April 13, 2011

Moon Sing Restaurant: Let’s Eat with Alan Yun!

Lucky me got another invite from famous artist, Alan Yun, to dine with him and some friends at one of my favorite restaurant, Moon Sing!

I glee with delight… dine with prominent Mr. Postman in my favorite food hunt? It’s like winning two prizes in a lucky draw!! J

Alan had also invited some of his renowned friends over like Isaac Ong, Emily Lim, Yunn Ru, Shirley, Camy, Sid and few others. I also met up with MerrynAlice and few others. There was plenty of conversation, food and pictures that night…

Here are some more pictures of that night’s merriment and ambience!

Alan and Emily with Moon Sing’s owners, Chef Tim and his wife, posing with Yunn Ru and Isaac

Two pretty ladies posing with such grace, Emily and Yunn Ru

Alan and Mrs. Cheng

Sunny, his mom and Emily. Now we know where he got his good looks from, his mom!

Isaac with Ms. Cheng

Alan was impressed with Ethan’s giraffe!

Some of our delicious home-style dishes from Chef Tim that night!

Superb ‘San Mei Kuat’ or Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs, tender and succulent ribs, glazed with a lip-smacking sauce which as a nice balance of sweet and sour. Bits of curry leaves emit a wonderful aroma to the dish. Reminds me of a childhood dish that my mom used to make for me!

Next, we had ‘Kong Sai Kau Yoke’, a truly hearty dish of pork belly slices with yam slices all braised using the chef’s family recipe. Yam was creamy while the pork belly flavorful.

This is my first time trying ‘Yin Yong Choy’, a combination of ‘Kai Lan’ and ‘Choy Sum’ to produce a new variety of vegetable. I love this! I felt it was a really great blend of veggies and Chef Tim kept this simple with a light stir-fry to bring out the taste and freshness of the veggie.

‘Yong Kau Yue’ or Stuffed Mackerel Fish was everyone’s favorite including mine that night. The chef removed the bones and skin of the fish, mix up the fish meat into a paste. Then, he proceeds to skillfully stuff the fish paste back to the fish skin and reshape to resemble the initial fish… ta dah!! Clever or not? We love the bouncy fish paste with bits of chopped veggies and the skin… J Slurp!

‘Lai Yau’ Sotong or Butter Sauce Squid was served on a hot plate. Pale yellow, the sauce was creamy with a slight hint of curry. Rings of squid, lightly cooked au natural were a nice change from the usually battered ones.

My first glance at this Fried Eggplant with Garlic was that it looked burnt. One bite and I was so wrong… no burnt taste but instead, a soft and fluffy eggplant full of garlicky flavors. So lovely and modest, I was bowled over with this dish.

Salted Egg tofu was another primitive dish that night. The dish was just silken tofu, coated in a very thin batter and fried till golden and crispy. Luscious bits of salted egg yolk lend a creamy and savory sauce to the dish.

We also had some other dishes which I had already tried in my first visit. You can read them here so I will just show you the pictures.

Clockwise: House Special Tilapia in Claypot, Assam Steamed Tilapia,
‘Ma Yau’ with ‘Ham Choy Taufoo’, ‘Tin Chat’ Soup with Goji Berry

This was truly a lovely dinner with new and old friends. Soul-satisfying and warms the heart! Thanks to Alan and Chef Tim for the lovely dinner… J

Moon Sing Restaurant
No 41, Jalan KIP 2
Taman Perindustrian KIP
52200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: 03 62751037 / 017 2075271 (Ms Cheng)

Business Hours:
Mon – Sat  10am to 10pm
Sun           12pm to 10pm
(Closed on every alternate Tuesday)


  1. It was indeed a lovely night of merriment and delicious dinner! Too bad I wasn't feeling too well that day :(

    But the company was great and food is really superb lah! :D

  2. Love the pic of Ethan, Alan and William :D

  3. really nice photos taken! yummy food definitely.. haha.. and u peeps sure had fun! :D

  4. Merryn: Yep! That night was awesome. No wonder cannot find you the group pics! I like that pic of them too.

    Ken: lots of food and photos too... :)

  5. Is this the place you mentioned?
    Gosh. This is so delicious especially the stuffed mackerel fish and tofu!