 1398++ per table of 10 people

包您齊撈生       雪梨 鲍鱼撈生
Sliced Abalone, Snow Pear Yee Sang
with Assorted Shredded and Condiments

龙戏凤      鲍片乌鸡干贝 花胶香菇翅
Double-Boiled Mini Supreme Shark’s Fin Soup, Sliced Abalone with Black Chicken,
Dry Scallop and Fish Maw

富貴顯鳳凰     贵童子鸡
Steamed Fried Spring Chicken with Chinese Herbs and Sea Moss

一帆好风顺        豆瓣蒸星斑
Steamed Star Grouper with ‘Tau Pan’ Sichuan Sauce

万子千紅堂     鸳鸯鲜虾
Two Varieties of Prawn
Wok-fried and Stir-Fried Prawn

富貴好事來         冬菇海參花膠蚝士
Braised Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw
with Black Mushrooms and Dried Oyster

Fried Rice with Seafood and Dried Scallops

馬到就功成         香芒 雪耳馬蹄
Chilled Mango & Chestnut with White Fungus and Sago

步步又高昇       絲炸年糕
Deep-Fried Chinese New Year Cake Coated in Desiccated Coconut


Vegetarian Set Menu
RM 898++ per table of 10 people

仙女齊撈生       鲜果撈生
Assorted Shredded Fresh Fruit Yee Sang with Condiments

調又雨順        海味素翅
Braised Vegetarian Shark’s Fin with Sea Treasure

包你好发财     鲍鱼發菜蠔士时蔬
Braised Vegetarian Abalone, Oyster and Black Moss
with Vegetables

万事皆如意       宫保素鱼
Stir-Fried Vegetarian Fish with ‘Gong Bao’ Style

賀仙姑     莲生拌水芹香
Stir-Fried Fresh Celery with Lotus Root, Mushroom
and Black Fungus

遍地黄金        鱼香鲜鲍
Wok-Fried Fresh Abalone Mushroom
with Ginger and Sichuan ‘Tau Pan’ Sauce

金銀聚寳盆        香港芥炒香飯
Fried Rice with Hong Kong Kailan

合家大团圆           姜茶滑汤丸
Glutinous Rice Dumpling Filled with Candied Ginger


Yee Sang

Half Portion                     Full Portion

Abalone Yee Sang                              RM 128++                      RM 228++
Superior Shark’s Fin Yee Sang              RM 118++                      RM 228++
Salmon Yee Sang                               RM 88++                        RM 138++
Yellow Fin Tuna Yee Sang                    RM 98++                        RM 148++
Soft Shell Crab Yee Sang                     RM 78++                        RM 128++
Jelly Fish Yee Sang                            RM 60++                        RM 98++
Pacific Clams Yee Sang                        RM 68++                        RM 108++
Tropical Fruit Yee Sang                      RM 55++                        RM 88++

On the Side

Superior Shark’s Fin                             RM 88++
Sliced Abalone                                    RM 98++
Soft Shell Crab                                   RM 48++
Salmon                                              RM 58++
Yellow Fin Tuna                                  RM 68++

Pacific Clams                                      RM 38++

Jellyfish                                             RM 30++
Unagi                                                RM 48++


Chinese New Year Set Menu

RM 688 ++ for 4 people

四季都吉祥   海蜇捞生
Jelly Fish Yee Sang

金玉龍液   龙皇海鲜
Braised Shark`s Fin Broth with Assorted Sea Food

万事既如意       日式炸雪
Deep-Fried Cod Fish with Wasabi Sauce

富貴又发财       鲍贝海參鱼肚蚝士发菜
Braised Pacific Clams, Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw with Dried Oyster
with Sea Moss

满屋    金果海炒香
Fried Rice with Seafood and Pumpkin

年步高昇    莲藕炸年糕
Deep- Fried Glutinous Rice Cake Balls with Lotus Root


Chinese New Year Set Menu

RM 888 ++ for 6 People

顺顺利鱼  三文鱼捞生
Salmon Fish Yee Sang

展鴻圖   蟹黄蟹肉带子
Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Scallop, Crab Meat and Crab Roe

富貴顯鳳凰    贵童子鸡
Steamed Fried Spring Chicken with Chinese Herbs and Sea Moss

鸿运有余余     香辣蒸海斑
Wok Baked Sea Grouper Fish with ‘Lao Gan Ma’
and Sichuan Chilli Bean Paste

花田既好事    花胶蚝士发菜
Braised Fish Maw Black Moss and Mushrooms with Vegetables

满屋    金果海鲜炒香饭
Fried Rice with Seafood and Pumpkin

金銀拌       红豆沙湯丸
Hot Sweetened Red Bean Puree with Glutinous Rice Dumpling


Prevailing government tax and service charge applicable

For reservations or enquiries, please call +603 2782 8303 or email douhua.prkul@parkroyalhotels.com

Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant
PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2782 8301

*Thanks to Mei Lan for the invite!


  1. that was one awesome spring chicken that carried no tales of being fried at all. superbly tender with the light herbal gravy that went so well with rice:D

  2. the signature dessert looks so promising, dou hua and goji berry must have tasted really good :)

  3. The boiled sliced beef is something to-die-for for me! Love MAX!