December 14, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note II Be Creative Campaign: Unleash Your Creativity!

Infinite Creativity with Samsung Galaxy Note II!

Unleash your wackiest, wildest, coolest creation with the fabulous Samsung Galaxy Note II by joining their Be Creative Campaign! Go beyond your wildest and think out of the box to win a prize from four of the coolest brand ambassador for Samsung Galaxy Note II. All you have to do is let your creative juices flow and let the rest take care of itself.

Are you a Foodie like me? Maybe you inspire to be an actor or actress… maybe an artist? But then again, you could just be a pure sport junkie! Whatever you are, you definitely want to check out what these four artists love playing with their Samsung Galaxy Note II…

Be Creative application lets you choose your favorite artist and complete their drawing in Your Own Imagination! Submit and wait for the brand ambassador to pick the winner. Easy-peasy right? Requires nothing but a little creativity and you get to win some cool prize!

I was intrigue with his Video!Not to mention, Razif Hashim, a food show host, definitely falls right in my area of the gastronomic culinary industry. Hint…Razif is giving away dinner for two foodies at his favorite makan spot at Prime.

A foodie will always be a foodie…winks!

Next, click on the Be Creative App website:

Pick One of Your Favorite to Start…

I chose Razif and his canvas of a plate with cutlery!

Now all you have to do is go wild or artsy and complete this canvas with your imagination. Hint… using the Samsung Galaxy Note II S Pen makes everything so much easier!

There are quite a few tools of pen, marker, brush and pencil with some colors and you can even put in some words!

Since the prize was a dinner for two at Prime, a fabulous steakhouse, I chose to let my juices be portrayed in an artistic rendition of Samsung Galaxy Note II with a picture of My Perfect Steak with Mashed Potato and Sauteed Vegetables!

Finishing up my creativity with a tagline of ‘Feast on Creativity’!

After my submission, I even get an approval of Yumminess from Razif!

Check out the Prizes from each Artist

Samsung Galaxy Note II… an infinite possibility awaits!

What do you think of my creative juice? J

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  1. I admire those of you who can work their way around new gadgets.