May 3, 2016

Dim Sum @ Xin Cuisine, Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Feasting on Delectable Dim Sum

Looks like I am bit late but I guess better than never. If you grew up in the city or have been living here for a while, you would certainly know that Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant at Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur has been serving delectable dim sums to many since its early start up days. The nouvelle Chinese restaurant is one of my favorite places to go for consistent quality and excellent Chinese dishes. The Chinese chefs at Xin Cuisine has consistently maintain classic and old school dishes over the years and keep them updated with modern presentation as well as new twists.

One weekend, my family and I headed over to Xin Cuisine for a ‘Yum Cha’ session finally since we have been hearing great ravings about their dim sum from our foodie friends. Available daily for lunch and breakfast on weekends, Xin Cuisine was packed that morning, another sign of its well-known dim sum that attracts many families and friends to yum cha there.

While heading to our table, the air in the restaurant smells heavenly. I spied luscious baskets of steamy hot dim sums and golden pastries filling many tables as diners are seen digging in happily. At Xin Cuisine, all dim sums are made to order to ensure their freshness. Simply order away from the dim sum menu, which is so tempting that one would be tempted to try and order them all.

We started off with their steamed dim sums. These arrived briefly and at sight, I could the generous portions of the dim sums that came piping on in the classic dim sum baskets. Xin Cuisine is a non-halal restaurant hence there were plenty of porcine dim sums and other dishes to satisfy fans like me.

We started off with the classic steamed dim sums of King Siew Mai, Siew Mai, Steamed Scallop Dumpling and Chinese Parsley Dumpling. Plump morsels of steamed dumplings with various ingredients that guarantees satisfaction in every bite. King Siew Mai goes epic with its crowning of a sweet and bouncy prawn on the classic Siew Mai. The Siew Mai passed all the markings of deliciousness with its tasty filling of pork and prawn.

Steamed Scallop Dumpling and Chinese Parsley Dumpling are simply a must-order as both dumplings are generously filled with seafood and tasted delectably sweet and fresh.

Steamed Fish Ball is bound to be a crowd please with the young and the old. Tender with a good bite, the fish paste is wondrously savory and delightful.

Don’t know about you but I can never resist ordering Bacon Roll! This one goes a step more and is topped with a generous sprinkling of pork floss. Unctuously moreish and you may certainly end up ordering another few more…

Steamed Pork Ribs is definitely another classic dim sum that many enjoys. The ribs are well marinated so it’s really tasty and it also has a smooth and tender texture. Nicely savory, the ribs were gone in a jiffy on our table.

It’s not a well-known item in dim sum but the Steamed Pork Belly or Pig Stomach actually is simply super yum if you love this offal. Xin Cuisine makes this dish so good, we had to order another round of it. Pig stomach is cooked with radish and lots of pepper till super tender. Get ready for a whopping hit of peppery note that is utterly moreish and addictive. I also love the tender slices of pig stomach and radish. Ask the wait staff for this if you don’t see it on the menu because this is just so good!!

My little one and other half always enjoy a good Steamed Glutinous Rice. This one was soft, sticky, sweet and very enjoyable as it is also filled with lots of ingredients like chicken, mushroom, Chinese sausage and more.

Stir Fried Glutinous Rice is another version of rice that is available at the restaurant. Though it looked rather plain, the simplicity of

Hot steamy and fluffy Baos are another dim sum classic. Those Xin Cuisine only offers two baos of Steamed BBQ Bun and Steamed Lao Sa Bun, it is sufficiently enough because these two baos are favorites of many. Fluffy baos encasing sweet char siew filling or the sinful salted egg yolk custard of ‘Lao Sa’ is great for sharing.

Check out that molten golden lava of salted egg yolk custard! Ok so I hogged one to myself because I super love the savory and luscious custard with the bao….

Moving on to the baked and fried dim sum, more crowd favorites of Fried Yam Puff, BBQ Puff, Prawn Beancurd, Fried Salad Prawn and Egg Tart.

Buttery, flaky, crispy, crunchy morsels of delightful bites. Crispy and creamy yam encasing a moreish and sweet meat filling evoked old school memories of food. Buttery puff pastry that wonderfully emits a luscious aroma and filled with the classic Char Siew filling. Thin and crispy beancurd sheets enveloping bouncy sweet prawns was just as scrumptious as the golden dumpling pastry encasing another prawn filling to be dip with a salad sauce.

And then, there’s the all-time-favorite Egg Tart, a must-have with many of all ages, was superb. Truly a testament to every Chinese pastry chef’s skill, the ones here was gloriously flaky and golden, holding a wobbly egg custard that barely set. The flavours of egg, sugar, butter and more is truly well enhanced in every aspect of its element. Superb!

Besides just dim sum, we indulge in another signature Chinese classic from the kitchens of Xin Cuisine. Our Trio Combination of Barbeque Meats (RM60 | RM90 | RM110 in sizes) offered bites of roast meats that is made daily in the kitchen of the restaurant by their Hong Kong roast master chef. Char Siew, Roasted Pork and Roasted Duck is a plate worth savoring. Glistening and caramelized Char Siew was tender and divine. Crunchy crackling on Roasted Pork with its layers of meat and deep robust Roasted Duck with a light crisp skin was devoured in minutes, a sign of sublime satisfaction from everyone at the table.

Vegetarian Honey Shredded Ginger Bean Curd (RM30) is a vegetarian rendition of the restaurant’s Honey Shredded Ginger Chicken (RM35) that was so yummy. The delicate and lightness of the crispy bean curd smothered in a thick sweet honey sauce laced with gingery notes had us munching happily on this guilt-free dish.

Going all the way that day, we even ordered desserts. The dessert choices is a staggering list of 13 items and we happily ordered 4 from its list. Chilled Aloe Vera, Mango Pudding, Almond Beancurd and Herbal Jelly was our preferred choices.

Refreshing desserts of Chilled Aloe Vera and Mango Pudding proved to be the right choices to lighten up our meaty meals of dim sum. Both light jiggles on the jelly and pudding dances in the mouth with pleasure. Aloe Vera is a natural healing remedy and also cools down the body. Sweet fruity mango is always a crowd pleaser.

Not many appreciates Almond Beancurd as many have been known to not enjoy the aroma of the Chinese almond or ‘Hung Yan’. I did and I am very happy to say that the Almond Beancurd here is wonderfully delicate and delicious. It has just the right soft texture and the bits of longan, kiwi and orange segments enhanced the jelly really well.

The Herbal Jelly was also yum and I did steal a bite from the person who ordered this, Served with honey, its distinctive bittersweet note clean the palate well as well as ease the body from the heat.

Xin Cuisine’s Dim Sum is certainly one of the best in the city. No wonder many flocks to the restaurant every weekend of a helping of the delectable small bites. There are plenty of more dim sum that we didn’t manage to try but that’s good because I am very sure I will be bring my family back here to try the rest. Dim sum prices from RM10 to RM22 for the various choices.

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