April 24, 2011

Summer Park Restaurant: Bukit Tinggi, Bentong Homestyle Fare

During my little excursion to Bukit Tinggi with some friends, we found this little gem of a restaurant along the way among the valley of Bukit Tinggi. Actually, it was the orchard’s owner who directed us there when we asked for recommendation for some local fare!

The owner told us that this place served really good Bentong cuisine and the price is very reasonable. Gluttons being gluttons, we didn’t need any more encouragement… J

Nice al freso environment with plenty of greens around us, we ask for their house specialities. Six adults, hence six dishes were ordered… hehehe!

More house specialities like ‘Mui Choi’ Spare Ribs, Pork Trotter, Curry Pork Ribs, and some wild delicacies…

While waiting for food, the owner’s wife gave us some samplings of her homemade pineapple jam to be eaten with soda biscuits… so shiok!

The orchard owner’s son who joined us for lunch! You can tell how good the jam is by the smirk on the little boy’s face…

Claypot Tilapia with Supreme Soy Sauce
Piping hot claypot Tilapia was placed with gusto on our table and a full rush of steam escaped once the lid was lifted. The fish was fresh with no murky smell but a strong and heady fragrance of supreme soy sauce wafted through the air. A very unpretentious but powerful dish indeed!

Kong Sai Stuffed Eggplant, Chili and Tau Fu Pok
The ‘Yong Liew’ also came in a claypot, nicely swimming in a cloudy broth. The colors of the chilies, eggplant, and Bentong ‘tau fu pok’ were amazing! I discovered the love for Bentong ‘tau fu pok’ from my previous eating places like Moon Sing and Wan Jia. Bentong ‘tau fu pok’ has fluffy, meaty and soft textures and the ones here were delicious as well. Juicy and overstuffed with fish paste and chives, this was really scrumptious. The broth was lovely and I found myself enjoying this so much. Good and comfort food really do wonders for my heart!!

Kong Sai ‘Wu Tao Kau Yoke’
Pork belly with yam was highly recommended by the owner. Although the appearance does not look like the norm, leading us to think that this dish was going to be bland, we were so wrong… hahaha! Another strongly flavored and superb dish with melting pieces of layered pork belly and fluffy yam. Must order!

Sandwich Bean Curd with Fish Paste
This one is really unique! We didn’t know what to expect from this dish when we ordered it. Quite a nice surprise I might say so! Duo style of bean curd with one steamed and one fried, both sandwiched with steamed fish paste and Chinese chives, finished with brown oyster gravy. The mix textures were actually very interesting and lovely. I quite like this.

Stir Fried Watercress with Garlic
Fresh young shoots of watercress had enough ‘wok hei’ and was executed perfectly. Yum…

Fresh Shitake Mushroom with Bean Curd and Fish Paste
This dish was something I would have like but sadly, it missed the mark with the fish paste. It was just too soft for a fish paste texture and mushy. Taste wise was average but I do like the homemade tofu and fresh shitake mushroom.

Owner was frying up some Banana Fritters for their staff and offered some to us… this was simply divine. I am not a banana lover but found myself enjoying a lovely piece of crunchy lightly coated ripe banana. Sweet, soft and moist, the fritters were really awesome and were a perfect ending to our meal.

I don’t have the individual price for each dish as my friend paid for this meal. However, the total cost for six of us were RM120, which I thought to be very reasonable for six dishes with tea and rice.

What a find! I cannot wait to go back to this green heaven… when you are traveling, do check out what the locals eat as you never know what you might find.

Summer Park Restaurant
Lot PT 3338, Mukim Bukit Tinggi
28750 Bentong, Pahang
Tel: 012 661 1928 / 019 377 4009


  1. definitely a place to have a secod round! :) good food!

  2. the yam pork belly do look plain wor...really nice? But I like the environment~

  3. BBO: Yep... wanna go soon? wink wink!

    Choi Yen: Superlicious Yam Pork Belly!