April 6, 2016

Epic Brunch at The Village, Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside

Go Epic on your Sunday Brunch!

Sundays are great for indulgence! If you’re looking for a feast to indulge, head on over to The Village Restaurant & Bar at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside for their Epic Brunch. Recently launched, it’s a plethora of tantalizing seafood, bbq and dessert buffet unlike any other.

Over one beautiful Sunday, we headed over to The Village Restaurant & Bar and was pleased with the gorgeous sight of the fine-looking Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside hotel. Located next to a lake, the resort is huge and spacious. We took a leisure stroll to The Village Restaurant & Bar and was greeted by a majestic sight of colors.

The whole restaurant was decked out in themed colors of purple, black and white. The ambiance was jovial and picturesque with lots of tables nicely spaced out. As the restaurant is located next to the lake, the view is delightful and perfect for a Sunday indulgence brunch with family or friends.

Live band to entertain diners while they enjoy their feast…

The Epic Brunch is priced at RM317nett (with free flow of champagne, tap beer, cocktails and other beverages), RM243nett per adult (non-alcohol beverages) and RM 130nett per child. While one may deemed that the price is steeped, wait till you see what the Epic Brunch offers! It’s not named epic for nothing because the brunch is lavishly filled with premium seafood and other treats that really takes your indulgence to a whole new level of satisfaction.

Kick start the brunch with lots of bubblies (that is if you take the free flow champagne package) from Nicholas Feuillatte champagne, special cocktails to lots of freshly squeezed juices to quench your thirst! They also serve San Pellegrino sparkling and still water...

Head on over to the Seafood on Ice bar to feast on Crayfish, Mussel, Prawn, Oyster and lots of Salmon and Tuna Sashimi as well as Gravlax. Enjoy the seafood with various sauces that includes a delicious onion mignonette among the fresh lemon wedges and Thousand island sauce.

The sight of a whole Salt Baked Norwegian Salmon makes my heart sing with joy. The salmon was cooked just right as the flesh was sweet and soft with a touch of salty creaminess.

Scallops with roes on half shells with tangy tomato sauce

There was also Whole Baby Barramundi baked and served with local sauces of Cili Kicap, Air Asam and Sambal Belachan!

Besides the seafood mentioned, there are more succulent surprises for this Epic Brunch, so read on…

Prime Rib, a whole rack of it, are cooked to medium doneness. I had seconds of this because the prime rib was exceptionally tender, juicy and utterly delicious. The meat goes really well with all of the Mushroom sauce, Black Pepper Sauce and Thyme sauce. They were even thoughtful enough to provide classic sauces on the table like Worcestershire Sauce, Horseradish sauce, HP Sauce and more…

Leg of Lamb, all five of it, was roasted with spices and are equally tender and moreish as the Prime Rib.

Next to the Carvery station was the BBQ and Grill station where lots of grilling actions are manned by the many chefs to whip up various Sausages, Chicken, Seafood and more.

Besides the scrumptious spread of meat and seafood, there are so much more hot buffet items such as Soup station, Dim Sum station, Pasta station, Salad bar, local dishes as well as international ones. Here’s where I let the photos do the talking…

What makes Epic Brunch so value for money is when the wait staff started to come out carrying platters of King Neptune’s ransom treasures of Spanner Crabs and Freshwater Prawns! Served at your tableside, these lavish crustaceans are huge.

Spanner crabs usually have little meat but when they are of this size, the meat is also plenty and sweet.

Drool-worthy at sight are the huge Freshwater Prawns served with a damn kickass Spicy Raspberry sauce that rocked my palate. The prawns were as large as my hand and full of creamy sinful roes. That day, the prawns were exceptionally fresh as I can taste the glorious sweetness of the prawns and the firm yet tender texture of the crustaceans. Make sure to savor this with the Spicy Raspberry sauce because the tangy sweet and spicy sauce really amp up the flavour of the prawns. Can’t get enough of this…

Savoring all these premium seafood, meat and bubblies alone justifies the price tag of this Epic Brunch!

Kids are also well-entertained with clowns who made lots of balloon art for them…

Just when I thought that it can’t get any better, I hit the Dessert bar set in an enclosed chilled room. The spread of the dessert is mind-boggling too. From huge epic cakes to dainty slices, tarts, mousse, jellies, eclairs, cupcakes, handmade chocolates and truffles, macarons, cookies, Chocolate Fountain, fresh fruits, cheeses, ice creams and local kuihs, one would really have a tough time saving space for this lot as well as tough decision in choosing from these delectable dessert spread.

Kids as well as adults are going to love the little Popcorn station churning out golden crunchy nuggets of caramelized popcorn…

My dessert plate was thoroughly satisfying…

Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside is celebrating Epic Brunch event with special rates from RM317nett and RM243nett per adult (non-alcohol) and RM 130nett per child. Epic Brunch is held every Sunday from 11.30am to 3.00pm.

All reservation can be completed directly to the reservation of office at 603 8890 0000 or e-mail: epicbrunch@pullmanputrajaya.com

Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside
No.2, Jalan P5/5, Presint 5
62200 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia
Tel. +60 (3) 8890 0000

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PullmanPJ

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