April 9, 2016

Ori-Ya Sanuki Udon, Damansara Kim

Slurping on Comfort Food!

Some food are just pure comfort food that I can eat them every day. It doesn’t have to be complicated dishes and most of the time, these comfort food are just really simple dishes made with lots of love. A recent visit to Ori-Ya Sanuki Udon at Damansara Kim had us slurping up some really simple but delicious Japanese udon noodles.

Ori-Ya had its first successfully outlet in The Gardens Mall. The pork free outlet is always busy there and many flocked to their signature Sanuki Udon that has its distinctive al dente chewy and smooth texture of udon. The second outlet now opens at Damansara Kim and has a slight twist to its original with touches of local flavours as well as including pork on the menu.

Owner Victor Teo conceptualized his second outlet based on the geographical customers around that area. He also wanted to give the second outlet its own signature and introduces some local flavours as well as set meals that won’t break your wallet for a quick and simple hearty meal.

The new outlet is designed with the usual Japanese themed where wood is always used and bold colors of black and grey with splashes of red are used to contrast the wood and bring them up to life. The restaurant is cool with its air con and fan and definitely comforting for a meal of udons. One can catch some kitchen action too since the kitchen is actually at the front of the restaurant while the dining space is at the back of the space.

The menu has a solid selection of udons with various sauces prepared hot or cold. Besides udon, there are also a few rice or donburi dishes and some sides as well as a selection of Kushiage.

We started with some really yummy Karaage (RM5). Crispy Japanese fried chicken bites that is utterly moreish and juicy, it’s a sure crowd pleaser…

More crispy bites followed pursuit in the form of Kakiage (RM3). These Japanese fritters are always a welcome favorite in many udon places simply because they make great side bites and they also goes really well with udons. Crispy and light, ordering one is just right to go with your bowl of udon!

It’s a best seller here so one simply must order the Pork Katsu with Wasabi Mayo (RM8). A good size piece of pork chop is nicely crumbed and fried to crispy golden katsu. Savor this with their wasabi mayo for an extra kick of flavour.

Mini Salad with Wasabi or Sesame (RM3.50) was decent with finely shredded cabbage and creamy dressing.

Ori-Ya also has a selection of Kushiage, skewers of breaded seafood, meat and vegetables that goes great as snacks with some sake or beer. Price starts from RM1.80 to RM3.00 per skewer depending on the ingredients. There are Onion, Mushroom, Eggplant, Ladies Finger, Quail Egg, Chicken, Cheese Sausage, Crabmeat, Fishball and Prawn.

Moving to the main signatures of what we came for at Ori-Ya, we had their most simple version of Original Soup with Kitsune (RM6.50). For such a minimalist bowl of thick and smooth udon in house made broth, some greens and a piece of Aburaage or sweet fried bean curd, the bowl was very satisfying. The delicate broth was delightfully tasty and yet it’s light and easy on the palate. The udon made fresh daily is what every udon should be… tender, lightly chewy and smooth.

There is also their Kare Udon (RM9), featuring thick Japanese curry generously smothered over udon and topped with soft poached egg. The curry version here is not laden with lots of spices so it’s rather mellow and lightly savory and sweet. The egg made the curry more enticing…

Mentaiko or fish roe (usually cod or Pollack) is such an unctuous and umami ingredient. One must try the Mentaiko Udon Hot/Cold (RM9) because the mentaiko really made the udon so tasty. We opted for the cold one and the salty moreish mentaiko really elevated the flavours of that noodle. The wasabi added a nice hit of tingling note while the mayo and egg gave the udon a creamy sauce. This one is really yummy served cold!

We were recommended their House Special Udon Hot/Cold (RM6.50). This one also was served chilled and the udons when served cold has a really good bouncy bite. Simply flavours with the poached egg and wasabi, making it great for daily dining.

Ori-Ya has just introduced 3 special udons recently and these are not your ordinary udons. These are all given a twist of local touch and one can even add on Karaage and Green Tea for additional RM4 per bowl.

Salad Udon (RM6) is also served cold and lots of fresh flavours and textures. Served with fresh finely shredded cabbage, carrot, crab stick, seaweed, Aburaage and Kimchi, it was the sesame dressing that also tied everything together. I really enjoyed the fresh robust flavours in this udon and would definitely order this again.

Another udon that rocked our boat in favor was the Chili Bean Pork Udon (RM6). The pungent and thick chili bean sauce with minced and mushrooms was really spicy and sublime in flavours. Even after mixing this up, the sauce was still thick and rich. I love how the heat level in this dish is geared towards our Malaysian’s palate because this is a dish that will spiced up your palate with a kick! Must-order…

There were mixed reviews about the third special udon of Curry Vegetable Udon (RM6). The curry was more of our own local Malaysian version of a creamy curry. This one is very creamy with a good heat level but the spices are not as noticeable here. I didn’t mind on the spices and also enjoyed how it was loaded with lots of eggplant, cabbage, long bean, ladys finger and bean curd puff.

Ori-Ya also caters to rice lovers with some of their donburis. We like their Tonkatsu Don (RM10) and Gyu Don (RM10). The crispy pork cutlet with poached egg and veggies on rice makes great single meal anytime while the beef and onion don was tasty despite it looking rather plain. Flavours are definitely there and both are pretty satisfying.

Simple and delicious with very affordable pricing sums up Ori-Ya. These are udon dishes one can enjoy daily and they are healthy too. The menu caters to every one of all ages and is pretty much comfort food. Whether you visit their pork free outlet at Mid Valley or this new outlet that serves pork, you’re in for a treat with their udons!

17 Jalan SS20/11,
Damansara Kim
47400, Petalling Jaya
Tel: 603 8933 8001

Business Hours:
Wed to Mon 11.00am to 3.00pm (Lunch) | 5.30pm to 9.30pm (Dinner)
Closed on Tuesdays

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