April 8, 2011

U-Village Restaurant: Scrumptious Honey BBQ Pork

Over the weekend, I headed over to the Sungei Wang area to get some stuff for my new gadget and I decided to head over to one of my favorite Hong Kong style restaurant in that area, U-Village Restaurant. I used to patronize that restaurant while I was working in the city but haven’t done so since I moved to a new job in another area.

The food here has been faithfully consistent during my earlier visits and I was wondering how it would be after a year. I always try to be adventurous here and order something different as there are just so many dishes that ignite my interest.

What I love about U-Village, some of its drinks have free refills… J Another point for them is that they don’t penny-pinch on the quality of the drinks despite the free refills.

A lovely refreshing Fresh Ice Lemon Tea (RM3.50). Deliciously homemade and served with fresh lemon slice, the ice tea was well brewed and just the right consistency.

My Ice Tea in Hong Kong Style (RM3.90 with free refills) was every bit the frosty and thick milk tea that I love each time I come here. They really have this recipe mastered perfectly to a tee! I love this and always have a refill or two.

My nephew, AY had the hot version of the Tea in Hong Kong Style (RM3.90 with free refills). When asked to take a picture of his drink, he cheekily gave his cup two ears! Anyway, he loved it as well and gave his thumbs up on this thick milky tea.

We had an order of Prawn Wanton Soup (RM8.90) with 5 pieces of wantan to start off. Decent as the wanton were filled with bouncy meat and prawn mixtures.

AY recommended his favorite dish here, Steven Chow BBQ Pork Rice. He swears its looks exactly like what Mr. Comedian had in his movie, God of Cookery. It was the star dish in the show called ‘Sorrowful Rice’ as some of you may recall.

Steven Chow BBQ Rice (RM11.90) looks simple and had all the ingredients with additional hot dog in it. The pork Char Siew was lovely with bits of fats and lean meat. The sticky sauce coating the pork makes great saucing for the rice. The rest was ordinary with its boiled veggie, egg and hot dog. As the dish is supposed to reflect simple and basic food, the version here is pretty darn good!

We cannot resist the pork Char Siew and ordered an ala carte version of it, Roasted Honeyed BBQ Pork (RM18.00). Sinfully good for the soul! I didn’t think the pork needs the chili sauce. A bit pricey for this but we still love it. By the time we finished this, we did feel a bit over pork out… hahaha. (The glutton in me needs to learn to enjoy food in smaller portions!)

My niece had the Spaghetti Aglio-Oglio with Seafood (RM15.90) and thought it was average. Two decent prawns and two mussels were nicely placed on the unpretentious spaghetti doused with garlic, chili and oil.

Love this cute figure on the entrance to the restaurant!

I do like this place for some of its dishes and drinks. I believe this is one of the better Hong Kong Style restaurants around KL. Service was average as you really need to wave a bit to get their attention. Great to be back and still experienced their consistency in their food and drinks!

If you are around that area, you should go check it out but I would not drive all the way to suffer the city’s traffic just to experience this… J

U-Village Restaurant Sdn Bhd
LB-R1 Sungei Wang Plaza
Jalan Bukit Bintang     
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2148 9686