December 12, 2012

eSetiaWalk Launch & Model Hunt Audition @SetiaWalk: It’s A Colorful Life!

The Most Happening Mall in Puchong!

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SetiaWalk, is the latest up rising mall in the bustling township of Puchong. Designed with all-in-one concept, it is the place to Live, Learn, Work and Play. It is easily accessible from Puchong main highway and is set out to provide more entertainment, business and living quarters to everyone. SetiaWalk is spaciously designed with lots of open air retail outlets, offices, apartments, SOHOs, hotel and entertainment outlets. There is a lake that allows the whole area to come alive with scenic water view as lots of restaurant outlets and other retail outlets circle the lake in design. At night, one can enjoy the serenity of the whole ambience with its sprinkling of al fresco food and entertainment outlets monopolizing the lake area.

Glad to be part of the eSetiaWalk Launch & Model Hunt Audition, we arrived fairly early for the event. At last, nature did not cooperate that night and there was a heavy downpour just as soon as the event was about to start. However, that did not deter us as everyone hang around waiting for Mother Nature to stop its tears.

As soon as the rain stopped in the evening, the efficient event team clears up the space and the event took off smoothly. While waiting for the event to start, we caught two vintage cars parading the event. I just couldn’t resist a photo for this pink Cadillac!

We also managed to take some photos of the main event of the night! eSetiaWalk is a quarterly online magazine for SetiaWalk. The center stage of the online magazine features 3 winning models from SetiaWalk’s Model Hunt Contest. These 3 winning models, allocated each quarter of the year, will showcase the living lifestyle of SetiaWalk.


The models of the night were having an early dinner sponsored by Sushi Tei.

The First Edition of eSetiaWalk, available at, is already available. The winning model for this first edition is Selina (middle), seen here together with her other 2 winning models!

The First Edition winning models and the Second Edition models competing for the next Model Hunt Audition. The models are outfitted by F Block who also has a large outlet at SetiaWalk.

Kicking off the event, we were treated to a street dance routine with some kicks from dancers and a live drum band.

The event emcees announcing the eSetiaWalk online magazine as officially launched!

Then both emcees took stage to welcome the First Edition Models who arrived at the event in the vintage car. Strutting their walks down the red carpet, the models were interviewed by the emcees on their experiences of winning the very first Model Hunt contest by SetiaWalk.

Selina, the winner of the First Edition Model Hunt graced the eSetiaWalk magazine in almost every page. Check out the eSetiaWalk magazine here.

The night cheered on as lucky guest took home prizes sponsored by F Block, Sushi Tei, Share Tea, La Kaffa, Emphasis Nails, My Little Beauty and Spa and more.

The Second Edition Model Hunt Audition followed pursuit where four models strut their stuff on the catwalk to the stage. After another brief interview, the four pretty models took turn to do more catwalks and poses for the paparazzi!

Which one do you think would win the Second Edition Model Hunt Audition?

I’ll say the judges have a hard decision as all four had their very own uniqueness about them. The guests also had the opportunity to guess the winner and take home some lucky prizes if their guess is correct!

I personally voted for No. 1

Interested to take on the Model Hunt Audition? Register at

After the Model Hunt Audition, the night got hotter as we were treated to a fiery fire performance! Although nothing new, it was still amazing to see these brave men playing with fire at such suspense.

It was certainly a hot event filled with hot models and hot performances! Do head over to SetiaWalk to check out what it has to offer. SetiaWalk, lets Live, Learn, Work and Play together…

For more information, please visit SetiaWalk Facebook Page or log on to their website.


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Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47160 Puchong,
Phone: 603 5882 2255



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    1. I actually was shocked when I saw him lick the fire... @_@....

  2. At first when i see the title, i was like: 0.o CFD is going for model audition?! HAHAHA!

    1. LOL... gosh.. I laugh so much till I almost fall of my chair at your comment... I doubt I would anytime soon but I ll take your comment as a compliment... hahahaha... :P

  3. Beautiful models....I like no. 1 too

  4. I like No.1 & 2...hehe...

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