April 21, 2011

The World of Malaysia: Kampung Bukit Tinggi Expedition

‘Why are you trying to look so far when you don’t even realize what is so near here?’

Those were the words of a great friend of mine that lingered in my mind for more than a decade...

I have been to a quite a few places in my life overseas but nothing fails to amaze me more than Malaysia. Sure, the world has so much to offer but then before we do seek out other pleasures, we should learn to appreciate what we have near us as well… J  

Let me take you on a road trip to Bukit Tinggi, my farming expedition with some friends!

The weather was a bit grey and the sun was hidden when we arrive at the valley just right after the Genting tunnel. However, that didn’t deter us and we proceeded to walk around the peaceful and quiet surroundings in the small valley with lots of shops.

Since most shops were not open, we quickly went to search for breakfast! We stumbled upon a small coffee shop selling noodles that already had a few patrons sipping their morning coffees.

I adore unpretentious food! Check out the homemade goodness…

Char Siew Wan Tan Mee was really lovely meal to start off my day! Springy noodles coated with a simple soy sauce and crowned with homemade Char Siew… I like this a lot.

Additional order of Yong Tau Foo because we spied these little homemade beauties and just cannot resist!! The stuffing tasted really traditional and also had ‘Kau Choy’ in it. Pretty good for such primitive fare!

Chicken Feet Wan Tan Mee was also delicious as confirmed by my friend.

We made a visit to this Bukit Tinggi Orchard Sdn Bhd that supplies fresh vegetables and fruits.

The owner was kind enough to show us around since it was a non-busy day for him. We had to walked all the way into the valley to be able to reach his farm.

The farm was simply breathtaking! There was just so many produce of vegetables, fruits and even fishes...

Local huge bananas in its glory!

'Mo Fah Kuo', a fruit used often to boil herbal drinks for cooling effect.

Endless rows of passion fruits...

We get to enjoy fresh passion fruit right there... isn't this such a glorious sight?

This one even has a 'face', so cute! Can you see it?

Wild pepper grown locally in Kampung Bukit Tinggi

Wild young local ginger... I was speechless at its beauty!

Locally grown 'Choy Sum' at different stages

I couldn't resist this picture of the 'Choy Sum' stalks!

Another gorgeous neatly packed veggies waiting for delivery. I bought some home and they were simply out-of-this-world (sigh with happiness!!)

Rows and rows of vegetables really brighten up my visual and mind!

Magnificent local yellow daffodil against the teeny tiniest raindrops...

Couldn't resist this gorgeous purplish blue flowers!!

According to the owner, this plant is suppose to cure cancerJ  

We even found so many awesome fruits and veggies in someone's garden!

Fresh Kedondong or Umbra was a sight to behold...

Baby French Beans... oo la la lovelyJ

'Tin Chat' leaves... like the ones I had at Moon Sing Restaurant!!

A serene and gentle stream along the hills whispering softly as it flows...

The view was simply magnificent and I was so awed at the whole experience. Speechless for most of the time during this trip, I just felt at peace with myself and this green world of hills!

Caught this lovely flower plant in another farm while sheltering from the rain.

Another brilliant flower ...

Baskets of glorious multi color hues of passion fruits! I bought some home for juicing which was so refreshing and energizing.

This is what Malaysia is all about! The beauty right in our very own earth really impressed me and I am thankful for nature's gift! I am glad that I could share this with everyone and look forward to discover more of Malaysia.

If you think these pictures tell a thousand tales, the real experience is worth so many million times more... you just have to check it out yourselves!! J

The World of Malaysia:
Kampung Bukit Tinggi
Bentong, Pahang

*We also enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Summer Park Restaurant coming up in the next post! Stay tune...


  1. Do you brought back some kedondong too? I love kedondong juice with asam boi~~

  2. Choi Yen: Tak ada.. cos I already bought 3 kg of passion fruits.. hehehe!

  3. great post! yes we take our country so much for granted especially the world beyond Klang Valley!

  4. Good Post. Its an amazing exhibition of the Malaysian culture traits. Your love for the Culture is evident. I am also a native of Indonesia with a vast travel experience in Malaysia. My love for the Indonesian - Malaysian food made me open a Restaurant in Brighton Restaurant in Brighton, UK . Great Job Buddy . Cheers !

  5. i'd have run off with that basket of passion fruit - love!! what a gorgeous country!