September 8, 2011

Tiger Street Football Contest: The Winners!

The folks at Guinness Anchor Berhad recently organized a friendly get together for media members as well as their trade partners in the form of a Tiger Street Football Friendly Match that went down at the GAB brewery in Sungei Way recently.
During which, Tiger announced the top 32 street football teams from around Malaysia who have successfully qualified for the Tiger Street Football National Finals that will take place on 17 September at the 1Utama open air car park. These top street football teams have gone through some gruelling regional tournaments in Johor, Penang, Klang Valley, Ipoh and Kota Kinabalu to qualify for the National Finals.

If you have been reading from last week, you ought to know that there are some uber exclusive Tiger products up for grabs right here! And here are our three winners:
  1. Jason-San, Email:
  2. Alvin Yim, Email:
  3. 追食富迪 Email:
*Winners, you should be notified by Tiger on your details for collections.

Thanks to Tiger, they will be entitled to bring home an exclusive Tiger Chiller Box containing three 500ml cans of Tiger Beer at the Tiger Street Football National Finals & Grand Finals. Be sure to claim your prize at the Tiger Street Football registration station on 17 or 18 September at 1Utama!
Don’t forget, 1Utama is the place to be for the Tiger Street Football National and Grand Finals, which is going to be the most spectacular street football celebration Malaysia has ever seen! Be there to witness the best street football teams from around the world battle it out for the coveted “King of the Streets” title.
See you there!


  1. Congratz to them! It is highly advisable to remove their email address because the Email Bot might take their email and start spamming them =)