December 17, 2012

Mulberry Restaurant and Bar, Jalan Ampang: A Merry Mulberry Christmas Menu!

Have Yourselves a Merry Mulberry Christmas!

I am back for more at Mulberry. My recent visit here definitely got me addicted to their modern European with a little local cuisine in their gorgeous menu. Mulberry Restaurant and Bar is proud to present an exquisite Christmas Party menu on December 24th for an unforgettable holiday gastronomic meal.

All setup for the holiday mood, Mulberry is dressed up artistically and this year, it looked like gifts are in store. White Christmas trees glow gracefully while wall panels are nicely wrapped! There is also a cozy lounge cum private room to hang out.

Mulberry’s Christmas Eve Party Menu is gorgeously worthwhile as the 4-course dinner menu comes with free flow of house cocktail till early evening. In addition, yes, there’s more… kids below 12 years eat for Free from their kids’ menu! All these for a steal at RM150++ per adult. Let’s check out their offerings…

House cocktail is Mulberry’s Sangria… a fruity red wine concoction soaked with fruits. It’s deliciously addictive and the best of it is that its free flow… one is definitely not enough! There is also a choice of Long Island Tea.

Cream of Cauliflower and Celeriac with Toasted Rice Crusted Scallop and Plum Tomato Concasse

Stunningly creamy, the thick vegetable bisque played so lovingly on taste. The delicate hint of cauliflower tingled with the silky root celeriac, making the bisque earthy and luscious. What separated this bisque from others is the toasty golden scallop crusted in rice. The scallop, cooked till just right, had a contrasting texture with the crusty rice while a little tangy tomato sauce brought out the flavor nicely. My little one loved the soup so much, we actually had to swap his soup with this one…

Timbale of Slipper Lobster with Melon Duo, Chilled Cucumber Soup, Petit Sprouts, Honey Lime Aioli and Caviar

A garden of colors, a lot of efforts are noted here with its brunoise of fresh juicy melons and sweet slipper lobster crowning a lovely chilled cucumber soup laced with prawn oil. Textures also shined here between the firm melons and soft lobster meat while fish caviars popped in the mouth. Creaminess is lighten with the invigorating cucumber soup. What makes the dish popped is the hint of prawn flavor that ends the dish beautifully.

Grilled Rib eye with Polenta Walnut Bread, Seasonal Vegetables and topped with Marjoram infused Oxtail Stew

Going into main course, one can choose from the three mains in the set menu. I am a big beef foodie so this would definitely be my choice. Succulent piece of beefy goodness is guaranteed to satisfy your steak craving. What surprised me was the delectable warm polenta walnut bread as the dense and nutty bread goes so well with the flavorful braised oxtail stew and the steak. An interesting combination of hearty and creamy stew mingling with the smoky rib eye was so good that it didn’t really needed any sauce. Nestled beneath the bread is a duxelle of four mushrooms enhancing the earthy and smoky flavors of the beef.

Lemon Salt Seared Sea Bass on bed of Cauliflower Couscous, Brussels Sprouts, Baby Carrots, Sugar Peas with Orange Daube Sauce

Certainly no faults with the lovely thick seared lemon salt sea bass cooked to perfection! Citrusy and salty, the flavors worked beautifully on the sweet creamy fish. I also liked the twist of crushed up cauliflower couscous tossed in butter and other vegetables. My only griped was the orange Daube sauce, which I thought was good but didn’t really jive with the fish. Others had no problem loving it so I guess it was just me…

Stuffed Leg of Chicken with Fruits and Nuts and Mashed Potato, Glace Vegetables and Ruby Port Wine Sauce

Christmas in a chook describes this stuffed chicken studded with bits of colored dried fruits and nuts. While others thought it was a little sweet, I digress as the flavors met towards the Western palate of pairing turkey with sweet cranberry sauce. I liked the lean clean flavors despite the sweet bits of fruits and nuts. I tasted apricots, cranberry, pistachio and raisin in the minced filling. Mashed potato is always executed very well and this time is no difference. Soaked up everything with the rich port wine sauce for a luscious sensation!

Red Velvet with Apricot Cream Cheese and Candied Fruits and Nuts

A sweet one of the infamous Red Velvet to brighten up the Christmas mood, the little twist of toffee crunch in the dense cake is a delight. Jazzing up the cake is another twist of apricot cream cheese filling making the cake sweeter than norm. I am glad that the array of berries was present to add a slight tangy taste to the cake.

Here’s the unique part of the night! Even the kids go posh this festival holiday with their Kid’s Menu at Mulberry. Kids below 12 years old eat for Free!

Mushroom Soup with Chunky Mushrooms, Truffle Oil, Chives and Croutons

I love the soup though I thought it’s a bit posh for the smaller kids like my little one but the older ones would love this. The bisque is superb in mushroom flavors and the chunky part makes it even better. Laced with lavish truffle oil and finished with a little cream and croutons, I happily finished this when my little one had my Cauliflower and Celeriac bisque!

Fish and Chips with Green Pea Puree, Capsicum Tartar, Mulberry Fries and Apple, Celery and Cabbage Slaw

Ok, its Fish and Chips! But when cooked perfectly, this back-to-basic fish and chips can easily win the crown. Cleverly using butterfish, the light and golden batter is superb while the creamy sweet butterfish is cooked till just right. My little one who does not eat much fish walloped this whole heartedly. I enjoyed the tartar sauce and the slaw a lot. This is a dish I would order repeatedly since it’s really hard to find beautiful fish and chips though many have tried.

Chicken Cordon Bleu with Brown Onion Sauce and Apple, Celery and Cabbage Slaw

Chicken paillard enveloping ham and cheese made the dish famous and the version here is served with wholesome brown onion sauce and slaw. It’s definitely a lavish dish for kids compared to most kids menu serving regular chicken nuggets!

Kid’s menu also ends with the Red Velvet Cake.

It’s really a gorgeous and worthy Christmas menu in my opinion. Mulberry Restaurant and Bar serves up beautiful modern dishes made with quality ingredients that showcase little twist of delights. Coupled with free flow of house cocktails in a contemporary ambience, it really sets the mood for the holiday season. Make sure to put in your reservations early to secure a taste to Mulberry!

9, Ming Annexe,
Jalan Ampang, Lebuh Ampang,
59000 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +603 2078 8830

Business hours: Mondays to Fridays 10am to 10pm

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  1. Wow, im utterly impressed. with the food they offer... Only RM150++ for so many dishes... everything looks equally tempting and ..ugh.. gorgeous.. too fine to be consumed. ;( ;P
    Would love to try the Stuffed Leg of Chicken with Fruits and Nuts and Mashed Potato, Glace Vegetables and Ruby Port Wine Sauce though.. the name itself already sounds fantastic, I can't wait to taste'em!! weee~!