April 16, 2011

Yummy Taiwan: Authentic Taiwan Street Food

I am a big fan of Taiwan street food. It has always been one of my goals to visit Taiwan and experience their cuisine. When I found out that there was a new restaurant serving authentic Taiwan street food, I quickly headed over to Fahrenheit 88, Bukit Bintang’s latest iconic shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur.

Yummy Taiwan was only three weeks old but I love the d├ęcor as soon as I stepped in. Brightly lit with simple but contrasting colors of white and red, the restaurant embodied a modern and trendy ambience. Beautiful picture menu were placed outside to attract the passersby and it certainly caught my eye for sure!  J

is famous for its street food and small eats, hence I was really pleased to see that this restaurant serves quite a few popular street food and set meals. Feeling ravenous, we ordered quite a lot of food to share among the few of us.

Starting off, we had to order Taiwan’s trendy beverages to quench our thirst!

Bubble Milk Tea with Pearls
Taiwan’s trademark beverage was a smooth and milky concoction of fragrant black tea, milk and chewy tapioca pearls. Yummy Taiwan’s version was heavenly for the few of us who had it! Velvety and creamy, I adore the combination with the chewy pearls… J

Hot Apple Black Tea
Taiwan being famous for fruit infused teas, we had to ordered one. He said it was soothing and lovely with a hint of apple while the balance of the tea and sweetness was just right!


Mango Ice Blended
There are lots of ice blended drinks around but not everyone makes a great one. I had this Mango Ice Blended topped with bits of nata coco. The colors really light up my eyes! Icy and smooth, the concoction was refreshing and delicious with the nata coco bits.

Orange Ice Blended
Lovely and similar to the mango one, my friend enjoyed this a lot as well.

Honeydew Bubble Milk Tea
Another fruity infused milk tea with tapioca pearls, I thought the color was a bit too bright! Taste was average as I would have love a stronger honeydew taste for this one.

One thing we all agreed happily was that Yummy Taiwan has the option of having Taiwan street food as snacks or set meals. This enables us to sample more food in small portions but with greater variety.

Taiwan Burger
There is a famous bun in Taiwan called ‘Kong Bak Pau’ or a version of Taiwan Burger which showcase a slow braised pork belly slice wedged between soft Chinese flurry bun or ‘pau’. The version here was my favorite dish of the night! A savory and melt-in-the-mouth pork belly slice, nicely sandwiched between a lovely fluffy bun soaked with the pork juices, was topped with a slightly sweet pickled vegetable and peanut powder. Oh my goodness, this is ultra DIVINE and the balance of the taste was seriously PERFECT!!! (… at least for me! Wink wink!)

The chef really had perfected the balance of salty and sweet and I love the taste and texture of this snack. The peanut powder added a fragrant dimension to this dish. I could have a few of these as a main! I am going to have to go back for this alone… J

Braised Chicken Wings
Another popular cooking style in Taiwan, the locals there braised almost anything! Yummy Taiwan features Braised Chicken Wings in their house recipe spices. This makes a lovely snack for chicken wing lovers as the flavors were mellow and savory.

Organic Sweet Potato Fries
I never thought I would say this but this Organic Sweet Potato Fries are orgasmic! (…Hehehe) Lightly battered, the sweet potatoes are super addictive with its creamy and fluffy texture and natural sweetness from the spuds. There is also some kind of plum powder topping on it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, one is just not enough!

Hot Crispy Chicken
Notoriously infamous fried chicken Taiwan style has been popping up all over KL from fast food chain to ‘Pasar Malam’. A huge piece of nicely flatten chicken breast coated with sweet potato powder, deep fried to crispy and golden and doused with a spice blend of pepper, chili and other spices. The version here had flying colors points from everyone. Thick and crunchy, the chicken was moist and so flavorful. Another must-order dish, sigh with happiness…

Steamed Pork Dumplings
Chinese people just love their dumplings! No matter if it’s steamed, boiled or fried, or filled with various mixtures of meat and vegetables, dumplings show up a lot in Chinese cuisine. The Taiwan version here is quite lovely with a mixture of pork and ‘Kau Choy’.

I love the fact that they served this with pickled veggies, fresh ginger and chili sauce. The sides really bring a new dimension to the dumplings. The dumplings were moist and yummy.

Fried Pork Dumplings
We also have the fried version of the pork dumplings. I had a hard time deciding which style I like better because the fried ones were also lovely. My friend commented how moist this fried one was as he felt the juices squirting out when biting into the dumpling.

Fried Squid Rings
Deep fried squids prepared the same style as their infamous crispy chicken; the golden squid rings were crunchy and flavorful. My only gripe is that the squid were a bit chewy.

The Taiwanese are very passionate about their noodles and rice dishes with braised pork or beef. There are just so many endless variations and flavor combinations that just never fail to amaze me.

Oyster Mee Sua Set Meal
Another popular Taiwan streetfood also known as ‘Or Ah Mee Suah’, this is a fried vermicelli or ‘Mee Suah’ noodle in a thick broth with fresh oysters and braised intestines. We ordered the set meal which comes with two sides, a braised beancurd skin and a boiled taro and sweet potato dumplings.

The version here is slippery smooth and glides easily down the throat. The flavors are earthy and warm and the noodles are so thin, you can just use a spoon to eat this. Served with fresh oysters and braised intestines, I thought this was really comforting and hearty. Love the chili sauce that went with this noodle!

