June 18, 2016

Beans N Beans Korean Cafe @ Uptown Damansara

Korean Desserts, Sandwiches, Coffee and More

While there are certainly many Korean restaurants in town, there are not as many Korean cafes or bistro. There are some but these are mostly dessert cafes. One fine Sunday lunch, I met up with Choi Yen and her family together with mine to check out one of the latest Korean Café on the highly populated Uptown Damansara.

Sporting a cute name of Beans N Beans Korean Café, there are currently three outlets in Malaysia – Uptown Damansara and Citta Mall in Petaling Jaya and Oceanus Waterfront Mall in Sabah. Over in Sabah, their original outlet is known as Nunpat Korean Dessert Café. The Uptown Damansara outlet is located on the same row as Fat Spoon Café but right at the end of the row.

Walking into the café, one feels at ease immediately. Designed with comfort, there is an easy-going vibe at sight with all the elements of wood, brick and dark steel theme. What really makes this place delightful is the space it has for a café, making it easy to lounge there for some relaxing moments of a good cup of Joe and some Korean desserts of light bites.

There is also a section filled with comforting sofas and low tables. For those who simply must do something, there is a corner filled with lots of board games, toys and other knick-knacks to pass some time. Needless to say, my little one had a blast with Choi Yen’s little one there. It’s a great place for family gatherings too cos the café has enough stuff to keep the kids busy.

The menu is decent and simple. Although Beans N Beans do not have a long list of items, there are still plenty of sandwiches, toasts, desserts, coffee and other drinks to keep one pretty satiated.

Sparkling Grapefruit (RM12.80) is one of their best seller beverage and I can certainly understand why. I had two of this delicious and refreshing drink which is made in-house. The beverage has delicious sacs of juiciness of the bittersweet grapefruit that is so thirst-quenching.

Little D had the Beans N Beans’ Signature Hot Chocolate (RM11.70) and loved it. Warm fuzzy chocolatey notes with touches of creamy milk summed up the beverage.

Banana Apple Vinegar (RM10.40) wouldn’t have been my choice of beverage since I am not a fan of banana. Guess what, after a little encouragement to try this healthy Banana Apple Vinegar, I must admit that I enjoyed this hot tangy and fruity beverage very much. The banana flavour has turned mellow and the fruity sweet hint of apple is wonderful in this vinegar.

Green Tea Latte (RM12.00) for those who loves green tea with a blush creamy note.

Beans N Beans serves a decent selection of sandwiches and desserts for now. Menu will change and there will be more choices available. We had their latest sandwich of Ham & Cheese Grilled Sandwich (RM14.80) recently added. It’s a crowd pleaser for sure since one can always enjoy a hot and toasty ham and cheese sandwich. The adults as well as the kids were going for this one happily. They even added fresh tomatoes and served this with potato chips.

There is also another version of Omelette Ham Cheese Sandwich (RM14.80) where a thick omelette with vegetables is sandwiched with ham and cheese and toasted as well. Pretty hearty and great for all day dining.

For a touch of Korean flavours, go for their Chicken Bulgogi Sandwich (RM15.80). The delicious savory and sweet chicken bulgogi is nicely balanced with crisp lettuce and fresh sliced tomatoes with toasted bread. I like the savory and sweet flavours in this sandwich a lot.

Leave it to the Koreans to come up with savory and sweet dessert made with bread. The Garlic Cheese Bread (RM14.80) is very unique, combining salty garlicky and cheesy notes with hints of sweet condensed milk and some herbs. Sounds odd but tasted pretty yummy!

Again here I wouldn’t be jumping to order their Red Bean Cheese Toast (RM13.50) because I am not a big fan of red bean but Beans N Beans has proven that I may need to eat my own words because after having a taste of this dessert toast, I must say that this is my top favorite toast in the café. Its got that salty and sweet flavours going again where creamy sweet red bean paste with hot melted cheese is sandwiched, toasted and sprinkled with peanut powder, almond flakes and finished with drizzling of condensed milk.

This one is just so gorgeous that I literally almost finished this toast myself happily!

Matcha Bomb Bread (RM16.80) showcased the classic pairing of green tea with red bean, in this case, green tea ice cream, sweet red bean paste on toast. Its not my favorite of the lot and one does have to gobble this up pretty fast since the ice cream will melt in a jiffy on the warm toast. The others seemed to enjoy this more than me.

Bingsu has taken our nation by storm and Beans N Beans also has quite a few variations of the popular Korean snow ice on their menu. Being the ardent cheese lover, I was really excited to try the Cheese Bingsu (RM17.80). A hefty portion, it was piled high with milky shaved snow ice and finished with generous cubes of cheesecake, corn flakes and a large scoop of ice cream. Love the creamy snow ice with cheesecake!

Another signature and must try is their Green Tea Bingsu (RM17.80). Piled high again this time with injulmi mocha-like balls and large scoop of creamy bittersweet green tea ice cream on intense green tea snow ice, the bingsu is heavenly on the palate. I love how the intensity of green tea takes limelight here and savoring spoonful of green tea ice that just melts-on-the-tongue is such a refreshing and wondrous sensation.

Beans N Beans is such a great place to hang out with family or friends. The place is cozy and there are plenty of games and stuff to keep everyone of all ages busy. I really enjoyed their menu and so did my family. My top favorites include Sparkling Grapefruit, Ham & Cheese Grilled Sandwich, Red Bean Cheese Toast and Cheese Bingsu!

107, Jalan SS 21/1A,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E.
Tel: +603-77328288

Operating Hours:
Mon – Thu & Sun ~ 8.00am to 12.00am
Fri & Sat ~ 8.00am to 1.00am

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