December 5, 2012

Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine, Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya: A Potpourri of Japanese Classics!

A Delicious Japanese Affair!

Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine at Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya always has a spot in my list of favorite places to dine. I have dined here countless times and each time, the quality and consistency of Japanese dishes are aimed to please with great satisfaction. Eyuzu also serves a gorgeous Japanese buffet spread during weekends where I had also posted about it here. Two weeks ago, I was back to check out their classics and an Okonomiyaki promotion. The night was truly well spent with sumptuous Japanese classics and great company of old and new friends!

An award winning restaurant, Eyuzu serves up lots of Japanese classics with a few additions of its own for monthly promotions. During November, there was an Okonomiyaki Promotion where guests can savor this comfort dish with assorted fillings. Okonomiyaki deciphers to ‘As-you-like-it Pancake’ to us commoners. It is a savory Japanese pancake made with a batter consisting of cabbage, carrots, pickled ginger, egg and can be filled with meat, seafood and even noodles. Read on for the version at Eyuzu…

Sashimi and Maki

It is always good to start with the lightest flavor to the heavier ones for a better dining experience. With all Japanese courses, the ever popular Sashimi, Sushi and Maki are usually the first to tickle the tastebuds with its fresh and delicate flavors of the sea and land. We had a tasting plate of Sashimi Moriawase and pieces of Eyuzu Maki that night. The sea of sashimi consists of salmon, tuna, sea bass and surf clam. Fresh and sweet, it barely needed much soy sauce or wasabi to enjoy its full potential.

Eyuzu Maki is Chef Ricky’s signature roll consisting of crispy fried soft shell crab wrapped with vegetables and coated with popping flying fish roes. Yum…

Chawan Mushi

Back to basic classic, Chawan Mushi is and will always be a favorite with me. It’s a dish that one can relate to pure comfort food. The version here is perfectly steamed with soft and wobbly savory egg custard studded with chicken, lotus seed, mushroom, crab stick and fish cake.

Shake Kabuto Jiru

Instead of the usual miso soup, one should try this Salmon Head Miso Soup. It’s filled to the brim with loads of pure omega goodness from the chunky salmon pieces, Shimeji mushrooms, seaweed and bean curd. Robust and warming, the soup makes a nice change from my usual favorite miso with the addition of the salmon flavors.


Although common and deemed simple, often the deep fried tempura can still be botched up. At Eyuzu, one gets a golden light crisp batter encasing seafood and vegetables. Crisp and not oily at all, this classic is always enjoyed with its warm shoyu dip with grated radish. It is also a favorite among many of us that night as it was polished off easily.

Teppanyaki Beef Roll & White Tuna

We were treated to an artistic rendition of the famous teppanyaki cooking show before we feasted on the dish itself. Of course the chef makes it looked like a breeze but if I would even dare to try to swing or throwing some spatula in the air, you all better get out of the way! Put that aside, the aroma is intoxicatingly delicious as we inhaled in pungent garlic with butter as the sauce coated the white tuna and beef rolls.

It was every bit as delicious as its aroma! The rich buttery garlic sauce livens up the tuna beautifully. The beef rolls are equally tantalizing as the rolls with the enoki mushrooms have soaked up the sauce very well, making the beef extremely juicy and bursting with flavors. There was also teppanyaki mushrooms too. I really enjoyed this dish for its glorious garlic butter sauce.

Unagi Kabayaki & Saba Shioyaki

Showcasing two fish prepared the traditional Japanese way, one is eel grilled in sweet eel sauce while the other is mackerel grilled with salt. Both are distinctive in their taste. While the eel is soft and sweet, the mackerel is firm and salty. It’s really a nice contrast when served together.


We were also given a nice treat as the chef prepared the okonomiyaki right before our eyes. The filling was cooked first before it was piled into the cabbage batter and topped with pickled ginger. After nicely cooked, it was finished off with a drizzling of okonomiyaki sauce, Japanese mayonnaise and sprinkled with seaweed, herbs and onions.

The soft wedge of sweet cabbage was so moist and savory. There is also a nice flavor and chunky seafood in it as I bite my way through the pancake. The sauces make it sweet and creamy while I can taste a little tang from the pickled ginger. I really enjoyed this and would definitely reorder it again. This is going to be my benchmark for okonomiyaki from now on!


The night ended with another favorite Japanese signature of green tea ice cream served with creamy red beans. Simple and satisfying…

Helmed by Chef Ricky Hui, Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine certainly lives up to its consistency in serving authentic Japanese cuisine. It’s no wonder this award winning restaurant is famous for its weekend buffets and even a la carte. There are usually monthly promotions so be sure to check out Eastin Hotel’s website and facebook for Eyuzu’s promotions or specials. Make sure to ask for their okonomiyaki if they are available… you certainly won’t regret it!

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Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya
13, Jalan 16/11, Pusat Dagang Seksyen 16,
46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 7665 1111
Fax: +603 7665 9999



  1. Ok, Japanese...not a fan but this place certainly looks special - not like the rest, the same old things all the time.

    1. it has its charm and the buffet is really beautiful.. I have been back here with my family several times and they love this!

  2. Now I have a craving for Japanese...

  3. Eyuzu! I remember dining there once awhile back and vividly remember the chawanmushi being so, so good. Did you manage to try any? :) I think we had three or four cups each!

    1. Oh, your chawanmushi pic just loaded! Slurrppppppp. :D

    2. lol.. oh yeah.. loading is sometimes slow... ;)

      yep, the Chawan Mushi is still so Good!

  4. Nice... but the sashimi looks pretty thin ya? I love big fat sashimi =)

  5. That looks like a nice Okonomiyaki!
    I've dine here once...

    1. It is!! I wish they would have this on their regular menu and not for promotion only... did you dine a la carte or buffet?? :D

  6. Mr Ricky Hui looks very Japanese, wonderful creations under his belt !

    1. lol.. he does.. doesnt he?? He is very passionate about this dishes...

  7. Can't take my eyes off on the okonomiyaki!!

    1. the first pic? hehe... its really a very delicious Okonomiyaki... ;P

  8. Can't get enough of the unagi & chawanmushi!

    1. lol.. for me its the Okonomiyaki and Chawan Mushi... XD

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