January 28, 2017

The Enclave @ Lorong Kurau, Bangsar

Your Friendly Neighborhood Gastropub

We love pub food and we love it even more if it’s in our neighborhood. It means we can grab a bite whenever we want since it’s so near our home. Well if your neighborhood happens to be in the Bangsar area, then you just might want to hop over to The Enclave, a local gastropub serving affordable Western and Asian menu.

Opened barely few months, the owner wanted have a place for everyone to unwind at the end of the evening with hearty gastro bites and beer or even grab a good lunch. The moment you walked into The Enclave, you’ll be greeted by a similar pub scene in Europe but with a Malaysian touch. It has a cozy and down-to-earth ambiance from all the furniture, brick walls, cement bar, chalkboard and industrial lighting. Raw and rustic plus warmness makes one want to hang out at this pub.

The owner also has a great collection of yesteryears pictures in black and white or sepia of our country and its people. I was amazed to see his collections of old photos of Kuala Lumpur and these are quite precious today to show our heritage back then.

Now what makes you want to visit The Enclave… the food for a start! The menu is fairly familiar with lots of classic Western dishes and a few local dishes that is bound to be a crowd pleaser.

We started with Cream of Mushroom Soup (RM18), classic and comfort food to start any meal. Despite it looking light and pale, there is great flavour of mushrooms in the soup. It’s creamy and soothing with every spoonful of the thick soup with bits of toasty croutons and herbs.

For pasta, we opted for Carbonara Chicken (RM20), a classic favorite of mine as well as my little one. The dish faired decent with all the creamy rich notes of cream and cheese. There was generous chicken ham and Shimeji mushrooms with the pasta, lending textures and more flavours to the pasta.

For mains, the Grilled Chicken Chop (RM22) and Grilled Lamb Chop (RM35) came highly recommended. And we were glad we took the adviseed because both dishes are scrumptious. The Grilled Chicken Chop is very juicy with a solid chargrilled smoky note. It also has a lovely spice note with herbs, decent brown gravy, creamy mash and vegetables.

The Grilled Lamb Chop is really value-for-money as well as delicious. Solid portion of meaty lamb chops well marinated and chargrilled to medium doneness. The juiciness and flavours are spot on and comes with rich brown gravy, mash and vegetables. This one is a must-order if you love lamb!

The Enclave Chicken Burger (RM24) is a hearty one too. Thick and moist thigh chicken that is tasty and cooked well, sandwiched with toasted sesame seed bun, cheese and the usual suspects of lettuce, tomatoes. Crowned with fried egg that is cooked just right with a soft yolk, the burger comes with housemade coleslaw and generous thick cuts golden fries. I really enjoyed the smoky grilled chicken a lot in this burger. There is a beef patty version available too.

We didn’t think much of Thai Pad Ped Chicken (RM19) till we tried it. Gosh, this was pretty yummy. The chicken was so tender and bursting with moreish flavours of spices and aromatics. It was such a yummy dish with steamed rice and crispy crackers. Although it didn’t have much sauce, I didn’t mind as the chicken is really tasty on its own. I would order this again for sure…

We were told that the Spicy Mutton Fried Rice and Salad (RM20) is the owner’s family recipe. Fried with the mutton varuval, made by owner’s mom, the fried rice is exceptionally tasty with hints of spices and heat. Finished with lots of fried shallots and crispy crackers with side of greens, it’s a hearty dish of comfort food.

There is also Shish Taouk (RM18), skewers of seasoned spiced chicken served with pita bread, fries, salad and garlic sauce. Despite the chicken meat being a tad dry since its breast, flavours are still tasty. When put together with bread, salad and sauce, it actually is pretty decent.

If you’re here for lunch, The Enclave has some set lunch deals such as this Chicken Nasi Lemak with Ice Lemon Tea (RM15). Value-for-money and classic favorites never fail to please. The nasi lemak is quite substantial with a fragrant coconut infused rice, fried crispy boneless chicken, fried egg, sambal and the usual suspects.

The Enclave hits many right notes in its menu. The fact that it is also in a housing area makes it even better as it makes a great hangout place at the end of the day to unwind.

No 1, Lorong Kurau,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 011 31262643

Business Hours:
Daily 4pm to 1am

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