January 7, 2017

CNY Menu 2017 @ Toh Yuen, Hilton Petaling Jaya

A Time for Prosperity Beginnings

A new year symbolizes a new beginning of celebration. This Chinese New Year, Hilton Petaling Jaya Master Chef Rick Teoh has crafted an array of pork-free Cantonese cuisine in honor of A Time for Prosperity Beginnings at Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant.

Toh Yuen epitomize grandeur of Chinese gastronomy set in elegance and style. Dine at the modern Chinese designed dining room set with two live cooking stations – Dim Sum & Noodle show kitchen for fine Cantonese dishes.

This festive CNY, Chef Teoh has specially crafted three auspicious set menus of Everlasting Happiness to Sea of Prosperity Set Menu befit the Year of the Rooster. Savor the must-have prosperity salad, Yee Sang with a variety of ingredient0073 to hearty essentials such as double-boiled soups, seafood and desserts.

Kicking off the festive list is Toh Yuen’s bountiful Prosperity Yee Sang with Fresh Salmon, Hokkigai & Top Shell Abalone. Abundance of ingredients, colours, flavours and textures symbolizes the abundance of the good and the bright to be filled in the New Year with this yee sang.

Gorgeous slices of top shell abalone, salmon and surf clam, the seafood added much delight to the beautiful platter of yee sang ingredients. Coupled with the tangy and sweet plum fruit sauce, peanuts and sesame seeds, the yee sang is a pleasure to eat.

Besides this yee sang, there are also other options available such as Jelly Fish, Abalone & Snow Pear Yee Sang, Salmon Yee Sang and more. Let’s Lou Hei!

For the soup course, the Braised Superior Broth with Bamboo Pith, Sea Cucumber, Fish Lips, Egg White & Crab Meat was exceptionally delicious with the fluffy egg white adding a nice textural component. The thick seafood ‘Kang’ was well flavoured with moreish seafood essence and there were also plenty of bits of dried seafood and sweet crab meat in the soup too.

Braised Shell Abalones, Mushrooms with Dried Oysters & Sea Moss symbolizes the wealth to come in the New Year. Lavish shell abalones are well braised till tender and goes very well with the earthy soft plump mushrooms. The sea moss is a must during this festive and is generously topped on the dish. Baby Bok Choy completed the dish beautifully with its color and texture.

Cod fish is quite a crowd please these days. Renowned for the smooth and creamy flesh, Chef Kong highlights the fish in Steamed Canadian Codfish with Dried Orange Skin & Julienned Ginger. Not only did the ginger enhanced the sweet creamy fish, it also helps to perfume the fish together with the light citrusy floral note of dried orange skin.

Combination of Wok Fried Tiger Prawns with Oriental Sauce & White Prawns with Mango & Mayonnaise Sauce showcased duo flavours of prawns. The large prawns are glazed in a sweet & savory Oriental sauce while the deshelled prawn balls are battered and fried till golden and crispy, served with a light coat of creamy mayo sauce and lots of fresh cubes of sweet mango. Both are different and yet equally tasty.

For the rice course, individual bundles of Hong Kong Style Glutinous Rice with Dried Oysters Wrapped in Lotus Leaf smells wonderfully aromatic. The lotus leaf gave the rice such an earthy nature’s aroma. A large plump moreish dried oysters and salted egg yolk added richness to the rice. A side of chicken floss added extra oomph of savory flavours.

For desserts, Chef Kong takes classic CNY dessert ingredients and turn it into a modern art of sweetness. Golden Crispy Fried Chinese Nian Gao and Chilled Cream Yam Puree with Vanilla Ice Cream makes a lovely contrast of textures. The nian gao with yam was so crispy and soft altogether while the yam puree was a refreshing creamy sweetness that is sure to leave the New Year with lots of sweet memories.

Toh Yuen CNY Set Menu
Everlasting Happiness Set         RM1888 nett
Luck & Joyfulness Set               RM2188 nett
Sea of Prosperity Set                RM2688 nett

The Prosperity reunion dinner and lunch sets are available from 9 January -17 February 2017. Usher in the auspicious New Year with Oriental delicacies at Hilton Petaling Jaya. Toh Yuen Restaurant remains open on the Eve of Chinese New Year and throughout the 15-days celebration. Toh Yuen is open for lunch from 12pm -2.30pm and for dinner from 7pm-10.30pm. For reservations, please call +60 3 7955 9122 extension 4073 or visit www.zestpj.com

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