January 15, 2017

CNY Menu 2017 @ The Emperor, Dorsett Grand Subang

Celebrate the Year of the Fire Rooster with Toss for Prosperity!

Dorsett Grand Subang is all set for the New Lunar Year of the Fire Rooster with sumptuous CNY Set Menus fit for royalty at The Emperor Chinese Restaurant this festive season. Usher in a year of abundance of health, prosperity, wealth and happiness with 4 Reunion Chinese Set Menus that are available till 12 February 2017.

Renowned for fine Cantonese cuisine, The Emperor also serves a list of delectable dim sum set in an Oriental themed ambiance. The restaurant has a main dining room as well as several private rooms set in an opulence theme of gold and red with natural wood set all over.

This New Lunar year, the culinary team at The Emperor presents a delectable Prosperity Yee Sang with Soft Shell Crab & Korean Pear. The yee sang was juicy from the generous portion of sweet crisp Korean pears and generous dressing that wasn’t overly sweet. The light tang of the sauce worked so well with the sweetness of the pears.

The crispy pieces of soft shell crab was so delicious with the yee sang. One can also add on ingredients such as salmon to the yee sang at additional charge.

Lou Hei! Lou Hei!

The soup course was a luscious healthy Double-Boiled Cordyceps Flowers with Dried Scallop, Black Chicken & Fish Maw. The rich golden broth was full of chicken and herbal essence, making every spoonful a joy to savor. There is also dried scallop, black chicken and fish maw, adding lavishness to the soup.

Chicken had never tasted so darn delicious! The Emperor’s Golden Crispy Roasted Spring Chicken with Prawn Crackers is superb. Not only was it so aromatic, the spring chicken was plump, juicy and so moreish. Each bite of meat was so juicy and sublime. The crackers also goes so well in this classic dish executed to perfection.

The Steamed Silver Cod Fish with Taiwanese Bean Curd & King Soya Sauce is great for those who enjoy the creamy luscious cod fish. This one is paired with soft bean curd since both have such a delicate texture. The King soya sauce has a full robust savory note that is aromatic while the generous garlic crumbs are so yummy.

A gorgeous platter of Steamed Fresh Water Prawns with Golden Garlic & Egg White looked healthy and delicious at sight. As the crustaceans were steamed, the dish is light and showed off the natural sweetness of the prawns beautifully. Steamed with soft egg white, the prawns are also topped with bits of garlic crumbs to enhance the flavours of the sea. The fresh water prawns are so fresh and sweet with quite a helping of creamy roes. Yum…

The next dish of Pan-Fried Scallops Stuffed with Prawn Paste brings back old school memories where stuffed mushrooms are an all-time-favorite. This one was amped up with sweet bouncy prawn paste stuffed on fresh scallop. A mount of blanched crisp broccoli sits in the middle and the dish was finished with a light savory gravy over the seafood. The delicate sauce lets the scallop and prawn paste shined with natural sweetness.

For the carb, there is the classic Steamed Lotus Leaf & Glutinous Rice with Diced Chicken Yam & Duck. The sticky rice is well seasoned and cooked. Well studded with generous cubes of yam, chicken and duck, it was hard to resist this dish even if one is full.

The desserts are a burst of colors with Chilled Mango Puree with Mix Fruits & Sago and Deep Fried Chinese New Year Cake with Mochi Green Tea Paste. The Chilled Mango Puree is utterly fresh and fruity. Creamy too, the chilled sweet dessert was so lovely with more chopped mango, strawberries, pomelo sacs and sago.

The Deep Fried New Year Cake is classic and prepared well. The crunchy batter was perfect against the cuts of soft sticky nian gao with yam. The lightly chewy soft mochi is pretty good too to end the meal.

The Emperor Chinese Restaurant CNY Menu
Fortune of Gold RM1188.00 nett (per table of 8 to 10 person)
Abundance & Wealth RM1388.00 nett (per table of 8 to 10 person)
Luxurious Prosperity RM1688.00 nett (per table of 8 to 10 person)
Everlasting Prosperity RM1688.00 nett (per table of 8 to 10 person)

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