June 3, 2016

Maria’s Steak Café @ Bangsar Baru

Steak Paradise and More…

The simplest dish in life is also the hardest dish to get it cooked right. There’s nothing to hide in simple dish as it is what it is, and is the most scrumptious dish when it’s cooked to perfection. That said, looking for a great steak is not as easy as one may think. Many places do have a good steak but if you’re looking for a great one, that’s very few.

A recent visit to Maria’s Steak Café with my family turned out to be very pleasurable indeed. I have heard about Maria’s steak through friends but never had the chance to visit them. So when I did finally made it there one evening after work, it was indeed a very memorable one. Maria’s Steak Café has two outlets with one in Damansara Perdana and one in Bangsar.

We visited the Bangsar outlet one early evening after work. The restaurant was fairly quiet since we was early but it was filled up later while we were dining. The ambiance was dim and very warming. Great for an evening with your loved ones. Minimalist décor with dark wood furniture contrasting with light wood neutrals and chandeliers, Maria’s Steak Café oozes with charm and warmth.

The menu was sufficiently filled with enough choices to keep most diners of all ages happy. I brought my little one and he was thrilled that there was pasta in the menu for him. A quick order after several recommendations, we settled down to enjoy the serenity in the café.

Drinks arrived shortly with a Carrot Milk (RM11.50) for D, Green Apple Lychee Sparker (RM11) and Green Apple Mojito (RM11) for us.

Our first appetizer of Spicy Mussels (RM22) smells heavenly. Large mussels cooked in piquant tomato sauce and served with golden Garlic Bread looked really good too. Even my little one, who hardly eats seafood, said he wanted to try this dish. The mussels were cooked just right, tender and juicy. We simply adored the garlicky golden crispy bread and devoured this in seconds.

The boys had soups each and they were pretty happy polishing up the soups.

The Wild Mushroom Soup (RM9.50) was D’s favorite. I tasted some and the soup was velvety and creamy. Full of earthy and comforting mushroom notes, every spoonful of the soup was very satisfying.

The other half had the Fresh Pumpkin Soup (RM9.50) and he too commented that the soup was good. Not too sweet like some pumpkin soups tend to be but rather a nice balance of savory notes as well as sweetness. It is also very smooth and silky, making it easy to enjoy.

The little one opted for his favorite Spaghetti Bolognese (RM19). The pasta is cooked well to al dente and the chicken Bolognese was decent although not as robust as I usually like mine to be. Nevertheless, D polished this off happily without a peep.

My steak arrived and it looked so good! The Australian Wagyu 7 (M95/100gm) was gorgeously well-charred with a nice crust. I ordered medium rare and was very pleased with the result.

As soon as I cut into the wagyu, the pinkness was absolutely gorgeous. The marbling of 7 meant the wagyu is pretty fatty and this can only mean flavours, flavours and flavours. A bite of the wagyu and I was literally convinced that I have found one of the best steak house in the city. The crusty bits on the outside of the wagyu was divine and a bomb of flavours and textures. The tender meat was juicy and sublime. While a side of mustard was served, I was pretty much just satisfied with how tasty this wagyu on its own was. If there is one word to sum up this piece of wagyu, it would have to be Divine!

The side of roasted potatoes and sautéed vegetables was decent and they were meant to be sidekicks to the near perfect steak. Ah… the steak was simply unforgettable…

The next main of N.Z. Baby Cutlet (RM54) was also very delicious. Three pieces of well-trimmed lamb cutlets was very succulent and well grilled. Still a blush pink inside, the lamb was so very tasty and enjoyable with the side of Mint sauce. Also served with the same sidekicks as my steak, the other half walloped the dish happily.

We thought we might was well go all out and have desserts too after our very satisfying mains. When asked about their signature desserts, we were told that the Tiramisu and Prune Cake are their best sellers.

The Tiramisu (RM15) was served in a dessert glass. Light, fluffy and creamy, it has got all the passing marks of a good solid Tiramisu. This one would have scored higher points if it has more booze in it for me.

The Prune Cake (RM9.50), on the other hand, won lots of brownie points with us. Served warm, the cake may looked plain but was a very moist and scrumptious cake with just the right balance of sweetness. We tasted the prunes in the cake and the deep caramelized richness that elevated this simple cake to an explosion of flavours in our mouth.

It was a lovely evening at Maria’s Steak Café. Food was certainly very satisfying, especially the steak. Maria’s has obviously nailed their steaks to near perfectness and I would gladly return just alone for their steaks. The café has got a nice friendly neighborhood vibe and is great for family, friends as well as business dining. Rest assured, we will be back…

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58, Jalan Maarof,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2282 2220

Instagram:  www.instagram.com/marias.steakcafe


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