Beef Noodle
Taiwan is also famous for Beef Noodle Soup. The version is a dark broth spiced up with spices and topped with chili oil. Yummy Taiwan’s version was a dark chili broth with homemade noodles and soft braised beef slices. Bean sprouts, ‘Pak Choy’ and pickled vegetables were served as toppings. I thought the flavors were quite nice with a hint of sourness to the broth.

Mushroom Meat with Spinach Noodle Soup
Another version of noodles, this one had homemade spinach noodles, topped with meat balls and mushroom slices in an eggy thick potage. I like the meat balls as they were quite bouncy but I thought the noodles were a bit soft. But again, I like my noodles al dente so it’s just my preference. The potage could use a little more flavor so I had some chili sauce added to this.

Minced Meat Sauce Dry Noodle
Small chunks of braised pork cubes sauce topped the homemade noodles with bean sprouts, shredded cucumbers and carrots to brighten up the dish. Refreshing and light, the noodles were easy to eat!

Sanma Rice Set Meal
I didn’t realize Taiwan has quite a supply of Sanma or Pacific Saury fishes till I check this out recently. Yummy Taiwan serves a grilled Sanma served with white rice doused with braised pork gravy and pickled vegetables. The pickled vegetable was sour, lending sourness to the savory fish and rice. This was average for me. 

Lo Bak Rice
Another well known dish in Taiwan cuisine, ‘Lo Bak’ Rice is white rice topped with a Taiwan specialty of braised pork mince or cubes with sweet pickled vegetables and spices. This was delicious as the meat sauce was nicely balanced between sweet and savory. I adored this rice dish a lot as its simple yet complex in my taste buds.  

Stewed Pork Rice
Another version of the braised or ‘Lo’ pork, this had slices of pork belly slowly braised in the house recipe spices and topped with some pickled sour vegetables. After trying this, I concluded that I love this even more than the Lo Bak rice… hehehe. I feel that this is something I could eat on daily basis as its simple and comfort food at its best!

Taroball Dessert
Taroball is a Taiwan dumpling that really took off with us Malaysians over here. It is basically a dumpling made from a dough of yam and sweet potato that has a soft and chewy texture. There is not much taste but it lends a nice texture to desserts. Yummy Taiwan may only have one dessert but this one is really yummy-li-cious! Served with chilled grass jelly and shaved ice, the sweetness was perfect and the combination was a hit. We really outdo ourselves this time but we just couldn’t resist dessert… ;)

I love this restaurant as the food served here is authentic and comforting. Portions are great and really so affordable. The owners really did a great job in fine tuning the recipes and taste. I wish this was nearer to where I live as I would love to be able to eat this more often… J

... still drooling over the Taiwan Burger and Crispy Chicken… have to brave the traffic to get my fix soon!!!

Yummy Taiwan
Fahrenheit 88
2nd Floor, Lot 2-27(1),
179 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 WP Kuala Lumpur
Restaurant Tel/ Fax: 603 2141 4725


  1. I love the beef noodle with spinach the most! Though the beef looks tough, it is actually so tender it almost falls apart.

  2. Hot crispy Chicken! This is not your standard KFC chicken! Yes, it is deep fried chicken but in its own unique seasoning that KFC cannot compare! I much prefer this to KFC anyday!
    The chicken piece is usually very big, much bigger than my hand. It is deep fried with a coating that gives it a very fragrant and crispy layer. Once they take it out from the deep fryer, the chicken piece is immediately covered with a special powdery seasoning. This seasoning is slightly spicy and fragrant (pepper and spices) and brings out the crispiness of the chicken. Once you bite into it, you never want to eat KFC EVER again! :p

  3. The fried chicken was good but really feel guilty after had it :( I want more!!!!

  4. Writing from Japan, where sanma/saury is one of the cleanest fish. (dun know how true is it.)

    My daughter Megan and I really love Sanma fish! It’s our favourite. The whole head is deep-fried. Plenty of calcium and nutrients there! Tell you wat, I can wallup the whole head and the fish, except the bone. :p Remember to squeeze some lemon on it. Yummmyyyyyyyyyy……

  5. I loves the bubble milk tea ! yum yum
    and the starter with 2 chewy chewy thing also nice .... love to bite it

  6. Very nice of the photos taken. Nice angle which made me feel wanna fly across the south east asia sea just to have them all :)

  7. I just taste it! Very good! Especially the Kong Rou Fan. I'm full now. I promise will taste all food here next time.

  8. interesting, I love the food here, truly a taiwan street food experience! will be back again!

  9. Lenny: Looks like you have been there already! That chicken is to die for... :)

    Choi Yen: Ya.. I don't mind a second piece of that scrumptious chicken.

    SFLim: Yep, Bubble Milk tea is delicious cos its just perfectly creamy.

    Shen Wen: Go try for yourself... :)

    Yossi: Thks ya! Come, come..

    LeeLim: ok.. make sure to taste the Taiwan Burger.. my absolute Favorite!

    BBO: Yeah, I will be back there also for the burger and chicken.

  10. lo bak rice and taiwan burger both are my favorite, i cant tell how delicious, you have to go try it yourself and tell me how to descript it...haha

  11. boblym: I did and if wanna go in detail, the burger alone will last a few pages of description!! :)