September 18, 2011

Wing Hiong Bah Kut Teh @ Equine Park, Seri Kembangan: Porcine Haven with a Seafood Twist!

Do you crave for BKT but your other half or family doesn’t?
Are you a fan of BKT and seafood dishes?

If your answer is yes, then head on over to Wing Hiong @Equine Park, Seri Kembangan!! J

Bah Kut Teh or Bak Kut Teh or BKT, whatever tickles your fancy, has garnered quite a loyal fan of followers throughout the years. Ardent fans swear by their own favorite flavors and taste of BKT from the many variations available today. Usually, BKT sellers focus specifically on selling the many parts (and spare parts) of the hog braised in the herbal soup for many hours. Today, this is not the case anymore as I had just discovered Wing Hiong BKT located at Seri Kembangan that offers more than just BKT! Now Wing Hiong is a BKT chain to those BKT lovers out there but each chain do features additional specialties of the owner as I was told.

Thanks to the lovely Yvonne again, our foodie gang was introduced to this branch that features quite a wide spread of scrumptious dishes that should guarantee to satisfy everyone in a typical family of different food preferences. 

The restaurant has a wide and spacious dining area as it occupies an end lot. Similar to the chain’s décor, dining at Wing Hiong is al fresco but there are plenty of fans to keep us cool. Bright and minimal décor, the whole restaurant had a comfy feel as it was clean and neat. The kitchen is open, so one can see how they run their operations.  Walls are adorned with pictures of their specialties and prices. Basically, it’s the type of restaurant that says “what you see is what you get!”

Starting off our meal was the mandatory Wing Hiong BKT (RM 12 per person). We savored a mixture of meats and parts of the hog served bubbling hot in a claypot. It was filled with chock full of tender meat, “spare parts”, button mushrooms, beancurd puff and dried beancurd sheet. The crucial soup was braised till medium thick consistency with a dark hue. Flavor wise, the soup had a good body and decent robust herbal flavors.

Check out the herbal soup as you can see how deep and thick the soup looks for the house BKT.

We also tried the Bowl Style BKT (RM11 per person) with several parts of the pork. I prefer the claypot has it kept the soup warm. As this is a fairly medium thick soup, I would recommend ordering the claypot so that the soup does not get too sticky when it gets cold.

Reading from my past post, you would know I am addicted to dry style BKT. Wing Hiong’s Dry Claypot BKT (RM13 per person) was pure satisfaction for me! Pork cooked till thick and dry, the BKT was also loaded with lots of dried chilies, okras and dried squids. A good balance of slight spiciness contrasting against slightly sweet and savory flavors, the BKT was cooked very well with a lovely aroma of the dried squid. This one faired top notch for me as it passed all my criteria for a sumptuous dry BKT!! J

This dish surprised me! Dry Claypot Sting Ray (RM18 per person) was cooked in similar style as the Dry Claypot BKT. I have to give credits to the cook as this is really delicious with sting ray. Everything melded together really well and the firm fish was superb with the dry and thick dark sauce.

Pork Tendon BKT (RM15) looks good though I never taste it because tendon is not my cup of tea!

Chicken Feet (RM8) braised till tender was praised by another foodie. Looks good to me as the whole feet is well braised but still kept its shape!

Don’t be fool by this simple looking Claypot Spicy BKT Lala (RM18 small). It packs quite a punch with the added peppery goodness to the soup! Round of approvals from everyone for this dish!!

For other dishes besides BKT, we started off with a lovely Claypot Vinegar Pork Feet (RM 14 small) which was a bit oily for me. Flavor was a good balance of the sweet and sour vinegar boosted by bits of ginger. I flooded my rice with the sauce despite the oil as I love sour flavors.

Claypot Ginger Yellow Wine Chicken (RM15) was another superb dish. Homemade ginger yellow wine made by the owner’s mother, this was a ‘oh-my-goodness-can’t-stop-eating’ dish for me! I think I was the only one who cleaned out the soup which was bursting with strong wine and ginger flavors. The oil on top is sesame oil which the owner’s mother tells us that its essential to creating this dish but we can scooped out the oil if we don’t like it. This is a must order for yellow wine lovers! I almost wanted to ask the auntie to sell me the wine… hehehe!!

Claypot Kampung Chicken (RM12) was mediocre. A bit bony but that’s village chicken for you. Braised with ginger, it was decent with rice but because we had stronger flavored dishes that night, this one kind of took backstage among the rest.

One of my favorite soups is the Spicy Pork Stomach Soup (RM9 small). The one here is pretty good. Full of peppery flavors, it was a warming soup for the tummy. It was loaded with lots of lovely stomach pieces which still had a good bite to it.

Steamed Lala (RM 22) was fresh and juicy. Steamed with bits of fried garlic and chili padi, it really shines because of the freshness of the clams and the lovely bits of fried garlic.

Cheong Jing’ Tilapia (RM25) features a beautiful sauce made form spices and bean sauce. The fish was also good as it did not have the muddy smell. I would have loved to enjoy this with rice if there weren’t so many other good sauces which I had sampled earlier.

Our vegetable for the night was a simple Blanched Iceberg Lettuce (RM6 small) with oyster sauce and fried shallot.

Chinese Tea is a must to cleanse away the heaviness of the meal!

No BKT meal is complete without the ‘Yau Char Kwai’ for me… J

Overall, this branch has great potential judging from the crowd that night. It is fairly new in the area but looks like news got out already!

What’s great about this branch? Great food quality and offers more than just BKT to cater for the whole crowd. Price seems reasonable considering the quantity and quality of the dishes. I already found a few favorites like the Dry Style BKT for the pork and sting ray, Claypot Spicy BKT Lala, Claypot Ginger Wine Chicken and Spicy Pork Stomach Soup. Service was also attentive despite the crowd.

Wing Hiong Bah Kut Teh
No.20, Jalan Equine 9D,
Taman Equine, Bandar Putra Permai,
43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor.
Tel: 012-351 1924 / 016-378 6241 (Mr Lau) / 016-968 1412 (Ms Yeo)
Business Hours:
Mon – Fri 10am – 10pm
Sat, Sun & Public Holidays 9am – 10pm

*Thanks to Kim and Yvonne for the fabulous meal!