April 3, 2016

Top 10 Dishes at Genji Japanese Restaurant, Hilton Petaling Jaya

Need a reason to visit Genji Japanese Restaurant? Here’s 10 delicious reasons to head on over to Hilton Petaling Jaya’s Genji Japanese Restaurant for a taste. After its refurbishment, the restaurant has been serving a new menu filled with lots of Japanese classics as well as dishes with Chef Richard Teoh’s own creative twist.

There are plenty of spaces to dine at Genji. Choose from the main dining room that is also cleverly sectioned to allow diners more privacy as well as the many private tatami rooms available. These tatami rooms are just gorgeously elegant and beautifully lite with paper light shades. One can also dine at the majestic elevated sushi bar and catch some chefs in action!

If you haven’t been to Genji, you should. The restaurant has been serving many foodies since 1988. Armed with its Zen ambiance, it’s great for any business or casual occasions. The award winning restaurant’s new menu is extensive and filled with lots of Japanese classic dishes. Chef Richard also manages to put his own touch on some of the dishes. So let’s check out what are the Top 10 Dishes that is worthy of a visit to Genji!

We love how Chef Richard takes the classic California roll and turn it into a California Salad (RM41). Lots of ingredients goes into this hearty bowl of salad sauced up in a moreish tingling Wasabi Mayo Dressing. Garden greens with Salmon, Tuna, Avocado, Crab stick and Flying Fish Roe went so well with the dressing and it’s also got lots of lovely textures that complemented each other.

One cannot really go wrong with any of the sashimi at Genji. Only the freshest cut will do and Genji has their own usual twice a week shipment from Japan. We had their Sashimi Moriawase Hana (RM233), a platter filled with sublime cuts of Salmon, Tuna, Kampachi and Seabream.

That’s one huge prawn when I first saw the Jumbo Ebi Ura Maki (RM76)! The reversed roll looked gorgeous with its studded orange flying fish roes, jumbo crispy tempura prawns and some greens. They even battered and deep fried the huge prawn head till crispy for us to enjoy.

Buri Miso (RM33) is comfort food. Yellow tail fish head fried and boiled in miso soup is deliciously soothing, something you would want to eat after a long day at work. The fish still has lots of smooth flesh and the soup was nutty and tasty.

I had their Kaki Chili Mayo (RM17 per piece) before and I had raved about it back then. I am about to rave at it again. The briny aphrodisiac large oyster is covered in a blanket of spicy mayo gratin. I love how Chef Richard added a bold hit of heat that really surprises the palate and elevated the flavour senses. Super shiok!

Number six on the list is a guaranteed favorite unless you don’t like cod fish. Gindara (RM82) or black cod is beautifully grilled till just right. It has crispy skin too. We opted for ours with teriyaki sauce but you can also have it grilled with just salt. Smooth, creamy and soft, the cod is divine in the sweet and savory teriyaki sauce. A must order for me…

The next one was Ebi Chili Mayo (RM70). A huge tiger prawn split open and grilled with Chef Richard’s spicy mayo sauce that was the same as the oyster one. This one was sweeter and equally juicy as the prawn was cooked well. I think that awesome spicy mayo works well with most seafood.

The Trio Combo (RM140) is perfect for foodies who loves varieties. Featuring three of the chef’s best dishes on one plate is such a brilliant idea.

Rolled Salmon, Tuna & Sea Bream Sashimi Avocado showed off again how fresh sashimi is all one needs. Three cuts of fish wrapped with a wedge of creamy avocado on a bed of ice is a great dish to start with in this trio.

More fish and this time, its Grilled Cod with Salt on Garlic Fried Rice. The cod is creamy and soft, literally melting-in-the-mouth. Super love the salty pearls of salmon roe with the cod. The garlic fried rice has lots of umami flavours and textures. Both fish and rice paired very well in terms of flavours and textures.

My favorite of the trio has to be the Baked Tiger Prawn with Spicy Mayo on Potato Salad. It’s a familiar dish of succulent tiger prawns grilled with the same spicy mayo and this time, it’s served with creamy potato salad. What a wonderful trio of seafood!

The last savory dish is Genji’s Teppanyaki Tenderloin (RM84). Back to classic in beef tenderloin cooked teppanyaki style. One can’t really go wrong with this dish as it was garlicky and had a deep rich savory and sweet teppanyaki sauce.

It’s always lovely to end any meal with a sweet note. Opt for Genji’s Banana Spring Roll (RM33) served with Green Tea Ice Cream, Red Bean and Mochi. The roll was crispy and filled with creamy sweet soft banana. The yin and yang, the hot and cold effect of rolls and ice cream worked great as a memorable ending that evening.

For reservations, please contact Genji Japanese Restaurant at 03 7955 9122 extn. 4071/4072 or visit Hilton Petaling Jaya’s F&B blog, www.zestpj.com for the latest F&B and entertainment promotions.

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Business Hours:
Lunch          Mon – Sat:  12noon to 2.30pm
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  1. Love the place, love the presentation, everything looks really good.

  2. Gindara's one of my favorites from here!