September 12, 2011

Zing, Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur: Mid-Autumn Delicacies

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Folks!

Time flies and once again, we celebrate the year’s Mid-Autumn Festival with plenty of mooncakes and lanterns. This year at Grand Millennium, Chef Thye Yoon Kong is proud to present his series of homemade scrumptious mooncakes (pork free).

Chef Thye believes in keeping his mooncakes simple with traditional ingredients such as fruits, nuts, lotus, pumpkin, red beans and dates. His artisan touch lends the mooncakes with the finest quality ingredients available and is kept to its true simple form.

Savor his mooncakes series with two gift sets of Fortune Mooncake Gift Box and Full Mooncake Gift Box.

Fortune Mooncake Gift Box (RM88 nett) with a choice of four items:
Assorted fruits and nuts mooncake, Mooncake with pandan and pumpkin lotus paste, Spiruline pure lotus paste mooncake, Red dates paste mooncake, Pure white lotus paste mooncake, White lotus paste mooncake with single or double yolk and Red bean paste mooncake

Full Mooncake Gift Box (RM108 nett) with a choice of eight items:
Mini snow skin mooncake with pure lotus paste, Mini snow skin mooncake green tea lotus paste, Mini snow skin mooncake with spiruline pure lotus paste and Mini snow skin mooncake with pure dates paste.

* All mooncakes are also available individually for purchase.

Check out the strikingly designed gift boxes adorned in red and gold for elegance and grandeur. The gorgeous gift box can be used to store precious ornaments and jewelry or as keepsake boxes.

I love this old school scale and was amazed that Chef Thye was using this to measure out his ingredients for his mooncakes. There is nothing like the old school way to bring out the charm of cooking!

We also had a preview of Chef Thye in action himself by making his mini snow skin series mooncake. Chef Thye was such a pro as his actions were so precise and quick to boot! Within minutes, he finished the whole process and only pause when we asked for pictures.

Ta-dah… the finished Snow Skin Mooncake with Green Tea Lotus Paste! Soft and tender, the skin was lovely while the taste of the lotus and green tea was significantly present in its true form. My favorite pick would be his mini snow skin mooncake with pure dates paste as it had a good balance of sweetness and yet, I could taste the red date flavor and depth in it.

An overall experience to remember as the mooncakes here are truly traditional in its ingredients and flavors. Simplicity and quality is the focus here and that is what makes Chef Thye’s mooncakes at Grand Millennium truly sumptuous it its own way!

Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur
160 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
T: +60 3 2117 4180
F: +60 3 2145 7876

* Thanks to Amanda for the invite!


  1. wow! The old school scale is .. old school! haha...

  2. the scale is certainly old school all the way. the touch of tradition is a brilliant idea!

  3. Oh I remember I had that scale long time ago. After shifting house so many times, lost already. I bet many young people nowadays do not know how to use it.

  4. Beautiful pictures! Especially the second picture of the ingredients! Kudos!! :D