May 6, 2016

Seafood Galore at Ocean Seafood Restaurant, Kota Kemuning

Good Value Seafood!

We love to eat and we love our seafood. So when I found out a place where one can enjoy seafood with affordable pricing, it’s always good to share this with all the seafood lovers out there. I love seafood, especially crab and prawns. One fine Sunday lunch, a bunch of us headed over to Ocean Seafood Restaurant for some indulgence on seafood.

I saw on their Facebook that they have a really good deal on crab with roes that are in season now. The crab with roes looked so irresistible plus the prices were really attractive since crabs are usually pretty expensive. Ocean Seafood Restaurant have two outlets, the original one in Puchong and the latest one in Kota Kemuning. We went to the newer branch in Kota Kemuning which has also been operating for a year already.

The restaurant is a no-frill one and resembles the usual open-air tai chow style restaurant. The place is spacious, bright and clean and parking is plenty. It was a late lunch but there were still diners strolling in after us in big groups.

The menu is filled with lots of photos and list of seafood dishes. I am actually really pleased to see how affordable the pricing of the dishes are besides just the crab. Majority of the dishes are one standard size so if you need a bigger portion, you will just need to order another portion of it. The list has the usual standard classic favorites of seafood prepared in classic sauces as well as some creative ones.

When asked for recommendation, we were told that their signature style for crab is Crab in Superior Soup. Ocean Seafood offers several crab sizes from M, XL and XXL. As it was roe season, all their crabs served are with the luscious and creamy roes.

The Crab in Superior Soup looked really beautiful at sight. Bright orange crabs are cooked in simple and tasty wine laden superior broth. We opted for the M size and was petty satisfied with it. One can order these with 2 crabs or 3 crabs per portion. Since there were eight of us, we had 3 crabs M size for this order.

The broth is decently sweet and tasty. There were plenty of flesh on the crab as well but it was the creamy roes that had us really enjoying the crab. Although the crab roe were a tad lightly overcooked, I didn’t mind it because it was still very tasty and moreish. I can taste the natural flavours of the crab and its freshness through this broth. It was a favorite dish at our table because we enjoyed the simple and classic flavours of the dish.

Because Ocean Seafood Restaurant offers such a good deal in their crab promotion, we ordered our second crab dish prepared in White Pepper Ginger Scallion Crab as recommended by the staff. This dish is new and is not in the menu yet. Our 3 crab M size looked delicious too! I can see lots of speckles of white pepper on the crab together with ginger and scallion.

I was surprise at the flavour of this dish. Expecting a big hit of peppery rush but it was instead very well balanced and beautifully composed. The peppery note was rather mellow and I can still taste the distinctive ginger and scallion flavours in the dish. Since the sauce is stronger here, the natural crab flavours are less prominent here compared to the first dish. Nevertheless, the roes did work well with the robust sauce and we were pretty satisfied with the unique flavours of this dish.

Here’s the gist of how the crab promotion works so it’s really good value for money if you order a second dish of the same size and amount of crab which can be prepared in two different sauces.

CRAB Promotion
M size (200 – 300g)
2 crabs – RM48 (1st order) | RM28 (2nd order)
3 crabs – RM58 (1st order) | RM38 (2nd order)

XL size (350 - 450g)
2 crabs – RM58 (1st order) | RM38 (2nd order)
3 crabs – RM68 (1st order) | RM48 (2nd order)

XXL Size (500 – 600g)
2 crabs - RM88

*Additional RM5 for special sauces as noted on their menu.

I would love to go back again to try their crabs soon with other sauces like Salted Egg, Kam Heong, Marmite, Buttermilk, Steamed with Egg White, Sweet and Sour, Curry, Glass Noodle and more.

Besides crab, we also tried other dishes that were also very reasonably priced. The restaurant is pork free and offers more seafood on their menu but there is some chicken dishes to satisfy meat lovers as well.

The unique 3-Flavour Prawn or Asam Prawn (RM18) was a big hit at our table. Good medium size prawns were smothered in a piquant spicy, sweet and sour sauce that really whets the appetite. The prawn was fresh and firm in texture. We love the sauce a lot and had a good time sucking the prawn shells for the delicious sauce. The chef has also cleverly half the prawns to let the sauce penetrate the flesh to flavour it well. For the price, it’s really a worthy dish to order as there was at least 8 to 10 prawns in the dish.

The next dish of Squid with Sambal Petai (RM18) also won many votes with its moreish hit of spicy sambal sautéed with tender squid, lots of petai, lady’s fingers and onions. The dish goes so well with steamed rice that you might just be ordering another bowl of rice just to savor this dish.

I couldn’t believe that their Scallop with Sweet Pea in XO Sauce (RM18) was so reasonably priced. The scallops were not large but they were also of decent quality and size. Sweet and bouncy, the scallops were well cooked and tender. The XO sauce was sublime with its rich seafood flavours of dried seafood. The additions of sweet crunchy sugar snap peas, onions and chili was delightful and yummy.

Claypot Steamed Seabass (RM18 small) is a signature of the restaurant and this one came smoking hot. The fish is beautifully sweet and tender. The cooking method really enhanced the flavours of the fish well. If you have a bigger crowd, then you can order a bigger size fish. Simple and delicious…

Since I had my little one with me, we also ordered the Beancurd with Salted Egg (RM15). This one was delicious. The house made bean curd was not the usual soft one but rather a firmer texture. Coated in an unctuous and tasty salted egg sauce, the dish also was well enjoyed by us adults than just my little one.

I also ordered the Seafood Fried Rice (RM15) for my little one. The fried rice is superb, so much so, I find myself digging in happily along with my little one. Lots of bits of seafood are nicely cooked with fluffy rice and egg. The dish had good ‘wok hei’ and was so tasty and aromatic.

Ocean Seafood Restaurant offers very good value for their seafood dishes. Flavours may not be the best of every dish but quality and price is certainly very good. The portions are also pretty good for the price and for the eight of us, the total price rounded up to about RM220 for all the dishes with rice and drinks. I would go back because it offers such good value for money and there are plenty of choices to keep everyone happy. A friend of mine had advised that their Puchong branch is always very packed so it’s advisable to go very early else one may need to queue. There are no reservations for that branch so its first come first serve basis. The Kota Kemuning branch allows reservations for large parties so call them for more information.

No.2, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla 31/AF
Kota Kemuning
40460 Shah Alam, Selangor
Tel:  016-245 1369 / 010 221 0188 / 012 220 8898 / 012 381 5703

Business hours:
Lunch    11.30am to 3.00pm
Dinner   5.00pm to 10.30pm

Open 7 days a week


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