January 9, 2017

CNY Menu 2017 @ Five Sen5es, The Westin Kuala Lumpur

Be in Fine Feather this Chinese New Year

The Westin Kuala Lumpur welcomes the year of the Rooster with abundance of festive favorites at Five Sen5es with unforgettable set menus. Five Sen5es, renowned for Cantonese cuisine, is the perfect choice to rejoice the New Year with families and friends. The elegant restaurant exudes a charming ambiance of modern fine dining to usher in the festive season with great form and excellent spirits. Feel in the fine feather through Chinese Chef Tan’s auspicious culinary creations at Five Sen5es.

Indulge in Five Sen5es’s 3 exquisite set menus specially crafted by Chef Tan and the culinary team from 12 January to 11 February 2017. Dine on Happiness Reunion CNY Set Menu, Blessings Reunion CNY Set Menu or Abundance Reunion CNY Set Menu catered for a table of 10 persons or order from their a la carte menu on timeless classics.

A symbolic of good luck, prosperity, health and all things auspicious, the tossing of Yee Sang is simple a must at this festive meal. Five Sen5es’s Taiwanese Top Shell Abalone & Norwegian Salmon Yee Sang is set with plenty of ingredients that is sure to bring the abundance of everything good to diners.

Savor thick luscious slices of Salmon and premium Top Shell Abalone slices with the fruity and tangy sweetness of the yee sang salad after the obligatory Lou Hei!

Warm the tummy and heart with Double Boiled Chicken Consommé with Sliced Fish Maw, Trumpet Shell & Ginseng. Slow double boiled for hours, the consommé is full of glorious chicken and dried seafood essence enhanced with nutritious ginseng. Every spoonful was a soothing note of satisfaction. There were premium ingredients of gelatinous fish maw, tender trumpet shell, chicken and red dates.

Making a comeback was a favorite of mine from last year menu. Crispy Roasted Chicken with Spicy Garlic Sauce had crispy skin roasted chicken smothered in piquant garlic loaded sauce concocted from black vinegar, chili, peanuts, garlic and sesame seeds. The chook is beautifully tender and moist. Coupled with the moreish sauce, the dish is just as how it was last year.

The fish course was a classic Steamed Pomfret with Bean Curd Skin & Mandarin Skin. The large highly-prized pomfret was cooked to perfection. Superior soy sauce enhanced with a citrusy aroma of dried mandarin skin paired so well with the fish. The fresh bean curd skin had also soaked up the delicious flavours of the sauce well.

The clean and natural sweetness flavours of Stir Fried Fresh Scallop with Two Kinds of Fungus was a favorite on the table. Plump large scallops are gorgeous and paired with crunchy asparagus, sweet peppers, crunchy black fungus and brown fungus. The brown fungus is unusual and has a tender and tasty woody flavour with a subtle sweetness.

To rejoice the festive with plenty of Har Har Siu, the next course of Deep Fried Prawn with Avocado Salsa is Chef Tan’s latest creation in using nutritious avocado. The crispy battered prawns are nicely cooked with a subtle sweetness. These goes so well with the creamy velvety avocado sauce, cubes of avocado and the pebbles of tangy sweet pomegranate seeds.

The next course was also a new take of a classic dish. Inspired by Hong Kong style dish, Chef Tan whipped up Braised Dice Chicken & Abalone Rice. Aromatic egg fried rice is paired with a braised brown chicken and baby abalone gravy. The delicate flavours of the rice and sauce exuded comfort and soothing warmness. Its practically home cooked comfort flavours if you don’t take in the baby abalones. Tiny tobiko eggs and lots of spring onions completed the dish.

Desserts take form in Chinese New Year Nian Gao and Sweetened Chilled Coconut Sago with Rock Melon & Jack Fruit. The Nian Gao is a delight to eat. Thin nian gao shaped like tortellini envelopes a filling of sweet potato. The fresh grated coconut offset the sweetness of the nian gao and gave it a creamy note. The chilled sweet coconut sago had a lovely deep caramelized sweetness from brown sugar and had fruity bits of rock melon, jack fruit and sago for textures.

Five Sen5es Chinese New Year Set Menus
Happiness Reunion Chinese New Year Set Menu 1
RM 1,688 nett per table of 10 persons

Blessings Reunion Chinese New Year Set Menu 2
RM 1,888 nett per table of 10 persons

Abundance Reunion Chinese New Year Set Menu 3
RM 2,088 nett per table of 10 persons

For diners who prefers to indulge in the extensive à la carte menu, delight in timeless classics ranging from Steamed Free Range Chicken with Ginger and Golden Minced Ginger, Honey Glazed Baked Black Cod Fish, Wolfberry and Fresh Lily Bulb with Seasonal Vegetables, Chinese New Year ‘Nian Gau’ Stuffed with Purple Sweet Potatoes Paste and assorted Dim Sum to name a few.

Unity Chinese New Year Specialties Yee Sang (12 January to 11 February 2017)

A Chinese New Year dinner will not be complete without the tossing of Yee Sang. Yee Sang is symbolic of good luck, prosperity, health and all things auspicious. At Five Sen5es, Unity Chinese New Year Specialties ‘Lou Sang’ offers a variety of Yee Sang including Norwegian Fresh Salmon Yee Sang and Australian Spring Abalone Yee Sang. Diners also have the options to enhance the dish by topping add-ons to the selected Yee Sang. With Chef Tan’s special plum sauce, gather your family and friends and start tossing all the way to abundance of joy and happiness!

Yee Sang can be enjoyed by dining in or to be taken away for celebrations in the comfort of your homes with loved ones. Prices start from RM68 nett per standard serving and are available from 12 January to 11 February, 2017.

Simply Dim Sum Brunch (selected Saturdays and Sundays)

Alternatively, indulge in a sumptuous spread of handmade Dim Sums. Celebrate the near year with an enhanced version of the Simply Dim Sum Brunch, which is based around the All You Can Eat concept as well as interactive pass around dishes. On top of that Poon Choy and Clay Pot Smoked Duck Rice are especially added to the sumptuous buffet spread to mark the auspicious celebration.

Simply Dim Sum Brunch with enhanced menu is available on 28th, 29th, 30th January and 4th , 5th and 11th February 2017. We pull out all the stops with our All You Can Eat Dim Sum, to the extent that for an additional amount, you can enjoy free flow of selected beverages to go with your All You Can Eat experience.

RM138 nett per person
Includes free flow of Chinese tea
·         additional free flow of soft drinks and Chinese tea RM20 nett per person
·         additional free flow of soft drinks, chilled juices and selected beers RM60 nett per person
·         additional free flow of soft drink, chilled juices, selected beers and wine RM80 nett per person


SPG and Beyond Dining members are entitled to 20% discount on total food bill. Please also refer to our attendant for any credit card promotions and discounts.  Group discounts are also applicable upon request.

For festive reservations at any of our restaurants, please contact Westin Dining at 03 2773 8338 or log on to westindining.com.my for more information.

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