September 6, 2011

Hope, Faith and Pray for D.

It’s been more than a week since my last update. My whole last week turned upside down for me due to personal reasons and I was lost. My world had never been this down and my son who means the world to me was having health issues. He is getting better in some ways but there are still test results to be revealed.

What I would give up in my life for the assurance of having my son safe and sound is my desperate prayer for now. My life would mean nothing to me without him and all I can do now is Hope for Faith and Pray that everything will turn out positive.

Thank you to those who are with me through this. I will return soon…

Sept 8, 2011
Update: I have been blessed! Test results for my son have shown positive improvements and he is definitely on the road to recovery. Thank you to everyone for their well wishes and prayers for D.

As always… Hope, Faith & Pray has once again proof to me what life is all about.

Never lose Hope
Always have Faith
Continue to Pray

P/S: Watch out for my post coming later this evening! J


  1. Don't worry my dear, he will be ok very soon, really soon... *lots of hugs*

  2. Be strong and he will get well soon :))))

  3. Pray that little D will get well soon. You too, must take good care of urself. see u real soon :)

  4. Glad to know that lil D is getting better today and the test result is a good one :)

  5. Dear Ken, CY, Cherry, Yvon, Nikel & Merryn,

    Thank you to everyone for all your encouragement and wishes, the words were definately my wall of support during the period.

    D is definately recovering and doctor has ruled out the negative issues for him.

    Big big hugs to all!!