April 13, 2016

Recipe: Smoked Duck Breast with LINGHAM’s Mango Salsa

I am always on the lookout for some easy party dish. Since I love to cook, I also love to share my food with family and friends. Lucky for me, my family and friends are always adventurous and easy-going when it comes to food. So I get to play in my kitchen and take them all on a yummy food journey all over the world!

While shopping for grocery one day, I spied smoked duck breast in the frozen section of my local grocery store. These individually packed smoked duck breast are about RM8 plus a piece. I decided to try these out since I love duck. I was told that these smoked duck breast are already ready to be eaten since it’s smoked till cooked. I also spied the same smoked duck breast in other bigger and international grocery stores like Village Grocer and Jaya Grocer outlets or B.I.G Supermarket.

I decided to have some fun and thought that the smoky and salty duck breast would need something juicy and sweet with a little tang to match it. Then mango was in season and I thought why not pair this with mango salsa. It’s quite easy to prepare this dish and it makes really nice presentation for parties too. Best of all, the flavour is deliciously sublime. The salty smoke duck after being given a pan fried on its skin was still very juicy. The spicy, sweet and tangy mango salsa was refreshing and really lifted the smoked duck flavours to a fruity height. You can do this in advance if you are having a get-together or potluck as this one taste good hot or at room temperature for the duck.

Taste your mango salsa and adjust it to your likings. If you like spicy, add in more chili or LINGHAM Chili Extra Hot. Add more lime juice for more tang as well. I used LINGHAM Chili Sauce with Ginger for this and it really gave the salsa a robust hit of sweet and spicy flavour. Choose a ripe yellow mango for sweetness as the greener ones have a harder texture and taste more sour than fruity. Make sure to add in lots of onions and coriander to have a good kick to the salsa while the bell peppers are more for crunch and light sweetness.

If you can’t find smoked duck, seafood works beautifully with this mango salsa too. Try scallop or prawns, have them grilled or poached, they will taste great too with the fruity mango salsa.

Happy Cooking!

Smoked Duck Breast with LINGHAM’s Mango Salsa

1                  Smoked Duck Breast
2 tbsp           Cooking Oil
1                  Mango (ripe – dice into small cubes)
1 qtr             Red Bell Pepper (dice into small cubes)
1 qtr             Yellow Bell Pepper (dice into small cubes)
1 small          Red Onion (minced finely)
1                  Green or Red Chili (minced finely)
1                  Lime (zest and juice)
some            Coriander (chopped)
2 to 3 tbsp    LINGHAM’s Chili Ginger Sauce
                    Salt & Pepper to season

After giving Smoked Duck Breast a rinse, pat it completely dry.
Heat up pan with cooking oil on medium heat.
Placed smoked duck breast skin side down into pan and let it cook slowly to crisp up the skin.
Smoked duck breast is already cooked so we just want the skin to be crispy and golden so it should take about 5 to 7 minutes. Flip to the meat side and cook for another 1 minute and remove from pan to cool.
To assemble the mango salsa, mix all the diced and minced ingredients of mango, red and yellow bell pepper, onion, chili, coriander, lime zest and juice and LINGHAM’s Chili Ginger Sauce.
Season with salt and pepper, add more lime juice and LINGHAM’s Chili Ginger Sauce to your taste.
Chill mango salsa till you are ready to serve as it taste better cold.
Slice smoked duck breast and served with mango salsa.

Extra Note & Tips
  • If you cannot find smoked duck breast, regular duck breast will do but you will have to cook it longer till its cook.
  • Substitute duck breast for prawns, squid, scallop or other shellfish. You can either grill or poached the seafood.
  • Choose ripe mango for a fruity sweet flavour. Any varieties are fine as long as they are ripe and sweet.
  • Adjust sourness and heat to your liking by adding more lime juice or chili.
  • Mango salsa also works well with other LINGHAM Chili Sauce – Original, Thai, Extra Hot, Sriracha
  • Mango salsa can be prepared few hours ahead and chilled in fridge, however not more than a day advance as it may turn watery.
  • Smoked duck breast is available at major international grocery stores or at some of your local grocery stores. 


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